2018 Forums Awards - Fifth Edition: Voting

After a little over two weeks of nominations went by, and I am proud to say that this year we have more entrees for the member categories than we did last year. Thank you everyone for being a part of this, and for helping me spread positivity and love around this community, it is something we need to do, and something I want everyone to remember: despite the problems and drama we may have here, we're all a part of this community, and it's up to all of us to make it something sweet and wonderful.

Reading through my nominations has put a big smile on my face, and I have to admit I even shed a few tears from all the emotion that this implies. Again, thank you for letting me be a part of this.

After reading through and organising the entrees, I’m happy to present:

Member Categories:

Most Active Member

She is frequently on the forums in many threads

She is always there when i need her!

She’s like always on even when you think she’s not.

She’s everywhere.

She’s, like, never not online. She must have a max of four hours sleep a day, because she’s always on forums.

It’s kind of his job to live on the forums.

Always active to help everyone.

She’s always around the forums no matter what from Pm’s to anything dealing with art.

You can basically find her in every thread in every section

She is always on

She’s literally everywhere, in the art threads, in discussion threads, and she’s one of the first to reply to any new post.

Most Welcoming Member

when i first joined the forums she welcomed me really nicely

  • Amberose

She’s helpful, relatable, brilliant, endearing, kind, and spends so much time just being a brilliant human being in all.

  • Cam

For always watching over the forums, and making sure everyone knows and has read the rules.

  • ChayChay

she’s an awesome person and really is welcoming. I was new to the forums obviously and she was probably one of the first people I met and she was super nice and friendly.

She’s a great person, one of the first I got to know more closely, she’s always there to give advice about literally anything.

  • Chocolate_Mama

She’s friendly to everyone.

He’s just so sweet to everyone new or old

  • Kaju

Giving them flower , pm them , with a great smile on her face…

when she was starting an art thread she was really welcoming.

So sweet and supportive of blooming authors

  • TeahWalker

When I first joined she welcomed me and we’re good friends now

I always see her welcoming every new member to the forums and she’s always so nice

She makes you feel better even if you don’t know her well and she will be there if you ask if you can talk to someone, so if that isn’t welcoming

Best Advice Giver
  • amberose

Have you seen her thread? She inspired a lot of people with her reviews, and me personally to write a great story.

I needed help making a poll and she was super understanding and kind and patient.

  • Cam

Cam is legit amazing and will write long paragraphs of advice for ppl. So sweet and smart.

She gave me good advice before

Honest and insightful and intelligent

  • FinnTheGhost

I dunno, he is like…da best advicer…being through all things , he knew how to use his words and are very good with making people understand what’s they should not do

She’s just brilliant all around. She helps people on threads, she does everything, she recommends, she’s friendly, nice, such a good friend, and helpful, and she makes you smile.

  • Kaju

She is wise, caring and understanding. She gives advices to anyone who need.

Wisest Member
  • amberose

She’s present not only in review sector, but in many other discussions, and her opinion is highly appreciated by other community’s members.

  • Cam

They’re always there with the most deepest things for honestly anything. I’ve never met anyone so wise online before.

You can’t argue with that, can you? She helps so many people direct their stories, and her brain is probably just full of knowledge- and she helps people. She’s like Confucius.

  • FinnTheGhost

He’s the definition of wise

  • Jeremy

Jeremy makes me feel like an idiot sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Kaju

I didn’t know how to use this site, and she walked me through it step by step and was an amazing friend.

With all her past life and astrological knowledge I can’t help but think she’s at least a bit wise

She seems to have a more complex understanding of the world we live in.

She just is

He’s scary wise. And has like… He’s just wise. I don’t know why.

Because. He just is. Always offers an intelligent input and is super articulate.

  • Turtle_cat

she runs her art thread really well and I think she is very responsible will her art thread.

Best Friend
  • 24aya

She’s just awesome

We are collaborating together on a story and she’s really kind and cool!

  • Amberose

She’s my Rosie and I love her. For the past six months she’s been my AMAZING writing partner, and there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t talk.

  • Art3miss

She’s got this ability to be friendly and hilarious without trying to.

I just love her

  • BadassSaasha

One of my first and best friends

  • Chocolate_Mama

She has your back, is there if you need someone to talk to and is just funny

She is so kind and sweet to others.

  • FinnTheGhost

He always tries his best to help those around him and at least keep people company. He’s very compassionate and is overall a very good friend.

The best

We’ve been best online buddies long before episode. He is such an intelligent and hilarious young man!

  • JemU776

They are all so kind, helpful, make my day, and nice, and brilliant, and there to support you. I couldn’t ask for better friends.

  • kaju

I like her

She is always there to help .

  • Lanafrazer_episode

She’s there when you need her

She’s so compassionate and sweet, she really helps me take care and see things differently

That girl always has the best things to say in any situation, and always knows how to treat her friends right. I’m glad to call her my bestie and nominate her.

Once is one of the sweetest people you can meet, she always sees the best in people, is always there to help and won’t deny anyone a chance

I admire them so much

So cool

This girl is so sweet

My best friend

  • sofia2

She’s just my best friend she’s so amazing. If I’m sad even if she’s supposed to be sleeping she’ll stay up with me.

  • TeahWalker

I talk to her everyday

They’re so fun and nice to talk to

She’s so nice and funny like WUT!

Best Ship
  • amberose & FallenAngelNight13

Queens of the fan community

  • BadassSaasha and epi.conner

They are just cute together

  • Cam and J

Cam gushing over J is the sweetest, you can tell they love him a lot

  • Chocolate_Mama and Toaster Demon

Ik a few may not know Toaster demon but on discord with a few people on the forums know that this is my fav ship my whole time on the forums.

  • Chocolate_Mama and kwepisode

Good with keeping all of their children under control …and have very good relationship with each other

  • FallenAngelNight13 & Cam

I just like them

  • FallenAngelNight13 and Lee Funk

Check Fallen’s bio

  • Jeremy & Sydney_H

Power couple

They were just so cute

I’ve known them both for a while and hearing their story together is really touching and makes me know that Joey will be around for a long time.

Craziest Member
  • 24aya

She’s so hyper and fun to be around. She always makes me happy.

  • BadassSaasha

I love it how she loves to fry people! It’s wacky and fun!

  • Chocolate_Mama

She has a thread, a THREAD, for cooking people and turning them into treats. It’s interesting just like her. She often has a very crazy vibe going on and seems to take things not very seriously and looks/sounds like someone whos just trying to have fun by being crazy.

Because half of the posts made me burst out laughing because of how insane she is. Which makes me know she deserves this spot.

She just is

In a good way! Outspoken and passionate.

  • estherdekker

Cause she is a creepy stalker

  • FallenAngelNight13

Have you seen her posts?

  • Flora28

She is a little bit of crazy… But she’s nice

  • meadowh

She really is super crazy

Lol , filled with craziness.

Well, he is really crazy. He can be quite nice, but sometimes he goes bat-crap-crazy and can threaten someone to kill them…

Funniest Member
  • 24aya

She can put a smile on anybody’s face.

  • Amberose

Many of her comments do make me laugh.

  • AS007

She always makes me laugh

  • BadassSaasha

wacky and fun!

  • Chocolate_Mama

So relatable and hilarious! But she’s kind too.

  • FallenAngelNight13

FallenCloneNight13, FallenTreeNight13, FallenStalkerNight13… Need I say more? Ok, yes I do. I just think its funny that Fallen would do all these small things that most people wouldn’t even pick up as a joke. Like even look at her Spoiler thread and you’ll see even her rambles are funny!

  • Fcukforcookies


Heh he always seems to make me laugh

I personally think Jay is hilarious and an awesome person, I mean have you seen her gifs? I swear that lady has like 100,000,000 all for like the perfect moment. She has a great sense of humor and easily brightens up a persons day in one simple conversation.

  • TeahWalker

she is too funny

Most Changed Member
  • Ally_cat1

haven’t been on long, but when I first met her she was shy, now I nominated her as my BFF. Stay awesome!

  • Cam

Bceause of their past and motivation do be better. I didn’t know the earlier them, but I know they are an amazing person who I look up to now and admire tbh.

  • epsd.ama

Idk. She seems like. More serious about things. When she first joined, she was silly and fun and she’s still fun but she seems to take the forums more seriously IN ALL THE GOOD WAYS

She has come far since we met

  • Madison


  • Once

Once has grown so much, and she knows it, she’s coming out of her shell more and becoming an amazing person

  • TheCreepyNun

Has become much sweeter in passing of time

Most Helpful Member
  • 24aya

cute and helpful

He will always help you out, no matter what

  • Amberose

I see her everywhere helping everyone out no matter what it is in the forums and know that I can look to her for any help with anything dealing with Episode

She has helped me a lot

She is not active as much these days but she is amazingly helpful

  • dara.amarie

Dara who is an official director for episode, takes time out to help people on the forums. People even made threads out of concern for her when she went on holidays.

  • Fcukforcookies

is really nice and helps with anything

  • JemU776

Just amazing, honestly. Bless their heart.

  • Jeremy

He is so helpful on the forums cuz he’s the administrator

  • Kaju

I didn’t know how to use this site, and she walked me through it step by step and was an amazing friend.

  • Once

She is so amazing, she is always there for you, she knows when you need help. And when she knows the problems she is trying to help you, she does everything she knows to help you.

She’s always sharing her knowledge and helping everyone

she helped me with an art scene for my story.

Most Innovative Member
  • 24aya

I like her input

  • amberose

Filled with innovative and helpful ideas

  • AS007

Comes up with all the cool forum games we love

  • BadassSaasha

Frying! Way to keep us laughing! XD

  • Chocolate_Mama

She’s pretty innovative

her work with Epi Foody Reviews

  • FallenAngelNight13

Their threads really changed the fan community

  • Lady-Mehek

When our threads were getting closed because of the new rules, she didn’t stay stuck in the problem but gave us a solution and a thread for us to use

Best Character Editor

She’s super talented! Have you not seen her work??

Her art is really good, you can tell how much effort she’s put into it

Makes really awesome character edits .

  • Fcukforcookies

he is best at it , with so much relastic drawing like wind is flowing , sun rays and much more…

  • jassie12dw

I admire her art

  • leslie.creates

I love her characters!

Really just Amazing

Every time she makes an edit for someone I’m like :heart_eyes: I can’t believe it just gets better.

  • PerplexedJam

Her edits are so amazing!

  • Puma

Really good

The precision and the drawn versions- they are amazing. I wish one day to be able to draw as well as they can.

Best Background Artist
  • Ally_cat1

Her backgrounds are genius!!

Her drawings are subtle but very pretty and realistic

They are the best in every art .

  • lanafrazer_episode

Very good at backgrounds especially fantasy

She’s my inspiration. Did you see her background? Innovative, creative, amazing, and she’s nice.

Best Cover Artist
  • CinnamonToast

Good at every art

  • Fcukforcookies

I don’t know many cover artists, but she makes great ones! Her drawings are great too!

So beautiful

  • Kaju

They are stunning!!

You can tell she puts a great effort in them

It enhances the story itself.

  • Puma


  • @sinoamua

Great art!

  • Turtle_cat

I had her make my cover and it was amazing!

Best Profile Picture Maker
  • Adam.Epy

He made the best Pfp for some people .

  • cheyaraepisode58

I love it

  • epsd.ama

Just great

  • jassie12dw

Well she isn’t an official profile maker like she doesn’t have a thread but she made me and my friends some nice ones

I saw someone having the pp made by her …and it was… great amazing

She gives pfps her own spin, and her style is stunning!

Most Extra Member
  • Adam.Epy

He’s so crazy and hilarious. He’s also an awesome friend.

  • BadassSasha

Makes me laugh

  • FallenAngelNight13

She’ll always go the extra mile to make things fun

  • mashia

She’s pretty extra

So bubbly and totes adorbs

She’s the queen of aesthetics

  • _Life

Legit she’s so extra.

Best Story Reviewer
  • Ally_cat1

She is helping me with my story and it’s great!

  • Amberose

I mean just look at her thread… always up for reviewing stories , with a handful advices , lovely words and if there is mistake , she says it with what to do to solve the mistake

  • Fcukforcookies

Gives a brutally honest review and the best advice for improving

She’s helped me improve on my stories so much.

Most Developed Writing

I love her stories

  • CrazyCaliope

Grammar and drama writing goddess

They have awesome ideas and are a committed worker!!

She is very developed story writer. Many of her stories are amazing.

  • Langdon

She is not afraid to write the raw and real truths of life

  • Once

Her writing is so beautiful and moving

Best Role Player
  • Cam

They put so much thought in their replies and actually care about the roleplays they are in. They seem to really have a connection with their characters and how to play them, giving each a different voice.

  • FallenAngelNight13

Best characters and roleplays EVER

There was a time when every Roleplay I was in, she would be there, with more than one character. She was in my first forum role-play, thank god she was. Her characters are so well-developed and her story lines are intriguing.

She makes everything so interesting!

  • Once

Her characterisation is amazing! Any interaction with her is so fun

Okay her roleplaying skills are like the definition of goals! I love them, her stuffs I don’t know what to call it, her writing skills I guess are amazeballs and her roleplaying-ness is just awesome.

  • Vanille

Well they’re not as active anymore but wow, great at RPing

Best Story Game Writer

Her ideas are so cool!

  • CrazyCaliope

She always seems to plan out her SGs to every little detail to help with reacting to the characters I’m it and putting it all together.

  • Mashia

I love her plotlines

Best Gif User
  • Chocolate_mama

That girl has so many gifs she uses all the time.

  • Eleanor_W-15

When she uses gifs she uses it in good ways and on the right moment, mostly with cute guys on it too.

  • FallenNightAngel13

So funny

  • jdepisode

She can find like the perfect gif in a matter of minutes! How does she do it, we will never know.

  • Jeremy

It’s kind of his thing.

  • leslie.creates

She uses best and innovative gifs for everyone.

Best Profile Picture
  • Chocolate.Mama

She always have the same way of her profile pictures, but they are always very different.

  • CinnamonToast

Because it’s a cute little picture of toast!

It’s lovely

  • FinnTheGhost

Tribute to Tom Holland and Spiderman- love it, as a marvel fan

  • Kaju

It’s so cool!

  • kerubiel

Ik she left but all her pfps are really good.

  • Langdon

sharp, fierce, and I love that avatar style- use the write images as well, goes well with the big profile. So yep.

  • Sophbee

It’s good

Best Username
  • Ally_cat1

Unique but memorable :smiley:

Just so many play on words! I love it!

  • Cam

It’s so simple but still great

  • @DogLover990

Who doesn’t love dogs

  • fcukforcookies

I love cookies and that really defines what I will do for cookies :yum:

  • FinnTheGhost

Really crazy and amazing name

Because God.

  • kerubiel

Great name

  • loveyourself

It’s positive and reminds everyone how important it actually is to love yourself

  • PerplexedJam

I mean, come on. it’s innovative as _____ . Perplexed Jam? Best jam around, am I right?

So sweet

Best Staff Member

Perfect in every way.

  • Jeremy

He is our King

I get excited when I see a new thread by them

I love her

I miss him so much. He deserves this award even if he's moved on from the forums

She’s sweet and helpful and likes Lord of the rings

Most Endearing Member

Darlena honours her given name very well. She’s very sweet and awe inspiring

  • EpisodeGirl

Just so awesome

  • epsd.ama

she’s pretty endearing

  • JemU776

She is the nicest person on the forums.

  • Kaju

So cute

  • Once

Just in general a great person you can’t dislike, encouraging words, cute gifs and just positive

Totes adorbs

Member you want to get to know better
  • adam.epy

He’s a nice guy

  • BadassSaasha

Seems like fun

  • Cam
  • Cassandra Dean

She seems so nice! I would definitely want to be her friend, and she makes amazing drawings!

  • Days

I like her posts

  • epsd.ama

I have heard a lot about her

  • ErinH

She is so creative and spins a good tale.

  • FallenAngelNight13

They just seem really cool and sweet

  • Lady-Mehek


  • Once

She seems like a great friend

Favourite New Member
  • 24aya

She’s cool

  • adam.epy

idk he’s awesome though

  • Ally_cat1

She’s my friend

I haven’t talked to her but she seems nice

  • AS007

She’s a lot of fun

let’s just say I never let someone in that quickly and I am happy I did

  • Days

I like reading her posts

Good at making friends

  • EliseC

Doing great to make this Community a better place

  • FinnTheGhost

Always sweet and inspiring and welcoming every new person with open heart

  • Kaju

She’s cute

  • leslie.creates

She is a great addition to the community

  • sofia2

A good friend

Favourite Old Member
  • Amberose

She’s pretty old, as in coming to the forums- the old ones. Don’t know much about it , but she is pretty damn amazing.

  • Cam

They’re such a cool person with so many cool interests and ideas.

  • Dara.amarie

Has helped us so much

  • EpisodeGirl

She’s very sweet

  • ErinH

So creative and kind

  • FallenAngelNight13

For her conversation starters, she gets the community talking

  • Lady-Mehek

She is such an important member! I know she’s not so active but I hope she’s doing well with her life

  • LHT

She’s so fun and artsy

  • Mashia

I like seeing her around and seeing how she has grown

  • Once

Literally the best person ever

Forums Legend
  • amberose

She inspires a lot of people. She is helpful in every way possible

  • Cam


  • Dara.Amarie

She saves our stories! What’d we do without her?

  • epsd.ama

Everyone knows her

  • FallenAngelNight13

Her discussion threads are awesome.

  • FinnTheGhost

He is there for everyone and makes everyone happy, he is a legit legend in everyones eyes!

  • Lady-Mehek

She has helped shape the community so much

  • Once

I’ve always thought once was a huge famous person on the forums and I just love that Ik her.

Always correcting our sections we put our threads into.

Honorary Member
  • Cam
  • chocolate_mama
  • Eleanor_W-15
  • EliseC
  • FallenAngelNight13
  • Jeremy
  • Once
  • Puma

Content Categories:

Thread Categories:

Best Announcement Thread

This is a hilarious mockery of the Episode’s Trending stories.

This thread is (hopefully) going to promote lots of changes in the community. These individuals will be able to help communicate with the official Episode Staff and the community.

The previewer is the best update to have happened imo

It is good that they ask for help here on the forums, some people already have a spot but everyone needs a change.

Because tracking my scripts has changed my life

Best Feature Request

It’s something we should have had since the beginning.

Because it’s a need. Sound is one thing that still is difficult to implement because of how the writer’s portal currently is

Best Forums Game

It’s crazy

I like finding new people

Because Discobot finally gets to have some fun!

It’s fun!

It continues the legacy of the best game ever

I always can pick up a random convo with someone and I met some of my friends there

Not as amazing as it used to be but still one of the best games on the forums!

Best Role Play

Everything is planned out and gives all the Roleplayers an equal role in the story. The work that has been put into this is something to be admired and I can’t wait for it to continue.

It’s probably the longest and most entertaining roleplay out there

It’s so well done! They even have a website!

It seemed to have gained like a huge amount of popularity overnight basically and the concept is really cool aswell.

Best Story Game

It’s so well written

It died but the style and premise were super cool

Craziest Thread

It’s Choco

There are some polls that make me question my existence.

Just the title LMAO

Most Comedic Thread

A daily dose of comedic joy.

Even though there have been some really serious replies to this, there’s also been some HILARIOUS ones too and it’s nice we can all relate and laugh about them together.

Most Emotional or Inspiring Thread

Everyone can find his own way out in music, people can help each other here and can find more/new music

Just, life man

Some of the rants are heavy and emotional, but when people reply to show support, it’s inspiring and uplifting.

Most Enjoyable Thread

So many fun polls

It’s a nice place to chat

I like talking about my hobby

Most Helpful Thread

Because everyone helps everyone out on this thread and replies are almost instant because there’s usually always someone who knows the answer who’s online.

Dara helps with everything about directing.

Everyone is here to help, people are nice. I have met new people with my rants. This is a very important thread because people need help and don’t need to deal with their problems alone.

Most Interesting Discussion Thread

It gives good insight to how things work in the app

I found this probably the most thought provoking and actually inspired me to try and start including messages in my own story.

It’s positive and gets people setting goals!

I thought it had a very good topic.

It actually gets authors to TALK about their story, not just do a generic copy and paste thing

Honorary Thread

Reply categories:

Best Lighthearted Reply (click on the link to get to the reply)

What do you like about Episode?

It’s so positive and sweet

Who's LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈

“let’s be gay together”

♥ the ranting thread. (V2) ♥

It’s nice

The Blog Thread ❤

it’s fun

Best Serious Reply (click on the link to get to the reply)

PLEASE READ: "I'm Leaving the Forum" Topics

To be honest, I think this is my favorite post of all time. Thanks Shannii for posting this, it does show alot about our community.

♥ the ranting thread. (V2) ♥

This post made me realise that I was becoming too negative, so I made a conscious effort to start focus on more positives. It sort of high lights a sad reality, but can be also inspiring.

Joke categories and categories with only one nominee will be revealed when the results for the awards come out.

Sadly, this year there were no replies nominated for honourable reply, so that’s a category we won’t have. However, I hope the categories we have are enough to celebrate what we like about the forums.

Concerning the “memories” part of the reply category, there weren’t any mentioned either. So I won’t be able to do what I was planning with it. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Now, finally, I present to you:

Click here to get to the member nomination form.
Click here to get to the content voting form.

A few things to take into account:

You will have until the twenty fifth of December at midnight GMT-5 to vote.
You do not have to vote for every category, but it is highly recommended that you do.
You can only vote once.
Do not ask people to nominate you. Don’t tell others how they should think.

  • If I find out you asked people to vote for you, your nomination will be taken out from the category.

You will notice that the forms do not ask you for your username, nor for anything to verify you are not voting twice. This is because I want voting to remain anonymous, and because I trust you guys. However, due to a small issue we had last year, I’m going to ask you guys to vote in the following poll after you have filled out the form(s). This is so there are no discrepancies between the number of voters and the number of entrees the forms get. If there are more entrees than voters in the poll, I’ll be forced to remove a randomly chosen entree, so please, don’t vote twice, and use the poll.

  • I have voted in the members form
  • I have voted in the content form

0 voters


Due to an issue I experimented, the form now requires a passcode to ensure you have read this post and know the rules.
Copy and paste the following passcode into the form to go to the voting:

I hope you enjoy these awards the best you can.
Happy nominating, everyone!

Cam Boulder


awwwwww yes im so glad that the ranting thread was nominated for a second year in a row!!!

i actually am not sure if the thread still should be listed because a mod had shut it down, i dont think that it will be much relevant if you cant even use it anymore… still proud of that place LOL




Ooh I was included thats everything!


This is my first time, but thats awesome. Way to go!



Tag more ppl


Omg I was nominated? Thanks guys!


Lol was just about to tag ya XD CONGRATS HUN!


Girl. I have no idea why that’s a surprise to you. You’re pure amazing!

I have no idea why I’m nominated for best cover maker.




Wait was I nominate?


Thank you to whoever nomainated me. I didn’t even realize this was happening. So thank you so much. I’m about to go vote now. Good luck to everyone!


Im checking now to see.


You were nominated for most active member! :raised_hands::fire:


And art :heart_eyes: oh God I’m actually so happy


(Gets out my Sherlock hat to figure out who said this.) “I feel like it is someone who know I only her a few hours,” she says, looking at the time. (5:am)

Hmm… I know that writing… HEHE! :smirk::wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Aww, so sweet. :blush::blush::blush: Thank you.

Rosie, baby, are your cheeks as red as mine are? :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Thank you, I’m just sooo… :flushed::flushed::flushed:


ikr, congrats hun! :raised_hands::fire::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


I was nominated and those replies with mine :joy::sob::purple_heart: literally had me crying tears I’m in here episode dancing in front of my mirror!


Thanks for the nomination! I’ll have to remember to vote for this at some point when I’m more fully awake.


Thanks :two_hearts::two_hearts: