2 chapters in a story just published


Why can’t we publish 2 chapters instead of 3?
I saw a story in Episode that got just 2 chapters, I think it would be cool if they let us publish 2 chapters instead of 3. What you guys think?


Mm…I’m not a fan of this idea honestly, and tend to avoid stories with three episodes published but warn the reader not to read one or two of them yet. In my opinion, three is a perfectly fine number. Three shows that you’ve taken the effort to write over a thousand lines at the very least and are less likely to just drop your story and leave readers hanging. I’ve dropped WIPs with two episodes because I wasn’t wasting much work, but if I have more than that, it causes me to think about whether I’m really gonna waste that much work or not. It might be more effort to write three, but if you plan on expanding on your story in the future anyway, why not just write that third episode sooner rather than later?


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