Enter for the chance to win 200 gems spent on your story!! :grin: :gem: :purple_heart:
My story recently hit 4K reads so I’ve been saving up to do this huge giveaway! :smile: :confetti_ball: :blue_heart:
Please read below for more information. :blush:
Deadline: Sunday, November 13

Guidelines to enter:
1. Please make sure I will be able to spend at least 22 gems per episode of your story. (If your story is picked and I can’t do so, I will move on to the next winner)
2. Reply β€œentering” to this thread and include your story link.
3. Follow all of the guidelines below for bonus entries.

For bonus entries, read my story Learning to Let Go :blue_heart:
One bonus entry for reading episodes 1–4
Two bonus entries for reading episodes 5–9
Three bonus entries for reading episodes 10–14

1. Since my story has been recently revamped previous reads will not count. If you have read since the revamp, please message me for your bonus entry(ies).
2. Please provide one screenshot per episode for proof of reading. Screenshots of the beginning cover and start and end menus won’t count because of the skip option.
3. Please note that the hyphens (–) specified above mean you have to read all episodes designated for the bonus entry.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Thanks in advance for entering and good luck! :grin: :purple_heart:



Entering :heart:

My story is called OM: Not Gonna Happen

Link: Episode Writer Portal

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I wish I could enter but I’ve not finished writing my story :pensive:

Thank you for this! Entering.