2 problems here

  1. while i was editing a script a have accidentenly did something, no is my writher screen little.
    I can’t see what i type :joy:

  2. I have made a dialog, it gives no errors but if i preview it there still is a text empty after the girl says
    yes see you look: Image3

the script i used is:

SABINE (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
Yes if you say it…

  SABINE (think)
  (I hope Niels will find my letter)
  ANNEKE (think)
   (no lets get my books...)
   ANNEKE (blow_kiss)
   Bye girl, see you tomorrow..
   SABINE (kiss_cheek_give)
  Yes, see you.
   @SABINE exits left 
   @ANNEKE exits right

Meanwhile at the assylum

I don’t see an error and the script says too that there are no errors, don’t understand it.

please help

You need to delete the “I” between the lines.

“I” i don’t see those?

The thing in red, you need to delete it

If your page is small reset the zoom in the browser in the setting or on the address bar


Also, I’ve seen you post a lot of questions (which is good! That’s how you learn. :slight_smile: ) Maybe create your thread like “Help me with my story” ? Instead of creating a bunch of new ones all the time, so everything is one place, and people can come and help you? It’s just a suggestion.

yes thanks it worked i did what you say:

(no lets get my books…)

    ANNEKE (blow_kiss)
Bye girl, see you tomorrow..

    SABINE (kiss_cheek_give)
    Yes, see you.|

@SABINE exits left
@ANNEKE exits right

Thanks really

But now there is problem 2
and i have a question, is it possible for us to remove a post you opend when it is solved or do you need to tag someone in it to do it and iff that is ho do you do it.

I don’t think you can remove it. However you can close it. Ask Jeremy or Ryan by tagging them and they will do it.

and ho do you tag someone in here.

You use @ and then put the name of someone.

thanks :grinning: