2019 Epy Shorts: Epy Mentorship


The Epy Shorts is a traditional novel writing online contest that aims to help Episode writers build on/sharpen their traditional writing skills. We hope to encourage writers to master the basics first before moving on to complex branching, spot directing or adding visuals and sound effects. This year’s thematic event will revolve around a mentorship that caters to Episode writers who are relatively new to writing prose. The aim of this event is to build a exchange between (new and experienced) Episode community members and create a platform for inexperienced writers to grow in skill and connections in the Episode community.

Writers are given a couple of months (June - August 2019) to write their SHORT stories based on story pitches/prompts given by the Epy Awards with help from their assigned mentors.

If you were to take up this commitment, you will have to be active and contactable during the June to August 2019. Your contribution to the team will be displayed on our page, so we will need for you to send us a profile picture (that represents you) and also repost our upcoming IG post (we will brief you on this soon) to let your followers know about your involvement in this project!

Your Role: (It’s quite simple really, and not too heavy!)

  • Provide pointers to your mentee whenever they ask simple, short questions regarding their short story(through gmail, IG or whatever platform you wish to communicate on).

  • Provide a one-A4-page length of detailed feedback to your mentee for their drafts. They are only allowed feedback twice , one for their half-completed draft , and one for their full completed draft.

  • Help your mentee by assigning their sub-deadlines for their drafts so that they meet the actual deadline (August 15th) , and can also receive feedback from you in time without you have to rush the feedback to them!


  • You are not allowed to help write their story or edit their piece on your own.
  • When you provide feedback, you are to share the document with us so that we can supervise your mentorship.
  • You can mentor up to 1-4 mentees in this project, according to your own schedule.

We are looking for up to 20-40 mentors, depending on how many of you are willing to take up the commitment! If you are not familiar with our organization, you can check our website out atwww.theepyawards.com or on Instagram at www.instagram.com/theepyawards .


We think through this partnership, you will be able to:

  • Get to know your readers/audience, and build relationships

  • have experience in being a mentor that may benefit you in the outside world

  • receive some recognition on our platform as a mentor

  • help other writers grow with your help!

At the end of this project, the MENTOR with the largest number of mentee winners and best mentee ratings (mentee will be asked to give feedback on their experience being mentored by you) will be crowned the EPY MENTOR of the year! They will receive the title and a badge, if you’d like to use it!

If you’d like to sign up as a mentor, here is the LINK!

Here are some guidelines and requirements!

  • You must have an active IG/forums account throughout June to August 2019

  • You must be above 13 years old

  • You must have good command of the English Language.

  • You must have experience in writing.

  • You must be communicative, helpful, supportive, patient towards mentees

  • You must either fulfil any one of these:

have at least 3 years of Episode writing experience

have/currently studying a degree in Creative Writing, English, Literature,
History, Liberal Arts, etc. or anything similar (proof is needed)

have published a book with a publishing house/agency (proof is needed)

have a story with more than 500k reads

have won Episode contests or their story/stories placed on an Episode shelf

Even if you do fulfil the requirements your application MAY be rejected due to over capacity. Spots are limited, so sign up as quick as you can!

Get ready for an exciting year of mentorship with your very own readers who would like to learn from you!

Readers, avid writers, tag you favourite authors whom you’d like to work with! #epyshorts2019

S. R. Grae (formerly known as Aisha Ayesha)
Head of Epy Awards
Executive Management Team


A quick question: if I’m doing a masters in History but I’m not too keen on giving my personal details out, what would be the best way to give proof of the fact?

If you have a degree cert or confirmation for your completion of bachelors (be it your Results cert or overall cert), you can take a picture/screenshot of that but block out sensitive info, like name, school name, etc. using photo editor! Your images will be kept confidential, it won’t be posted anywhere, it is only for our own reference!

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