2 overlays ! Help please

Heyy there!!

Im Noel, this is actually my really first topic on here ! :slight_smile:

So I´m currently creating a new story of mine :slight_smile: “The Hunger Games” - but in a new way!
And I´m really putting a lot of effort in it, and since it is my first story I really want it to be flawless and perfect!! However… of course now a problem had to occur:
I wanted to use the overlay “CAMERA” … but I want more than just 1 camera in my scene.
So I just wrote like this:
So now I have two cameras, one of it I can move around, scale and place wherever I want to, but then the other camera is just fixed on the screen, when I tap move overlay on the spot directing helper I can´t even select it, howver still select all my other overlays and the first camera, but not the second one… :frowning:
Im devastated since I can´t continue writing … Can someone please help me solve this stupid problem?
Tahnk you soooo much already!

Br, Noel


I’m pretty certain you’ll have to change the title (for obvious reasons), but you could ask Episode to make sure you aren’t breaking any copyright rules.

As for the overlay try:
INT. BACKGROUND with CAMERA to s x y in zone # to layer #
&overlay CAMERA2 create from CAMERA
&overlay CAMERA2 scales to s s in 0
&overlay CAMERA2 shifts to x y in zone # in 0
&overlay CAMERA2 to layer #

just wanna note you cant copy, the hunger games, since that is plagarisme, also fanfics is agaisnt the rules of episode, because as I just said its plagarism, so if you are writhing a fanfic, please stop, it will be removed by episode if it gets reported.

also this videos show how to duplicate overlays

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Were you planning on using any of the characters from hunger games?

as long as you don’t copy any characters, names or places you’re fine. if you were only planning on using the same concept as the hunger games your fine. just make sure you aren’t copying exactly, it’s okay to get inspiration from somewhere.

yes, why? I just wanted to like change the story

actually i am - im using katniss, prim and gale … i just wanted to change the story like “what would have happend if…?” you think i cannot use that?

I did exactly like in the video and it still doesnt show up… what am i doing wrong?

I don’t think you’re allowed to use the real names of characters, or any real author’s work
Idk if this applies here but…

But, like I said idk, you can ask @melani3 or someone else from the episode staff who may know better than me

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i wrote exactly like u and it still doesnt show up… :frowning:

did you remeber opacity, you need to write

@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0

what do you mean ? opacity?
I´ll write
@overlay CAMERA2 create from CAMERA
@overlay CAMERA opacity 1 in 0

nothing shows up …


INT. BACKGROUND with CAMERA to s x y in zone # to layer #

&overlay CAMERA2 create from CAMERA
&overlay CAMERA2 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay CAMERA2 shifts to x y in zone # in 0
&overlay CAMERA2 scales to s s in 0
&overlay CAMERA2 to layer #

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Like, the others said, just add the opacity command to it if it’s there but invisible.
You can cycle through your overlay selections in the web previewer and app on the right in “show helpers” > “spot directing” > “change overlay.”

No, you cannot do this. This is called fanfiction and it’s against Episode guidelines.

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