2 Female Characters Needed (Ink)

I want to do a two character piece since it’s been forever. It’s not first come first serve :sparkles:
Basic characters have less a chance of being chosen. If you only leave your character details that also lessens your chance :sparkling_heart:


  • Character Details
  • Custom outfit reference (and pose ref if you want)
  • An aesthetic or theme (Don’t leave an emotion as a theme or put “badass”)
  • Colors

Hey Nae! How are you? Also, here are my details:

Do you mind changing the eyes to ROUND CLASSIC (Hickory)?

Extra features: Ear piercings, Glasses (optional), beauty mark by upper lip

Aesthetic: Red, Black, or gothic

Outfit: Black/ gothic you can choice her outfit if you’d like, but I can still add her outfit later.

If you need her personality info to help, here it is :point_down:t5::


Personality : Mona is sarcastic, Humorous, Loving, and clever. Mona can be very skeptical of new people due to her past. But, she’ll eventually warm up to them. She likes being unique and different when it comes to art and fashion. Also, she’s very obsessed with crime shows, anime, and music. (Specifically Rock/metal).

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I’m good and thank you for the character :two_hearts::sparkles:

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heyy!! these are my ink details
skin(light) , brows (seductive round) , eyes ( upturned feline blue) , hair (classic bob chestnut) , nose (upturned) , lips (classic blush).
Outfit Reference (these is actually an outfit i wear all the time lol) -

Theme - Happy/Bubbly/Soft/Friendly (idk something like that)

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Thanks :sparkles: I can’t draw overalls though :joy: I’m also not using emotions as themes.

Character details

Custom outfit and pose reference

Aesthetic & Color : Beach; Pastel

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Thank you :sparkles: I wouldn’t be able to draw that outfit though

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Oh, okay. Let me know if you choose to do mine. I can give some other outfit options.

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for theme, I would probably say purple or blue? Or Halloween idk.

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