2 Splashes needed - this story uses sound, & warning screen

Can somebody please make me 2 splashes for an upcoming story?! I need one screen that’s a warning screen for mature content, and another one that’s for the sound. It’s a mystery story so I want them to kind of match that theme of being dark/mystery looking. :slight_smile: I’ll give credit of course, please and thank you

Check out my shop their isn’t a wait right now either . . . .

Would these work?

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Those would be perfect thank you so much!! How do I credit you?

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Are these okay?
You do NOT have to credit me if you would like to use them. x

Credit isn’t required x But if you want to, my forum name is fine, thank you (:


Would it be okay if I use the top one for sound warning in my story?

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Go ahead!

Thank you!

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