2 questions that i have

  1. Ho do you get that corner when people talk.

  1. ho do you get al those background people and they are moving and doing things.


  1. What do you mean by corner?
  2. if you want them to do things at the same time just put AND. example:
    @CHAR1 is phonetext AND CHAR2 is talk_angry AND CHAR3 is cry_loop
    You can replace the CHAR1 and all by your characters name and make them do whatever action you want them to do.

On your first question i mean the borther surround the text because iff you say something it gives like a bubble but without the bubble and iff you put your text between () that gives bubbles but this one i don’t know.

On your second question, i don’t know ho to place people like that with layers etc i can do spot directing but that i will never can i think ho do you do that with so much people.


  1. This is a narrator bubble

  2. Placing a lot of background characters it’s time consuming but once you get hang of it of spot directing it can be pretty easy :slight_smile:

Use & for placing and their actions if you don’t want them to interrupt the scene

Here’s my post about the layers:

yes the post off the layers i have already seen but it is chinese for me but it still does not give me an answer ho people talk like this…

it is as iff a narrator is talking.

Like I posted before

Here comes dialogue
Here comes more
And more

thank you that is already one question solved love you :grin:

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As for characters in the background, you can find some templates in the portal on the right side, as well a few IG accounts have them too. I’ll send you some later.
And it takes time to learn everything so do not rush :slight_smile:

i just want my first episode to publish but there are so many mistakes in it in language, you should no you have read it, i want to at some zooming in it and the errors gone so i can write episode 2…

What are IG accounts?

Instagram accounts :slight_smile:

i am to shy to ask help and when i ask it on my account know one will answer because i don’t have many followers.

Some accounts have the script templates with the background characters on their drive.

yes but you have to know who, i just found someone realy great with backgrounds and overlays i will give credit for it but scripts or templates that is not easy to find.