2018 Forums Awards - Fifth Edition


This is really cool btw! Ty for taking the time! :blush:


Aw, no problem!
I love doing this, it really brightens my days to see how despite everything people still like these forums and the people on them, it’s so great to see everyone saying good things about others :3


One question though XD Wdym best ship?


Best ship is the widest category here
You know how there are some people who are in a relationship in here? Well, there you can nominate your favourite forums couple.
You can also nominate people who aren’t in a relationship but who you think would be good together, or a member from the forums and someone else you ship them with (For example, last year a very popular nominee was SillyCupcake22233 and her crush)
And you can make it a joke nomination too, like someone with themselves, or someone with the forums (again, last year Lady-Mehek was nominated as a couple with the forums), just whatever ship you like ^-^


Cool! Ok!


Ooh question: When do the nominations end? :0 :heart:


December 17th at midnight GMT-5


Ahh, thanks <3

EDIT: Oops, I must’ve missed it in the OG Post smh :woman_facepalming:




Loving this!! Still deciding who to vote for :thinking::thinking::thinking:


When will the results be posted?


December 17th at midnight GMT-5 — the results will be posted then shortly after there will be a second vote with all the nominations (if I recall…)


Great thanks!


Oooo! Lovely!


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