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21 Jump Street - creators are @amberose & @CrazyCaliope

The Story

So this will be based on the TV show, NOT the film! Cops are put into a high school to bust some students for criminal actions. We will be having a few cops and many students (possibly teachers too) for you to create. We will be posting chapters as frequently as possible, while also asking various questions and receiving your feedback along the way.

Set during the 80s, the Jump Street program was started to keep kids safe. Baby-faced cops infiltrate high schools, disguised as students, to try to crack down on crime. The program is still a new project and very “hush hush”, so no one in the school knows about the officers inside the grounds. If people found out, covers would be blown, parents would be worried, and the media would have a field day. This is why no one finds out until after the case has been brought to justice, making sure the officers identities are still kept secret.

The main goal of this story is for the officers to solve the case without jeopardising their careers or bringing harm to any of the students. While most students want to keep a low profile and just get through school.

What’s an SG?

An SG is a story game. Meaning that we, the creators, will be the ones writing the story for your characters. We will be writing long posts (i.e. chapters) as frequently as possible. After each post, we’ll be trying to include you by asking for decisions on what to do next and/or possible plot twists, etc.

Please make sure you check in every two-three days and continue to interact when needed.

Our SG RULES, please read!!!
  • DO NOT POST on the SG thread, PLEASE?! We want to hear your comments and thoughts but keep them on the sign-up/chat thread! Thank you.
  • Please respond to the chapters and question we ask you ASAP (within a day or two). The sooner you do, the sooner we can write the following chapter. If you don’t do so in the time limit then we will decide for your character.
  • If you are going to be absent, inform us and we will try to work round it. If you don’t then we will decide for your character.
  • Follow the setting. It is the 80s, so anything we ask of you, please try to stick to that
  • If you don’t like how your character has been portrayed in some way, then please tell Rosie and I in a PM. We try to fix it for you.
  • If you want a relationship with a character, then please ask that RPer before adding it to sign-ups. Then tell us, though be aware that we have already planned some out.

Thank you,
Rosie and Caliope

80s slang - To help understand some of the slang we use


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The Bachelor(ette) SG ~ Sign-ups/Chat

Chapter One

6:00AM. That’s the time the five, yes five, officers were due to meet their captain at Jump Street Chapel. Jump Street is a new program in the police department, funded by the council, to keep their schools safe and stop kids becoming criminals.
Entering through the back of the chapel, they all slowly gathered on the second floor. A large open plan room, with scattered office desks, one for each of the undercover officers. The only closed off room is the Captain’s office up the back to the left of a small balcony, which has all of their lockers for personal belongings. A narrow spiral staircase leads up to the balcony, as well as a fireman’s pole to come back down. In between the balcony and Captain’s office is the entrance into the room.
As for the room, if it weren’t for the desks and there were some beds instead, then this would look just like a teenager’s bedroom. Posters were tacked to the walls, a basketball hoop up on the vertical beam in the centre, and various stuffed animals and toys wearing strange garb and costume attire.

The ball hits the rim of the hoop, circles it, before rolling off and into William’s hands. He instantly starts to dribble the ball, weaving around Ethan and Blake, dodging their attempts at snagging the ball. As he makes his way back round, he jumps and dunks the ball.
“Righteous,” William called back to them excitedly while still mid-jump. Dropping back to the ground he turned to them. “That is how you play the game, man.”
“What if we didn’t want to play?”, Ethan replied, his tone neutral but William could tell he was teasing.
“Adamsen, why didn’t you ever play professionally?”, asked Blake.

The ball bounced a few times before rolling toward the entrance. A woman had just walked up the stairs and round the corner, stopping the ball under her foot. Though it went unnoticed. She bent down to pick it up, then threw it from where she stood. In it went. The three guys turned their heads, amazement and shock were their only expressions.

Finally breaking the silence, William spoke, “That’s why.” He looks over at her. “That’s quite an arm you have there. Name’s Adamsen, William Adamsen.”
Neil interrupted as he entered from behind her, “Ah, this must be our new receptionist that Cap’n has been asking for. You look lovely, by the way.”
The woman looked at him and rolled her eyes. “Carmona, Keira Carmona, but call me Kit.”
William moved past her to enter the chapel. “Well, Kit,” he began. “Has the Cap’n shown you where your desk is yet? We’re going to need all of last night’s answer machine messages written down before the meeting.”
Keira stepped inside, walking well past Neil. “I’m not some new receptionist here to jot down notes for you,” she announced, crossing her arms. She looked at the three boys in the middle of the room, then back at Neil. This was typical. After working so hard to finally get here, she still had to prove herself as something more than a receptionist. “I’m a police officer, just like you.” Though probably better than this dude next to me, she thought.
“No fake?” Blake chimed in, showing a grin because he was happy to have another officer around.
Before anyone else could reply, the Captain’s office door was swung open. Robert Hughes exited, holding a few manila folders under his arm. “Take a seat,” he ordered, gesturing toward the table on the other side of the basketball hoop.

The five of them take their seats, normally, except for Ethan. He flips the chair round and sits on it backwards, legs astride.
Robert stands at the head of the table, placing his folders squarely in front of him. “As you can see, we have a new officer joining the team today. Everyone meet Officer Keira Carmona.” He nodded in Keira’s direction. “Carmona, this is Officer Neil Taube.” Robert gestured to his left, where Neil was sitting. He was getting out his notebook and didn’t look up to be formally introduced to Keira. “And Officer Ethan Kane,” the Captain continued. Ethan was sitting next to Neil. He flashed a quick smile to Keira. “These two have been here since we started the Jump Street program. You might have heard of “Tyrell Thompson case, a.k.a Waxer.”
Neil folded his arms and leaned back. “We caught Waxer and his friend playing with a firework and a car battery. We charged him and let the other one off.”
Ignoring Neil’s comment and smugness, Robert continued with his introductions. “Officer Blake Brown and Officer William Adamsen were our most recent recruits.” Robert nodded his head in their direction. Blake turned to face Keira who was sitting beside him. He held out his hand, offering her a welcoming handshake. She shook it and smiled, giving him a nod before returning her attention to the captain. “So Kane, how’s it going at Northside?”
Ethan cringed slightly but didn’t let it show too much on his face, he just kept tapping out a quiet beat in the table. That was his father’s name, and he didn’t want to be compared to him, much less replace him. “Sir, everything is real calm at the moment, everyone is cooling out and staying tight-lipped and closeted.”
“Keep on it, Kane,” Robert instructed, before shifting his head to Neil. “Taube, are you breaking ground at Wilcox?”
“Not really much to report on yet, Cap’n. You know, since I started there on Thursday and then it was the weekend and all. I find kids don’t like to be at school at the weekend,” Neil reflected casually.
Robert pressed his hands firmly down on the table. “No, but they do like to hang out and harass their teachers. If I find out that it has happened again and you weren’t with them to make a bust-” He stops mid-sentence, letting his threat hang there and be more intimidating than if it were finished.
“Right. Sorry, Cap’n. I’m on it, won’t happen again.”
“And what’s the latest at Amherst?” Robert asked, turning to Blake.
Blake cleared his throat, flipping a page over in his notebook. “Well, Sir, on Tuesday at approximately 1430, Jack Williams was again called Jack Attack by one Isobel-Rose Davidson. It happened after-”
The captain let out a sigh. “Brown, remind me why are we spending so much attention on this Williams kid, again? I thought we’d established he wasn’t the dealer.”
“Sir, he admitted to me two weeks ago that he had bought drugs from a friend. If I can just get close enough, I’m sure he’ll tell me who the friend was. We already have it narrowed down to which two groups the dealer could have come from.”
“Is this Jack Williams guy the same loser you saved from being punched by a girl last week?”, William chimed in. “It doesn’t sound like he has many friends to start off with.”
“Because he’s punched by a girl?”, Kit queries with raised eyebrows.
Robert silences them again as he starts to speak. “Well, we need suspects, and the mayor is drilling us to get this done. So I’m putting two more in with you, Brown.” He picks up one of the manila folders in front of him and throws it to William. “Adamsen, I’m sending you in as William Andrews, a defective youth who likes to rebel. So try to get in with that crowd. Brown will give you more detail.” William nodded. “Carmona, time to get your feet wet. I’m sending you in too.” He slides the folder across the table to her. “You’re going in as Keira Carter, a cheerleader transferring in from across state. Everything you need to know is in that folder. They’re your transcripts, read them thoroughly. Taube will be your backup.”
“But Cap’n, Brown has been my partner recently,” Neil argued.
“Well, this time Carmona is. Will that be a problem?”, Robert said as he glared back, daring him to continue. “Very well, if that is all, then you’re dismissed. Get to school.” They all start to get up, but stop when he adds, “Oh, and be careful not to blow your cover. My son, Christopher, attends Amherst. Don’t let him figure it out, I’ll never hear the end of it. Meaning that you’ll never hear the end of it.”

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What we need from you:

This is an easier task this time, as it’ll help to set the scene in the next couple of chapters. Could EVERYONE please PM both @CrazyCaliope and myself their character(s)’ clothing choices for school. This can either be with an image or a description, just try to stick to the decade (the 80s) and your character.

Please send it to us by the 11th of September, so that we can aim to have the second chapter out by the end of next week!


Chapter Two

8:16AM. Crowds of teenagers flocking in the school grounds. By foot, bike, and even car. Hundreds of unmotivated students trying to get in as many laughs and conversations before the bell rings. Some meandered into the school, while others stood idly around waiting until the very last second to head to class.
At the corner of the parking lot, further away from the crowds, stood an average-sized boy in parachute cargo pants and a rather ironic, Fraggle Rock T-shirt. With a doobie between his lips, he took long drags. Starting to ponder about what the mindless richies were discussing on the other side of the carpark, before becoming increasingly relaxed. Fortunately, he spotted the red sweatshirt before receiving the kiss on the cheek, stopping him from being surprised. He pulled the doobie out of his mouth, between his index finger and thumb. With his other hand, he slipped it round her, drawing her closer. She was wearing a red sweatshirt with semi-thin blue and white stripes, which was tucked into her belted, faded denim jeans.
“Bay,” Matteo said softly, without a stress in the world. “You know I want more than that on a Monday morning.”
Bay’s brows knitted together and her eyes narrowed in anger. She gripped his shirt at his chest, with her fingers, and spoke intensely, “I thought we were more than that. I’m not just some bimbette that will be at your beck and call.” Bay planted her lips on his, making it to first base. Then pushing herself off just as quickly, she retorted, “That was only because I wanted to.” She started walking off toward the school’s entrance, her hair swishing behind her as she turned, as it was up in a high ponytail. It looked like one of the cheerleader’s pompoms. Matteo wiped the smugness off his face and took a few more puffs of his doobie before slowly heading in the same way as Bay.

A white Ford Mustang pulled into the school parking lot, and its owner took the first available space. The roof was down and Brayden could be seen behind the wheel. He wore faded jeans and a T-shirt that hung loosely from his frame. Turning off the ignition, he rested his head back on the seat and grabbed his box of cigarettes. Shaking the box to get one out, he placed the butt in his mouth. Lighting the cigarette, he inhaled and then very slowly exhaled. Brayden knew he had plenty of time to think about going to class, maybe he wouldn’t go at all.

The school entrance was a struggle to get through, while the corridors were even harder, trying to manoeuvre around students talking and getting into their lockers. Though there was one person who never had to worry about that, and she could always be seen wearing a red beret atop her bushy red hair. Today, this was accompanied by a black choker, red velour pants and a tight black tee, with a black, velvet blazer over it. The sea of students parted as she walked, and the few that didn’t, got a swift elbow to the ribs. Unfortunately, Jack was one of the students who didn’t see Isobel coming.
As her elbow made contact, she growled at him, “Move, freak!”
“Isobel, really?”, Jack angrily whined, as he pushed back his denim jacket to clutch his side, revealing part of the sheepskin lining. Underneath that, he had a basic white t-shirt and jeans, along with black converse. He couldn’t handle her right now and he was getting frustrated, he’d already got enough of it this morning, at home. “Just lay off it, alright?” Under his breath, he added, “Stupid.”
She pushed his books out of his other hand, the one not gripping his side, so they fell to the floor. “What did you say, dweeb?”
Jack tried to stand up to her but he was intimidated, and there was fear behind his eyes. “Я назвал тебя глупым, ты ужасный и…” Isobel gave him a hard shove and he stumbled backwards, not able to complete his sentence. Before he could regain his footing, Blake was by his side, gripping his forearm to hold him steady.
“Back off, Isobel,” Blake told her.
“Ooh, look, it’s dweeb number two. Bite me, Brooks,” she retorted.
“No thank you, I don’t like bad meat.” She was fuming at his comment and took a swing at his pretty face. He dodged before retaliating. Taking ahold of her wrist, he twisted it behind her back and calmly spoke into her ear from behind. “Who’s the dweeb now, Isobel?” He pushed her away from him and turned, ignoring the onlookers.
She watched them walk away and yelled, “You better watch your back, Brooks!”

Her head buried inside her locker as she tried to find some book she needed. Only her small, pale pink tee, tucked into her black, knee-length skirt could be seen. As well as her dark brown hair hanging down her back, thick and bushy, and in small curls, almost frizzy. Next to her, a wild-haired girl leaned back on the neighbouring locker, her foot kicked up behind her; Kiona. Kiona was a bit of a tomboy, in her boyfriend jeans and loose black and white stripe jersey. Though she wasn’t, her face looked aggressive when she wasn’t talking.
“If you get any further in there, will you find Narnia?”, Kiona asked dryly.
Brooke pulled herself out of her locker with a novel in hand. Brooke giggled and showed her the book. “No, just Sweet Valley High.”
Kiona merely rolled her eyes at this. “Enough of that putt. You can’t honestly say you enjoy that trash?”
“It’s not trash. If it was, then Francine Pascal wouldn’t have written three books AND be writing a fourth now.”
Kiona threw her hands into the front of her jeans and sighed. “Trash can make money.”
Before Brooke could counter this, a hand gently squeezed her shoulder and a male voice said, “Hey Brookie.”
She flinched slightly, then turned to see Jason and Charlene standing there. Charlene’s arm looped through his. She noticed Charlene first. Her thick hair and evenly cut fringe, perfectly framed her face. While her tight jeans, white crop top, and oversized faded blue shirt, which hung off her shoulders, gave her a ‘I just threw this on’ vibe. Brooke couldn’t compete with that, she was the only girl she couldn’t compete with, in beauty. Even if Jason is completely FINE. He wore a Members Only jacket half-zipped over a white tee shirt with medium-wash jeans and black military boots. Brooke warily looked up into his eyes, trying hard not to look too flushed. “Hi, Jase.”
After a moment’s silence, Kiona spoke, “Char, it’s not hard to guess where you stayed last night. You two the new thing then?”
Charlene replied with a smirk, as if to say ’we will see.’ Jason tilted his head toward her. “Just helping out a friend, Kay, that is all… She needed a place to stay,” he spoke with a little uncertainty.
Brooke was a little put off by his comment but she didn’t let it show as the conversation continued.

Tamara trudged into the school behind Zachary “Zig”, in a brown, oversized, members only jacket over top of a baggy tee and jeans. Zig turned round to face her when they were inside and out of view of the parking lot, where her parents had dropped them off. “Just because my aunt and uncle told me to watch over you, doesn’t mean I should. It doesn’t even mean we should be in the mix,” he told her, adjusting his denim jacket over his blue and white striped sweatshirt. “So this is Amherst High, have fun.” He turned, scuffing the bottom of his black pants as he walked away. She was left standing there in the crowd, a little enraged as she thought, I knew I always hated him.

Chloe tightened her ponytail, smoothing out the ends with her hands as she waited for Christopher to finish counting his bills. Chris paused, gave her a sheepish look, and dug deep into his pockets. He pulled out another dollar bill and handed the cash over to her. She accepted the sum forcefully. “You know I hate it when you keep me waiting,” she noted, as she counted the money for herself. Chris didn’t answer, just looked at the door to the boys’ bathroom to make sure the coast was still clear. “You’re ten short, Christopher.” Her blunt tone brought him back and his eyes rested on the image in front of him. Chloe was beautiful, he couldn’t deny that. She was wearing a plaid, bright yellow mini skirt, with a blazer to match. Underneath that, was a yellow cardigan, though Chloe had not fastened the top two buttons on purpose.
“C’mon Chloe,” Chris pleaded, looking into her eyes. “I don’t have enough right now. I’ll bring it tomorrow. You can trust me.”
Chloe took a step closer to him and fiddled with the hem of his letterman jacket. “You know, there’s only one other form of payment I’d accept from you,” she suggested, giving him a quick once over. He was wearing a dark turtleneck underneath his jacket, which could easily cover up any hickeys, should Chloe actually seal the deal.
Chris looked down at Chloe, not wanting her hands on him for a second longer. “Chloe…” He shifted his weight in an attempt to shake off her grip. He had said it as a warning to her, but when she leaned up to his ear to whisper his name back, it was clear she had mistaken it for flirting.
“Chris…” She moved her hands to rest in the back pockets of his stone-washed Levi’s. It was clear she wouldn’t get the hint if he didn’t correct his tone. He cleared his throat and reached around to grab Chloe’s wrists.
“No,” he stated sharply. “I’ve told you I’m not going to be like that with you again.” He held her hands in front of their chests, forcing her to step back. His eyes darted to the money - his money - that was still in her hands.
“Fine,” she smirked and he released his hold. She slipped her hand into his pocket once more, only this time to return his money. “You don’t have it, you don’t get it.”
“Chloe…” Chris said for the second time that morning. Though this time he wasn’t warning her, he was pleading with her. “You know me.” But she simply ignored him and started walking to the door. Her heels made a clicking sound on the bathroom tiles. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the money once more. “CHLOE! PLEASE?!”, he called out after her as she walked out into the corridor.
If Chloe was upset about missing out on Christopher’s sale, it didn’t show. In fact, she had already set her sights elsewhere. She picked up the pace as she saw the mid-length, brunette hair of a woman in the grey power suit with excessive shoulder pads. The woman was headed into a classroom. “Miss Anderson, I think it’s time we talk again,” she called and followed her inside.

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What we need from you:
Those with student characters ONLY, could you please PM @amberose and I which class you think your character should start with. Please take their profiles into consideration. We will try to make everyone happy.

Class options
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Physical Education (P.E.)
  • History
  • Spanish

Then, we also ask everyone to please fill out this Google form on how they think their relationships with others will be. Just give each character a rating, and if you want to then can add more information (enemies, BFFs, a crush, etc). You also don’t have to fill in all, you can skip some, BUT please fill in one form for EACH character. Just please take profiles and these two chapters into your consideration too. Also, there are certain relationships that HAVE already been decided, though we’ll still try to incorporate your ideas too.

Please send it to us by the 17 or 18th, so that we can aim to have the third chapter out by the end of next week or ASAP!

Also, struggling to understand some of the 80s slang we’re using, we’ve linked the site that explains them. It can found in the opening post, just above Faceclaims.


Chapter Two point Five

8:16AM. Students weren’t the only ones arriving at school. Some people actually get paid to do so. A faded yellow Toyota Supra swerved into the last available spot in the teachers’ car park. With a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth, Leon Matta turned off the engine and searched the glove box for a bottle of Old Spice, he was sure he had left in there. Disappointed, and empty-handed, he swung open his car door, accidentally bumping the vehicle next to his. “Shit,” he groaned, inspecting the neighbouring car. It appeared as though no damage had been done, and Leon was in the clear. He threw the cigarette to the ground and headed inside, removing his shades and hanging them from his collar. He walked down the halls and into the teacher’s lounge, he felt very Miami Vice. The bright colours of his salmon coloured suit and baby blue button up shirt weren’t the only thing drawing attention to him this morning.
“Leon, you reek!” a repulsed Moriko Coda stated, as he walked straight over to the table she was sitting at. She leaned forward, her white, short-sleeved blouse bunching as she brought her arms together to hold her mug. Moriko lifted her mug to her lips, inhaling the smell of coffee, trying to rid herself of the overwhelming scent of alcohol that Leon had brought with him.
“Bag your face, Korra,” he retorted. Leon looked at the woman on the other side of the desk. “It’s not that bad, is it chica bonito?”
The nurse, Charlotte Knight, lifted her head from the notebook she had been writing in to look up at Leon. From a sitting down perspective, both Charlotte and Korra had dressed similarly, except that Charlotte’s blouse was long-sleeved with black cuffs. She was unable to lie to him, even if he had just said some fancy Spanish words to her. “Uh, well…” Charlotte hesitated, closing her notebook and slipping it into her black leather handbag.
“Forget I asked,” Leon said finally. He spun the chair around and straddled it, resting his forearms on its back. “I won’t make life drawing this week.”
“Why not?”, Charlotte asked, cocking her head to the side.
Korra let out an exasperated sigh before she spoke, “I’m not sure why you’re informing us. You hardly attend the group, and when you do, you’re 30 minutes late.”
“When you do, you’re 30 minutes late,” Leon mimicked and Korra rolled her eyes and took another gulp of coffee. Giving a quick nod to Charlotte, he asked, “Did you hear about it boy and the prom queen?”
Charlotte furrowed her brows. “Why?”
“I assume you mean Christopher Hughes and Chloe DeJuior?", Korra asked with raised eyebrows.
“Perhaps,” he replied, shrugging. “Anyway, they broke up just before school started back.”
Korra slapped her forehead with the palm of her hand and held it there. You only just heard? That was a month ago, what rock have you been living under?”
Charlotte put her hand in front of her mouth to stifle her laugh, then trying to compose herself, she said, “I hope you’re both ready and have room in your classes. I just spoke with Principal Davies not 10 minutes ago and she said that we have three kids transferring in today.”
“Three kids transferring in today?”, Korra repeated questioningly and Charlotte nodded. She pushed out her chair and stood, as Leon sighed and dropped his head down on the table, with a rather loud bang. She looked at her watch and then started taking her mug over to the coffee pot to refill it. “I’d better head to class then, see you at break.”

Caroline Moore entered the staff room, her eyes searching the room. A few teachers oddly distributed around, a group of three talking in the far corner, and across the other side, Katherine Miller, by the pigeonholes. She made her way over. Carol wore a white, cotton dress, where the fabric was bunched together at her waist, like someone had just sewn a long-sleeved blouse and long skirt together. It seemed as if she was trying to dress for a certain time period today. On the other hand, Katherine couldn’t have been more opposite. If it weren’t for her obvious signs of ageing, she could have looked like one of the students. Wearing a black Metallica T-shirt, black and purple patterned surfer pants, and white Nike sneakers.
“Kath, I was wondering if I could-” she started saying, but Katherine shut her eyes and pursed her lips, shaking her head. “Can I just-”
Kath cut her off again, “No, no, I really don’t need to hear any more of your advice, especially not on a Monday morning.”
Carol pouted, her full lips looking even larger than normal. She held her long and slender hands out defensively, trying not to look down on her, despite being a foot taller. “Nothing like that. I was actually wanting your advice.”
Kath’s interest piqued as this and she tilted her head at Caroline curiously. “Advice from me?”
Caroline nodded. “Cooking advice, more specifically.” She debated whether she should give Kath more information. She was generally a more private person, but she was in need of help. “The other women in my book club has started baking scones and other assortments, and I can’t serve store-bought snacks to them anymore… Not now that they’re putting in so much effort.”
Kath folded her arms and smirked at Carol. “So you think because I’m the cafeteria lady that I must have some fantastic scone recipe that’s been in my family for generations?” That had been what Carol was hoping for, but now that Kath had put it like that, she realised how wrong it was for her to assume that.
Kath, seeing Carol’s confusion, decided to put an end to Caroline’s torture. It wasn’t as fun to trick a fellow colleague as it was to tease the students. “I’m only messing with you, Carol. Swing by the cafeteria during third period. I don’t have a scone recipe, but I can show you how to make banana bread. You have a break then, no?”
Carol pondered this a moment, “How’d you know?”
Kath shrugged, letting a small smirk creep up and crinkle the corners of her mouth. “I know a lot more than you think, as I have eyes everywhere. See you in third,” she told her. Then grabbed her apron from her cubby and walked out, leaving Carol with a look of slight confusion.

Kylee Anderson walked confidently down the corridor. She had such a soft face for someone who works out, though even under her pantsuit people can see how tough and fit she is. Approaching a classroom door, she knocked, waited, and entered. Elizabeth Elliot was sitting at her desk, in the front corner of the room, scribbling ferociously. Her thick, heavily hair sprayed hair sat on her shoulders. Deep wrinkles were etched into her forehead as her brows furrowed further and her scowl became more prominent. She was a short, plump woman, who had to sit on an extra cushion just to sit comfortably at her desk.
“Elizabeth, a moment?”, Kylee asked, closing the door behind her. Elizabeth didn’t look up, only flicked her hand toward her in a gesture to continue, and so she did, hesitatingly. “It’s about Matteo Hayes. He’s barely in class, and when he is, he either seems to be dazed or unresponsive. Do you have this issue? Should I inform someone about it?”
“No need to involve anyone else. You only need to learn not let him get away with it. You’re letting him get away with it. Stand your ground and show him who is superior” Elizabeth told her in an apathetic tone.
Kylee brushed her hair back behind her ear. “I suppose you’re right, I could-”
“Good, good,” Elizabeth interrupted, not really hearing her. “Can you shut the door on your way out?!”
To stop herself retorting angrily, Kylee had to bite her tongue. She turned swiftly and left, heading to her own classroom. Once at her door, she heard, “Miss Anderson, I think it’s time we talk again.” Both dread and relief filled her mind.

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This half chapter was just a little something extra for you guys, that’s why we have no questions at the end. We will be starting on chapter three, the beginning of classes, shortly.


Chapter Three

8:30AM. The bell rings. A sudden urgency and tension filled the air as students rushed to their classes from the other end of school. All but two that is. Hidden away in a rarely used storage room, they were making a deal. Matteo finger-combed his hair backwards, as he pulled out a couple folded notes from his back pocket while staring at the student before him.
“Knock it off. You’ll get the stuff, Matt,” the boy told him.
“I know I will, I just need it now,” he replied, stressing the word ‘need’ to show great importance. He thrust the dough into his hands.
The boy looked at it, satisfied that it was the correct amount. “I know how desperate you are for it. You’re a loyal, I’ll always look after you, dude.” So long as you have the money, he thought. Then, he moved around Matteo and reached for a small metal box, hidden behind a box of paper. Stepping back and offering the box, he told him, “Don’t get any ideas, I never use the same location more than once.”
Matteo snatched the box out of his hand, eyes fueled with a sudden fire, and left the room quickly, without another word.

“I hope you like it here at Amherst, Miss Petersen.”
Sitting in the Principal’s confined office, listening to her go on about the school and such nonsense, when all that was running through her mind was how much of a dickweed her cousin had been. All she had heard Principal Davies say was her name, which brought her back to reality. She stood and took her new timetable, standing a few inches taller than her superior who was in heels.
“Miss Petersen, please send in the next student,” Davies told her as she left. Out of the door, she looked around the even smaller, windowless reception, and set eyes upon the next student waiting. “Your turn,” she told him before heading for her first class. In the corridor, she had almost immediately got bowled over by another student running out of an old storage room.
The student who was waiting had now moved into the Principal’s office, but stood close to the door until she spoke to him.
“William Andrews, so you had a truancy problem at Northside High?”, Davies asked as he took a seat in front of her desk, which was heavily stacked with paperwork.
“Yes, ma’am.” He smiled gleefully. “The teachers weren’t interesting enough to keep me in class.”
Her tone grew colder, “You will address me as Principal Davies, nothing else.”
He sat up, speaking seriously, “Yes, Principal Davies Nothing Else.”

Chloe sat at a desk in the centre-front of the room, smirking at Mis Anderson as she wrote on the chalkboard, which took up most of the front wall. Bay walked through the door and instantly rolled her eyes when seeing Chloe, then took a seat further back. Chloe’s smirk only grew when she saw Bay, noticing how constricted her pupils were. She turned to her and asked, “Where are you buying from? Or are you the product tester?”
“Why do you want to know? Finally realise you need something to improve your below average cheerleading ability?”, Bay snapped.
Chloe’s smirk faded quickly, but her attention was grabbed before she could retort. Along with the others who had been entering the classroom, Jason walked in and sat at the desk to the right of Chloe. “Hey, good weekend?”
She rolled her eyes and faced the front. “Shut up, Jase!” He sighed and flipped open his book.
Miss Anderson walked to the door, closed it, then cleared her throat to get the attention of the class. The noise started to die down after thirty seconds and she started to speak, walking back to the centre. “Good morning. Continuing on from last week; Integers and rational numbers. I’ve written 15 equations on the board, write them down and try to solve-” She’s interrupted by a knock at the door. She walked back over and opened the door, showing a fresh-faced, gum-chewing Keira to the room. “Yes?”
“New! I’m in your class,” she said, rolling her eyes and entering the room after handing her the class slip she was given. He frizzy, brunette hair sat out and hanging at the sides, but held back off her face by a fluorescent orange headband. She wore loose orange and white, geometric-patterned dungarees, made of the same material (cotton). She also had a thick, black belt/band around her waist, which matched her black canvas shoes. Her narrow eyes looked bored and even slimmer as she scanned the room, though her freckles were youthful and made it harder to distinguish her age.
Keira’s attention was drawn to the two girls sleeping on their desks at the back of the room. One had long blonde hair, while the other had long ginger, slightly dirty blonde hair. They were the school writers - ran the newspaper, Yearbook committee, and the school’s gossip mill.
“Alright class, this is Keira Carter, she’s joining us from Jefferson. Please take a seat, Miss Carter. Take out your book and do these exercises along with the class.” Keira took the empty seat to Chloe’s left then took out her notebook, but continued to search her bag.
“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”, groaned the ginger sleeping girl, without lifting her head. The whole class turned in shock and disbelief that someone would use such language in Anderson’s class! Though many were sniggering as well, including Keira. She dumped her bag next to her, then leaned over to Chloe and whispered, “Hey, so that I can at least pretend to do work, do you have a spare pencil?”
Miss Anderson snapped her ruler on the table. The class died down and Chloe handed Keira her own pencil. “Good start to the day, new girl. But trust me, you’ll soon learn that you won’t even need a pencil.”
“I don’t even know you,” Keira muttered a reply. Chloe just smiled at her and shrugged.

Blake took his assigned seat in the science lab, as Jack sat down on the stool to the left of him. Not long after, Charlene entered the room confidently and sat down on the right side of Blake. The three had filled the bench in the third row and took out their books in silence. Usually, Blake wouldn’t speak to Charlene, she’d never seemed all that welcoming to him and Jack had never been fond of her either. But something was different today. The fact that the captain thought he needed backup had rattled him. It implied that Blake wasn’t capable of closing this case on his own; that he hadn’t been doing a sufficient job. As the room started to fill up with other students, Blake turned slightly to face Charlene. “So… did you do anything spiffy over the weekend?”
Almost simultaneously, Jack jerked his leg under the table to kick Blake, looking at him with widened his eyes, mentally pleading with him to stop the conversation with her. He’d already had to deal with Isobel this morning, and now Blake was going to willingly interact with this mall-maggot.
“Were you talking to me?”, Charlene replied, a little taken aback. He turned back to face her, ignoring the look Jack was still giving him and nodded.
“Yes, did you get up to anything mondo?”, he rephrased his first question.
She looked him up and down. He was wearing a pale pink button-down shirt, with a pink cardigan tied around his shoulders. The checkered bow tie he had added stuck out to her like a sore thumb. It was bad enough that she was forced to sit next to these two hosers, but now they wanted to find out about her social life. “No doy,” she scoffed sarcastically.
Before Blake could make his second attempt, Ms Frizzle had entered the room. A hush fell over the classroom. She was the most interesting and well-loved teachers. Her adventurous, hands-on teaching approach was what gave her the highest yearly student attendance rate, but also the next highest pass rate below Ms Elliot’s English class. Students never returned to her class the following, because, after one year with her, they’d be able to take a specified science.
Today was no different than any other, Ms Frizzle’s frizzy red hair was up in a messy bun, and she wore one of her signature 1950s circle dresses. Each one always had some kind of science-related pattern. “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”, she exclaimed, clasping her hands together.

Ms Elliot remained seated at her desk as the sophomore class filled the room. Students quickly made their way to their seats, not wanting to agitate her by taking too long. Brooke took her seat in the second row, directly next to the window, where she would be able to catch a glimpse of the P.E. class if she was lucky.
“You’re going to stare out that window fantasizing about Jason during Ms Helliot’s class?”, Kiona queried, turning around from her front-row seat to face Brooke. She knew better than to get distracted in Helliot’s class and she thought Brooke was smarter than that too.
Brooke just rolled her eyes. “He doesn’t even have P.E. until second,” she hissed back.
Ms Elliot stood up from behind her desk and her navy blue and red jersey dropped, hanging from her frame. “Miss Langley, Miss Jensen, is there something you would both like to share with the class?” Elizabeth waited for an answer.
“No, Ms Elliot,” Kiona said sheepishly, slumping back into her chair.
“Very well, then please turn around,” Ms Elliot then faced the entire class. “If that’s the case, Miss Langley, you won’t mind collecting the homework I assigned over the weekend from the rest of the class.”
Kiona reluctantly stood up and made her way through the aisles, collecting everyone’s papers. When Kiona was halfway to the back of the room, with a half-stack of papers, there was a student who tumbled into the classroom; Tamara. Tamara caught her footing and stopping herself from landing on the floor, then announced to the room, “Sorry about that, it’s just a cheaper and faster trip than going by plane.”
Many students snickered at her comment and there were a couple who groaned, but fell silent when Ms Elliot spoke firmly, “Who are you?”
“Tamara Petersen. Transfer,” she replied quickly.
Ms Elliot stared at her. “Very well, find a spare seat.” Then Ms Elliot realised there was only one spare, Matteo’s usual seat. Maybe Kylee was right to be concerned. No, no, he’s just your usual dropkick, she thought.
Tamara walked to the spare desk beside Brooke. “Is this one free?”, she asked her.
Before Brooke could answer, Kiona had returned to her spot. “That’s Matteo’s seat.”
Brooke rolled her eyes at the mention of Matteo. “Please take it,” she urged Tamara. “If Matteo even bothers to show up for class, I don’t want to sit near him anyway.”
Tamara was slightly confused at the stigma about Matteo, but she sat down regardless.
“Funny how you never seemed to mind sitting next to him when you were dating him,” Kiona pointed out.
“Ignore her,” Brooke warned, smiling at Tamara. She didn’t need the new girl to find out she was once foolish enough to date Matteo, especially since she still liked him.
Ms Elliot cleared her throat loud enough for the three girls to hear. “Miss Petersen, I suggest you don’t come in late and disrupt my class again.”

Brayden swung around the door frame five minutes after the bell, a little happier than normal today. Mr Tales still hadn’t arrived. Must not be midnight yet, he thought. The class was already seated, only a few spaces available. So he dumped his books down on the desk to the right of Christopher, sat in the chair and kicked his feet up over the table. Resting his hands behind his head, Brayden gave Chris a nod and said, “How is Princess Chloe’s best henchmen today?”
Chris chuckled. “Funny, man, but don’t quit your day job!”
Brayden raised a brow. “Job? What’s that now? Who wants one of them?”
Zig slid into the classroom, still scuffing the cuffs of his pants. “Now, now, enough of that.” He placed his books down on the teacher’s desk. “I know I’m late, I actually had a very important meeting to attend to. Now which boring part in history were we talking about last week?”
“Sit down, Zachary, don’t be a tard,” Brayden called out. Zig smiled, picked up his books and went to take his seat behind Chris, high-fiving kids on the way past.
Mr Tales walked into the classroom. “Now, now, enough of that.” He placed his briefcase on his desk. “I know I’m late, I had some car trouble.”
Some class member called out, “Don’t you think it’s time for a new car, sir?”
The class roared with laughter, but Mr Tales simply ignored them. “Now which part in history were we talking about last week? Who can tell me?”
Chris raised his hand. “Revolutionary war, sir.”
“Of course you would know,” Zig said quietly enough that Mr Tales wouldn’t be able to hear. He waited for Brayden to jump in and add something like he normally would, but Brayden’s attention was elsewhere. He was fixated on the student sitting behind him who had made the comment about Mr Tales’ car. Anyone that could beat Zig to the punch was someone Brayden could get along with.
Mr Tales had turned to write on the board. “Now open your books and get this down,” he directed the students. The longer his back was turned, the more restless the class grew, until the idle whispers had evolved to talking rather loudly in groups.
“Zachary, where was my weekly newsletter?”, Brayden asked.
“What are you talking about, dude? You were only suspended for a week. Nothing interesting happened.”
Brayden gestured again for Zig to look next to him, this time widening his eyes until Zig finally turned to see for himself.
William looked like a true hessian, wearing black from head to toe. His knees were exposed through the holes in his jeans, with tall combat boot and a worn, well-loved leather jacket, that if it had patches then he’d fit perfectly into a gang.
Brayden swivelled in his seat and pushed himself back in his chair, using only the two back legs to support him, then leaned his arm on William’s desk. William’s pen dangled from the corner of his lip as he smirked at Zig.
“S’up?” Zig grinned cheesily.
William pulled the pen out of his mouth as if it were a cigarette, as Brayden began to speak. “I’m Brayden, that’s Zig,” he gestured. “Who are you?”
“Will, short for William, but no one calls me that,” he answered. He preferred Willie, but that just wouldn’t suit the cover.
Chris spun around in his spot, having heard their conversation. “I’m Chris Hughes, did you transfer in today?”
Hughes… William nodded in response to Chris. So this was the captain’s son. He thought, ruling him off the list of possible suspects.
“Just turn around and go back to copying notes, Golden Boy, your princess wouldn’t want you talking to us,” Brayden teased and Zig chuckled. “Though this kid,” Brayden continued, giving a nod to Will. “This kid doesn’t seem like a nark, right Zachary?” Zig nodded gleefully.

Matteo left speedily, not even seeing who he’d almost bumped into when exiting the storage room, or if they’d seen him. Flying along the corridor, he sped into the closest male bathroom, checking that was empty first. He went into one of the stalls, shut the door, and put the toilet seat lid down. Matteo hunched over, he got his wallet out of his back pocket and placed it on the lid, and then opened the metal box. Inside was a powdered substance, opioids, in a small plastic bag. Emptied the bag into a line, grabbing his library card, he ingested the substance.
Moments passed, he didn’t have his normal reaction. Something had gone wrong. His body convulsed and he lost consciousness over the toilet seat.

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  • Tamara Petersen
  • Bay Kendall
  • Brayden Cole
  • Chloe DeJuior
  • Christopher Hughes
  • Jack Williams
  • Jason Predetti
  • Zachary “Zig” Hill
  • Isobel-Rose Davidson
  • Caroline Moore (Librarian)
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21 Jump Street ~ SG ~ Sign Ups

Chapter Four

9:30AM. The second bell rings. End of first class.
Students immediately stood up and starting packing up their books. Ms Elliot’s voice boomed over everyone, “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.” Silence. They sat back down. “Good. I want a full-length essay on a writing technique of your choice, written in the proper essay format.” The class groaned. “Good. I’m glad we’re understood. You may go.”
Tamara grabbed her stuff and cleared out of there, but didn’t make it far before Brooke caught up to her, with Kiona hot in pursuit.
“Hey, where’s the fire?”, Brooke asked.
Tamara slowed to her pace to Brooke’s. “I just have to find my class, don’t want to be late again.”
“We’ll help you.”
“We will?”, Kiona remarked inquisitively. Brooke only nodded, semi-enthusiastically.
“Uhh… Thanks,” Tamara said with a little uncertainty. “I have P.E. unfortunately.”
Kiona nodded in the direction to their right and they all continued down that corridor. “So what brings you here, why transfer a month into the year?”
Tamara rolled her eyes and spoke in a bored tone, “My mother’s job, never stay anywhere longer than six months.”
“Wow, I could never live that way. How can you have a relationship?”, Brooke asked rhetorically. “Just take advantage of P.E. class since you are with both Chris and Jason.”
“Yeah, but look at Chris from a distance unless you want to make an enemy of Chloe,” Kiona warned.
“Most Definitely. But Brayden is a bit of a stud too, when Zig isn’t following him round like a puppy. He’s so annoying.”
“Yeah, he is but I don’t think people realise how smart the kid is. He’s got secrets, you know?”
Tamara’s mouth hung open. Were these girls really saying that her cousin was smart? They must have been clearly mistaken, he… no, she thought.

Mr Tales had just finished giving out homework as the bell went, and Chris quickly packed up. Brayden noticed and asked with a cheeky grin, “Do you need to catch up to Princess Chloe before next class?”
Chris held his books in one hand. “Dude, I just want to use the toilet as the gym ones really suck.” He then left without another word.
Will picked up his books and asked as he walked with the other two out of the room, “Are history lessons always this thrilling or are there other ways to spend your time here?”
“There’s somewhere else to go. If you can stick it out, maybe I’ll show you first thing tomorrow. Just probably not on the first day back from suspension.” Brayden grabbed Zig gruffly around the back of the neck. “Later.” He let go and walked off in a different direction.
Zig rubbed his neck and smiled slyly. “Yeah, he’s right, there are other ways.”
Chris made his way down the south corridor, weaving through the crowds of students that started to pour out of classrooms, until he had reached one of the boys’ bathrooms. He darted straight for the urinals, but as he undid his belt, he noticed the shoes sticking out from under one of the stall doors.
Chris turned to his right and bent over to check the stall. He saw beige cargo pants. Is that?, he thought.
He walked over to the stall and knocked “Hey dude, you okay in there?” When he got no answer, he pushed the door expecting it to be locked. To his surprise, it swivelled open, stopping midway when it bumped into Matteo’s side. He moved his head round the door and his eyes bulged. He exclaimed in both shock and panic, “Matteo!”

Miss Anderson had left the class a few minutes earlier for some reason, so the students took it upon themselves to pack up early. Spilling out into the corridor immediately as the bell rang.
Jason was right behind Bay, but it took him a couple attempts to get beside her. “Hey, was wondering if I could borrow your notes from last Friday?”
“No, I’m sick of people expecting me to give them the answers just because I’m good at math. I wrote the notes and did the work, why should you get to ride my coattails?”
“Oh, don’t be like that. Hang on, if you do this for me, then with what class I next I could always pass on a message to Matteo for you.”
Bay stopped in her tracks to face Jason. “You think bribing me with one message can buy my notes? It’s going to take a little more than that.”
He thought for a moment. “No, of course not, but I have P.E. with him all year. Think of me as your permanent message who can’t complain. If these notes aren’t just a one-time thing, not every time, but not just today either.”
Bay sighed. “I don’t know why you’re so desperate for my notes. It’s not like you’re bad at Math. But if you really want them that badly, there’s only one thing I would consider sharing them for. And we both know you’re too much of a goodie-two-shoes for that.”
“Yes, I am good at Maths, that’s why I need them to keep up with it. I just can’t always make it to class, that’s all.” He rubbed his neck uncomfortably while they were walking. “What is it, Bay?”

Before William could even comprehend what either of them had just told him, another walked up to them. Isobel. She gave him a hard punch in the arm. “Zig Zag, where’s your boyfriend run off to? And who’s this one you’re trying to flirt with?”
Zig rubbed his arm and mumbled, “I’m not flirting, not that you’d know what that was.”
“I heard that.” She punched his arm again.
William watched the interaction, thinking that she could be a possibility since she was clearly a dominant person. He smiled at her. “So you’re the one in charge here?”
“I keep the school in line, yes. More so the people. So if you’d like to get on my good side, choose your friends wisely and feel free to cosy up to me,” Isobel flirted as she walked past him, running her index finger along his jaw.

Before Jack ran out of Frizzle’s science class, he told Blake he would meet up with him after the following class.
Blake acknowledged what he’d said, then turned to Charlene, … and died! A sudden heart attack from too many doughnuts! Charlene panics! Being a model, she can’t deal with this, but saw the half-eaten doughnut in his hand and could resist. It was simply growing larger in his hand, egging her on. “Bite me, Bite me,” it said. She hadn’t had carbs or sugar in three years. With every mouthful she had, there was a snapping sound. Then before she knew it, she was still sitting on the bench in science with Blake clicking his fingers in front of her face. She’d been in a daydream. She guessed this meant she should go to the sugar shack after school.

Jack rushed along the corridor, his bag knocking against his back as he ran. He needed to get across the school in time to take his seat before anyone else did. They had two more students in this class than they did desks, and he never wanted to be the one on the back bench. Unfortunately, he hit an obstacle; Isobel. She saw him coming and stuck her foot out ever so slightly. It was just enough to trip him. Jack fell, with momentum, sliding several metres along the corridor.

“So, does Miss Anderson always leave class early?”, Keira asked Chloe.
Only after I’ve spoken to her before class, Chloe smirked to herself. “Occasionally.” She swung her back over her shoulder and left, without saying anything else.
Keira followed. If the past hour was any indication, Chloe was not going to accept Keira with open arms, but she had to try. “Oh, I almost forgot,” she called out after Chloe. “Your pencil.”
Chloe rolled her eyes, not taking back her pencil. “I told you before, new girl, you’ll learn that you don’t need a pencil in class.” She shrugged. “If you still want to return my pencil later, then come to the sugar shack after school. Okay? Anything else, new girl?”

Blondie and Ginger were walking through the corridor to the gym, whispering, and feeling quite energised after their sleep. They’d heard about the three new transfers and new they’d have to get something on them before the end of the day. The school needed gossip, which is what they did best; searched, listened, and retold. They were also very lucky and had impeccable timing.
“Matteo,” they heard at quite a volume and quickly pressed their ears up against the bathroom door. “Matteo. MATTEO!”
Ginger looked at Blondie curiously, raising an eyebrow. Unspoken communication. Blondie carefully pushed open the door for them both to peer inside. They pulled back and exchanged glances. With gleeful expression now on their faces, they bolted in opposite directions.


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21 Jump Street ~ SG ~ Sign Ups

Chapter Five

9:33AM. Miss Anderson walked back into her room with a sniff, then rubbed under her nose. Waiting for her, sitting at her desk, was Ms Elliot, who spoke immediately when seeing her, “You’re not taking- Anyway, you are right, we should be concerned about Matteo. He wasn’t in class today.”

Tamara tried to cover up her surprise before the girls noticed, but it was too late. “What? Was it something we said about Zig?” Kiona asked.
“Do you like like him?” Brooke chimed in.
“Ew, no!“ Tamara scrunched up her face in disgust. She didn’t want to tell them that Zig was her cousin. He obviously didn’t want that information shared, but the thought of her having a crush on her cousin was absurd. “It’s my first day here. I’d be crazy to like someone already. I just… heard his name. I had a run in with him.”
Brooke folded her arms and awkwardly shifted her stance. “There’s nothing wrong with crushing on someone so quickly. People do it all the time. It’s called love at first sight.”
Kiona laughed. “No, people don’t do it all the time, that’s just you.”

Before Keira had a chance to respond, Chloe saw Brayden walking toward them. She pounced on him and pushed him into the stairwell, which only worked because he was caught unaware. Keira followed, intrigued. Under the stair, Chloe pressed him against the wall. She put her foot between his legs, kicking them out, and started patting him. As she found his box of cigarettes and looked inside it, she asked interrogatively, “Who are you buying from? Bay was speedballing just this morning, high as a kite in class. Or are you selling her the stuff?”
He looked over at Keira. “Who’s your little friend?”
“Answer the question.” She shoved the cigarettes back into his pocket.
Facing her again, he shrugged. “Chloe, I don’t take the stuff,” he lied, rather well. He pushed back against her. “And I don’t deal, why would I want to go against you? If I did-” He looked over at Keira. “supposedly, know who sold to Bay, why would I tell you?”
“I know why you were suspended.”
Brayden chuckled. “Along with everyone else in this school.” He waited for her retort, but when none came, he continued, “I suggest you stop interfering with others and try to focus on your own life. I know what you did to Chris and who-” He smirked and walked away, not before stopping and holding Keira’s gaze for a number of seconds.

“If you’re really asking me that, then you’re too innocent to get me what I want anyway,” Bay explained to him. “Maybe you can ask Chloe for her notes instead. You’re friends with her. I’m sure she’ll be a great help,” she added sarcastically.
“We all know that Chloe doesn’t write anything down,” Jason told her. “So what is it you want?”
She rolled her eyes. Was it so hard for him to understand? “You know…” She tapped the side of her nose. “Some stuff.”
“That’s what you want, Bay? That’s what you want from me?”
“Forget it. I knew you were too much of a goody-two-shoes.”
Jason didn’t answer. It suddenly occurred to him as he looked into her eyes; she was using. He took a step toward her and lifted her chin to look him in the eyes. “You’ve had that stuff today, haven’t you?” He wasn’t expecting an answer. Staring silently at each other for almost a minute. Then Jason put his other hand on her neck and lowered his head down to hers. He planted his lips onto her soft ones.

“I hate her so much,” Zig told Will after Isobel left. He was still rubbing his arm. “She hangs around our group and I hate that.”
“Your group?”, Will asked as he shrugged.
“Yeah, me, Brayden and another two, but they’re an item now, so not even worth mentioning. We barely see them since they started making out under the bleachers.”
“Where do you all hang out? Back of the school somewhere?”
“Yeah, that’s where you can usually find us. No one ever goes there.”
“So I’ll meet you there after this class then and you can introduce me? I already know Brayden after all.”

Blake waved his hand in front of Charlene’s face. She seemed to be completely out of it, like in some kind of trance. “Char? Earth to Char.”
She snapped out of it. “Don’t call me that!”
Blake gulped. “I was just asking you what you did at the weekend and you suddenly appeared to be elsewhere.” He paused, unsure of how to word his question. “Are you on -?”
“Weren’t you just eating a donut?”, she interrupted.
He rubbed the back of his head, running his fingers through his hair. “Uh, no.” She furrowed her brows in confusion and ran off. Blake added her to his list in his head of potential users and continued onward to class.

After triple checking that the coast was clear, Christopher shifted the unconscious Matteo to make sure any remnants of the substance was flushed away. Once the scene was clear, he stood behind him and placed his hands under Matteo’s armpits, lifting and dragging him out of the bathroom. Chris let go in the corridor, letting Matteo’s back rest against his legs. “HELP,” he bellowed down the corridor. “SOMEONE! COME QUICK!”

9:57AM. The sounds of sirens could be heard throughout every classroom, and emergency services flooded the school. An ambulance, two police cars, and a fire engine, for some reason. Classes stopped because students crowded the windows, trying to get a better look. The P.E. class left the field and ran round to the front of the school.
Everyone saw Matteo being wheeled out on a stretcher, with Chris following closely behind.
No one spoke.
Not until… “NOOOOOO!!!” Bay had seen it, and she ran from Science. Chloe watched Bay leave hastily, and then the new boy chase after her. From the window, she saw Bay just get out there as the paramedic was leaving; too late. That’s when she saw the new boy comforting her.


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21 Jump Street ~ SG ~ Sign Ups

Chapter Six

3:00PM. The final bell rings for the day. Students fill the corridors, rushing to get out of their classes. Focused on getting into lockers, having their own conversations, and leaving school. All but one, well, two. Tamara was one.
While everyone was talking about the event of the day, Tamara was onto her new hobby. She can be a little ditsy, though when motivated, she can be very sly. She listened from outside teachers’ room to the only other student who wasn’t in a hurry to leave. They were just inside the door, on the payphone attached to the wall.
“Yeah, I need it today,” The slightly high-pitched voice spoke into the receiver. “I’m out of product, I need more stock. I have the dough here at school… Dad…” There was silence. The only thing that Tamara could figure was that they’d said dad because a teacher or someone was close by. “…I got a couple things to do, but I’ll be round at Payless Dru… to collect in an hour.” Tamara had heard all she needed.

Bay had already darted out of the classroom before the final bell had finished ringing. She was just a few metres shy of the school’s exit doors when she crashed into an unfamiliar face, well, at least one she wished she didn’t recognise. “Watch where you’re going,” Bay snapped at the face, Brooke.
Brooke pinched the bridge of her nose. “Me? You’re the one who ran into me . You probably just broke my nose.”
“We can only dream.”
“Step off, Bay. Where were you going in such a hurry anyway?”
“None of your business.”
“It is if you’re seeing Matteo?” Brooke phrased it as a question, but she knew she was right. “I don’t want your mother coming round asking for you because you’re out past curfew yet again? Should I save her the hassle and walk next door to tell her your boyfriend totally overdosed at school today?”
“Don’t act jealous, Brooke, just because he’d rather be with me,” Bay snarled, trying to stay strong, but she was struggling to hold back the tears.
“Can’t be jealous of you, Bay. Just remember, Matteo and I never had to ingest anything when we were together,” she stated matter of factly and walked off, shoving past bay on the way.

3:07PM. Will had just shoved his books into his new locker and was walking toward the exit when he heard, “Hey, Will, man, where are ya headed?”
“Home, dude, unless you have other ideas,” Will replied, seeing Zig pull up next to him.
“Let’s check with Brayden, he might want to do something for Matteo. Something honourable and all.”
“Didn’t he O.D. though? Why would you be that stupi-?”
“He’s still a part of the group,” Zig cut him off. “C’mon, out here.” They exit the school and headed left, to a spot in between the school and student carpark. When Will and Zig rounded the corner, they saw Brayden leaning back against the building, his foot perched on the wall and smoke escaping his mouth. “What are we doing about Matteo?”, Zig asked him.
“What can we do, Zachary?”, Brayden replied solemnly, and Will could tell he was hurting deep down.
“But he-” Zig started but Brayden cut him off.
“No. What have I told you? Not here. That’s to be discussed in private.”
Zig looked down glumly, like a puppy who was told off for bad behaviour. Just at the moment, Isobel rounded the corner too. Perfect timing, Zig thought.
“Won’t anyone walk you, Zig-Zag?”, Isobel asked with a smirk. “Get yourself a leash and I’ll walk you… off a cliff.”
“Knock it off, Isobel-Rose,” Brayden told her.
She shrugged, then turned her attention to Will. “Hey you, have you thought more about offer?”
“I have to say, red’s not my colour.” Will smirked and Zig had to contain his laughter.
She sneered at Zig, who zipped his lips, then cocked her head at Will, “Either you’ve been hanging out with too long or you’ve come into our school to be a nark.”

Jack slugged his bag over his shoulder followed Blake out of the music room, “Thank for helping me put back the equipment.”
“Don’t mention it.”
“Hey, my mom’s working tonight and I have to look after my sister, don’t worry, she’s not much work. But do you want to come over and study?
There was something about the word study that made Blake curious. “ Study? ” He raised an eyebrow. “Sure, I’m free tonight.”
They walk out of the school and turned left. “Does 7 sound good? I live at the bottom of Main street, opposite the park.”
Before Blake could answer, he heard the words “…to be a nark” and watched as grabbed Jack’s backpack off his shoulder, starting to rifle through it.
“Hey, Isobel, give it back,” Jack shouted at her.
“Why should I? He might have something for me."
“Do you want me to remind you of what I did this morning?”
Blake’s collar was suddenly gripped a pair of hands and brought his face round to meet his attackers. Will was holding him tightly and almost spitting into his face, “What did a runt like you do this morning?”
“Who wants to know? You’re new to this school, aren’t you? Why don’t you mind some,” Jack told Will angrier, staring him down.
“Someone’s got quite a mouth for a dweeb.”
Brayden spoke out over everyone, his voice slightly melancholic, “I think that’ll do for today.” Isobel opened her mouth to protest, but his voice became firmer, “Enough.” Isobel threw Jack’s open backpack back at him and Will dropped Blake, pushing him away. They quickly shuffled away from the group, not before Blake had given Will an intense glare.
“Can’t be a nark after that,” Zig stated.
Isobel ignored him and stared at Brayden. “What’s your problem anyway?”
“Not now, guys,” Brayden said. “We need a night in, come round to place tonight. Zackary, give Will the address, and I’ll check in with Bay.” With that, he turned on his heel and headed to his car.

3:11PM. Tamara was now in the corridor, near a cluster of lockers. She’d just jimmied one opened like she’d been taught by a friend at a previous school. Taking the wad of cash and securing it on her person. Then, just as quickly slammed the locker shut, only to see Keira behind it. Tamara inhaled quickly. “You startled me.”
Keira raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t mean to, you just didn’t look like the person who owned this locker this morning.”
“Oh, um, that’s because it’s actually my first day,” Tamara covered up quickly. “I only just got the combination… But it is my locker, honest.”
Keira looked at her doubtfully. This girl seemed rather jumpy and on edge. “If that’s true, I guess I’ll see you here tomorrow morning,” she said finally.
“Yeah, you sure will,” Tamara lied. Without saying anything else, Tamara headed towards the school’s exit, leaving Keira to speculate what the girl was clearly hiding.

3:28PM. The Sugar Shack. The number one local hangout for the youth and open 24/7. A mainly red and white interior. White tables with red chairs and bench seats in the booths. The counter is white and lined with, alternating, red and white stools. The walls are painted red with various framed posters on 60s stars, while the floor is black and white checkered lino.
Kiona sat semi-opposite Charlene and Jason in their usual rounded booth in the back corner of the diner. Keira was on the outer edge, next to Kiona.
Jason rested his arms on the back of the seat, and Charlene took the opportunity to shuffle in closer to him. Kiona smirked and asked, “So, are you two giving this a go then?”
Charlene was about to answer smugly but closed her mouth quickly when Jason said, “No, no, nothing like that. We’re friends.” He looked at Charlene. “Right?”
Kiona tried not to smirk at Charlene as he said it, but it was had. She forced herself to focus on Jason instead. “So who is it that you do like then Jason?”
Before he could even think about answering, a voice interrupted. “So who is going to move over for me to sit down.” It was Chloe. Charlene and Jason shuffled round and Chloe took her seat. Looking across from her, she said to Keira, “So you did end up joining us here.”
“Nothing else to do,” Keira replied.
Chloe moved on and look at the others. “What were you just talking about?”
“Jason was just about to tell us who he likes,” Kiona recalled.
Everyone faces him. “I was? It’s nothing, not important.”
Chloe replies, “It must be if Kiona had figure it out.”
He ran a hand through his hair. “…I don’t know what’s going to happen now, but I did kiss her today.”
Kiona’s eyes widened in shock. “You did?”
“Who is she?”, Charlene asked, crossing her arms.

Police station. Neil and Ethan stand on one side of a two-way mirror. From their side, they observe Chris simply sitting at the table, patiently waiting.
“Guess we better get this over with,” Neil sighed.
“You sound excited,” Ethan said sarcastically, as he collected the tape recorder.
Neil shrugged in response. “It’s only a witness statement. Not much to get excited about considering…”
“Considering the captain’s going to look over every word with a magnifying glass? You know it’s his son, right?”
“No shit, Sherlock. I can read,” he remarked, flicking the file in his hand.
“Fuck you, Watson,” was all Ethan said before opening the door to the interrogation room. Neil followed and both of them then sat down across from Christopher.
Ethan turned on the tape. “Please state your full name, age, and address.”
“Christopher Hughes, 17, and…” Chris stopped and leaned back in his seat. “No, I don’t have to say anything. It’s illegal to interrogate a minor with guardian supervision.”
“It’s just a witness statement. Standard procedure, as you were first on the scene,” Blake explained.
“We can ask your father to be present while you give your statement if that’s something you really want,” Neil added.
Blake didn’t roll his eyes but might have done something else, not wanting to drag the captain down for a simple witness statement
Chris was silent for a moment, considering it. His dad would want to know what had happened anyway and having him here would save Chris the trouble of telling his version of events twice. But having him here would also mean there was more room for error. Chris leaned forward and placed his arms on the table, resting his chin on top. “Okay, continue with your questions then.”
“Alright.” Blake cleared his throat. “Can you tell us how you found Matteo?”
“I found him in the boys’ toilets. He was passed out in one of the cubicles.”
“You were alone, correct?”
“Was there anything near Matteo when you found him in the cubicle? Any strange or odd objects that wouldn’t normally be there?” Neil asked.
Chris just shook his head, rubbing his chin on the sleeves of his jacket. “You’ll have to state your answer.” Blake nodded to the tape recorder so Chris would understand his request.
“No, there was nothing near him, no strange or odd objects that wouldn’t normally be there.”
Neil asked, “Could you please tell us in your words, exactly what happened from the time you saw Matteo to getting into the ambulance?”
After Chris had retold the series of events, leaving out the part about flushing the drugs, the officers were about to ask something else. Before they could they heard a voice over the loudspeaker, “Kane, Taube, out here now.” Chris put his forehead down on his arms, he recognised that voice.
Neil and Ethan left the room immediately, taking the tape recorder, and meeting the captain on the other side of the glass.
“Cap’n, we-” Neil was about to explain.
Captain Hughes interrupts, “What is the meaning of this? Why was I not informed?”
“Sir, this is just standard procedure for someone who has been a witness, he’s not under arrest.”
“Did you get what you needed?” Ethan and Neil nodded. “Good. Get out of here, I’d like to talk to my son alone.”

3:45PM. Tamara walked into Payless Drugs, a dying pharmaceutical chain. This business was situated just a couple of block from the school. She looked around for who could be the one she’d need to talk to, ‘til she spotted them. She felt a little anxious, the money burning a hole in her saddlebag. She walked over, wasting no time by pulling out the cash. “I believe you have an agreement in place at 4PM?!”
The odd-looking man stared at her, dumbfounded. “I’m sorry?”
“There’s been a change of hands.” She placed the money on the counter and watched the confusion fade from his face.

Neil and Ethan had got out of Ethan’s DeLorean and made their way into the hospital. The pair swung open the doors and walk straight past the reception desk.
“And who do you think you are?” The voice belonged to some middle-aged reception lady with tight lips, short fraying hair, and a bad attitude. At closer inspection, the name badge on chest said ‘Pam’.
Neil and Ethan turned, getting out their badges in unison. “We’re here on official police business,” Neil stated.
“I don’t care what business brings you to my ward. I have rules here and you need to sign in just like everyone else.”
They both exchanged glances with each other. “We’re here to speak with Matteo Hayes.”
Pam waved a pen at them. “Sign in first, ask questions after.”
Begrudgingly, they walked over to the desk.
“Who did you say you wanted to speak with?”, Pam asked Neil as Ethan signed in.
“Matteo Hayes.”
She pursed her lips for a moment. “Not going to happen.”
“Why not?” Ethan asked, handing over the pen to Neil.
“I’ll have to get his doctor to explain his condition to you. It’s not something I can discuss.”
Pam then calls for Doctor Benjamin Franklin Pierce over the speakers.
“He shouldn’t be too long,” she said to the officers. She gestured for them to take a seat in the waiting area, but they stay standing where they were.
It was only a few minutes before Dr Pierce walked through a set of double doors and made his way to the reception desk.
“There are two officers here who need an update on Matteo Hayes’ situation.”
Dr Pierce nodded and turned to Neil and Ethan. “I’m Mr Hayes’ doctor, Doctor Pierce. What did you need, officers?”
“We need to speak with Matteo Hayes,” Ethan answered. “But since that can’t happen, we’ve been informed that you can update us on his situation.”
“Very well, we found traces of opioids in his system. We believe the tests show that it was probably only an accidental overdose.”
The loudspeaker sounded out again, but this time it was coming from Pam. Another nurse must have been using a corridor phone. “Doctor Pierce, this is concerning Matteo Hayes. Please come to room 61, Doctor Benjamin Franklin Pierce, urgently!”

Robert Hughes steps into the interrogation room and Chris doesn’t lift his head. “Why are you associating yourself with a junkie, Christopher? Are you using?”
“No, I’m not using . I just needed to use the bathroom and found Matteo there.”
“You didn’t answer my first question, Christopher. Why are you associating yourself with junkies?”
“I’m not. Like I said, I just walked in and saw him there. I barely knew the guy.”
“I believe you.” Robert crossed his arms and walked over to the one-way mirror, leaning back against it. “You’ve missed a whole day of school, will you be able to catch up?”
“I probably haven’t missed that much.” It was a public school after all, and news of Matteo would have disrupted the day. “But I’m sure someone will lend me their notes.”
“Well then, I should take you home. However, I do have to go back… come back here to do more work.” He had almost slipped and revealed to his son that he didn’t actual work at this location. Chris couldn’t know about Jump Street yet.
Chris nodded, hesitating to ask his father the question that was on his mind. “Do you… know if Matteo is alive?”
“I do not. Kane and Taube are going to find out now.”

Back at the Sugar Shack, Jason ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t…” He looked toward the door. “Hey, look who finally arrived. What took you so long, Brooke?”
Brooke walked to their table and nodded to Keira to move over. When Keira did she sat down. “Has anyone ordered yet? I’m starved.”
Jason shook his head. “No, not yet. Maybe we were waiting for you.” He smiled.
Charlene and Kiona exchanged glances, both thinking that he’d kissed Brooke and they were both playing it cool. Kiona was a little annoyed that he hadn’t answered their questions. Chloe watched as Kiona got tense and waited for everyone to be quiet before speaking. “Looks like you need to relax, K.”
Kiona nodded. “But you told me at school that you were out.”
“And now, I’m topped up again.” Chloe gestured to the bathroom with her eyes. “Let’s go then.” They both got up, Brooke and Keira stood too to let Kiona out. Brooke sat back down, but Keira started to follow them. “You need to relax too, new girl?”
“Home life has become rather intolerable lately,” Keira told Chloe.
Chloe understood, she could definitely relate there. She faced the rest of the group. “Any other takers?” They shook their heads. “Order me some fries then.” Then she walked off to the bathroom.
The female bathroom followed the same red, black, and white theme as the rest of the joint. It had three stalls and three sinks and was completely empty. Chloe entered first, turning to meet the girls after they’d entered. “Have you got the dough, K?”, Chloe asked, cutting to the chase. Kiona pulled out the money and Chloe walked over to collect it, starting to count it out. As she did so, she told Keira, “My rates are, eight a hit, but it’s half price for the deal and then regular rates after that.”
3:55PM. Back at the table, not long after the three had left, Tamara enters the Sugar Shack. Brooke noticed her come in and waved her hand in the air. “Tamara, over here.” She saw Brooke and started to make her way over. “Where have you been? What took you so long?”
“Sorry, still finding my way around town. I got a little lost,” Tamara lied.
“I offered to meet to after school to come here together, but you said you had something to do.”
“It was just paperwork to do with my transfer my records or something that adults are too lazy to do themselves.”
“Alright then, sit down then, we’ve ordered fries for the table.”
Just as she is about to sit down next to Brooke, Chloe and the other two returned. “Well, who’s this then?”, Chloe asked.
Before Brooke could answer, Kiona said, “Hey, it’s Tamara, you made it.”
Tamara remained standing and nodded at Kiona. She then put out her hand to Chloe, “They call me Tommie.” Chloe shook her hand.

Doctor Pierce ran up the corridor with Ethan and Neil hot on his tail. They rounded a corner and entered a small four-person hospital room. A nurse was standing beside the bed that Matteo lay in. There were several screen monitors on the other side of the bed and a thin tube was coming out of to his wrist. The nurse turned to face the three men as they entered.
“He’s still unconscious but has started to respond, Dr Pierce. I believe he’s about to wake up.”
Dr Pierce walked over to Matteo’s bed and checked his vital signs. As he checks his pulse with his watch, Matteo’s eyes flicker. After a few more seconds, they open. Matteo is conscious.


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Chapter Seven

3:05PM. Students aren’t the only ones needing to leave school. Teachers. Well, not yet anyway. Principal Davies had told everyone that she was calling a teacher’s meeting after school.
Leon was around the corner of the building outside, putting out the cigarette he so desperately needed to have after organising tomorrow’s lessons.
Only running a few minutes late, he headed back inside the school building and through to the teacher’s lounge.
“Nice of you to finally join us,” Korra said to him.
He frowned. “It was only a few minutes… Are we still right for tonight?”
She nodded, but Katherine interrupted them before she could say anything else.
“Right now is really not the time to discuss your personal lives.” The news of Matteo’s overdose had come as a complete shock and she was visibly upset. She treated the students as though they were own kids, so when harm comes to one, even if self-inflicted, it really hits home.
Principal Davies cleared her throat, glancing around the room. “Are we still waiting on anyone?”
Korra, being the one to keep track of these things nodded. “There’s still Liz and Kylee more to come.” She knew Elizabeth would hate the nickname, but she wasn’t here.

In the hallway, a few meters down from the teachers lounge, Elizabeth and Kylee were chatting. “So he didn’t even make it to first class?”, Kylee asked. She was still in shock. “How do you choose to start the school day like that?”
Elizabeth didn’t show much sympathy. “How does one choose to take drugs?!” Kylee avoided eye contact at this comment and Elizabeth sighed. “I suppose you were right to be concerned about him.”
Kylee shifted her stance, folding her arms across her chest. “Well, there’s nothing we can do to change what’s happened now.”
The emphasis she had added to the word “now” lingered. Elizabeth was astounded at what she was implying. “It’s very unfortunate, yes, but there was nothing we could have done this morning to prevent it either.” Without waiting for a response, Elizabeth turned and walked back to the teacher’s lounge. Kylee begrudgingly followed.

With all the teacher’s now gathered in the one location, Principle Davies said, “I’m sure you’ve all heard by now of the catastrophic event that happened earlier today within our school. I think you’ll all agree with how terrible this is, but we still have to press on and do our jobs. If anyone needs to talk then my door is open, and we’ll have a guidance come in tomorrow, for students and teachers.” She paused. “I’ve been speaking with the police and apparently they are already onto it. They’ve sent in undercover cops into our school, posing as students, and they’ll be cracking down harder now.” Teachers started whispering and speculating. Kylee looked alarmed and stayed quiet.
“Are you alright, Kylee?”, Caroline asked her.
She narrowed her eyes at Caroline. “That’s none of your concern.” Standing up to address Principal Davies, she asked, “Was there anything else?”
“Yes, that will be all for today.”
Kylee was the first to leave. She desperately needed to relax after that meeting. She sped down the halls, giving no one a chance to catch up to her, and leaving Caroline frazzled.
“I think it’s time you stop trying to befriend her,” Charlotte said, walking up behind Caroline. “I know you mean well, but she’s always been like that. Don’t take it personally.”
“I was only trying to help, she looked…” Caroline shook her head. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t have time to worry about Kylee this afternoon. I need to get home before Timothy’s father drops him off.”
The two left the teacher’s lounge and headed towards the car park. “It’s sad about Matteo,” Charlotte began as they walked. “I hope he’s alright. That was how I lost my husband.”
“Oh my! I’m so sorry, Char. I had no idea.”
“That’s alright,” Charlotte said, lifting her shoulders. “You weren’t to know. It’s not something I talk about a lot.”
“May I ask how long ago it happened?”
No, you may not, she thought. “It was when I was pregnant with Ezekiel.”
“Oh my-!” Caroline clasped her hand over her mouth. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even realise you had a child.”
Not knowing what she was meant to say to that, Charlotte offered a small shrug, then before she could head to her car, Jack and Blake walked past, looking a little roughed up. Jack flashed his most charming smile toward them and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Nurse Charlotte.” They continued walking past, but Jack turned round and began walking backwards. “You know I’ll visit. Today a scrap, tomorrow, I don’t know, a headache?” Then Blake tugged him away.
“What was that about?”, Caroline asked.
“A small teenage crush, nothing more.”
Caroline raised an eyebrow. “Does he know that? If he’s bothering you, you need to tell him… Or tell Davies at least.”
“It’s really just a harmless crush. Nothing I can’t handle,” Caroline said while heading to her car.

The rest of the teachers didn’t waste much time leaving and now there was only one person remaining in the teacher’s lounge. Elizabeth. The school day had been tense, Kylee had practically blamed her for Matteo’s overdose and all she wanted was just to hear her son’s voice. She put her coins into the pay phone and dialled Evan’s number, hoping he would answer.
After several rings, Evan’s voice could be heard. “Hi, you’ve called Evan Elliot. I’m unable to-” Elizabeth sighed, hanging up the phone.

3:47PM. Caroline pulled into her rented driveway to find 6-year-old Timothy sitting on the doorstep, waiting with his father, Brian. His blonde hair stood on end and one month into fall was really much too colder to be wearing a tee and shorts. “MOMMY!”, he screamed excited, running into her arms as she got out of the car.
“Hello, how are you, Timo? How was your weekend with daddy?”, she asked, picking him up and kissing his head. She carried him over to the door.
“It was great, we went to the river and dad took me fishing, and he caught a fish, and we had it for dinner, and it was yummy. REALLY yummy!”
“Really? Sounds like you had a good weekend.” He nodded manically and she continued, “Okay, you go inside.” Caroline put her son down and watched run inside before turning to Brian. “Thank you. He’s been wanting to go fishing again with you since we… you know…”
Brian smiled and put a hand on her shoulder. “But how are you? I heard about what happened today.”
“Oh dear, has news already travelled around that quickly?” She looked down, disheartened. “It’s awful, what happened, but I’ll cope. That poor boy though… The other students are probably shaken up by it too.” Brian nodded, gave her an awkward hug and said his goodbyes.

5:17PM. Leon and Korra were sitting at a round table at The Ink & Paint Club. A place which is sort of old-fashioned. It’s one of the only bars in town, but you can also go for dinner and a show as it used to be a burlesque place (and still sort of is). So they sat at a table away from the stage, partially listening to the musician on stage.
Korra stirred her drink with a straw. “What a long day… And it’s only Monday,” she complained to Leon.
Leon, who was enjoying the show and half focusing on her, just nodded.
Korra waved a hand in his face. “I know you don’t exactly like the children, but I expected more of a reaction from you than that. Someone overdosed, Leon.
He swatted her hand away. “What can I say? I’m not really surprised. They’re little cagadas. All of them. Even you probably saw this coming.”
“That’s a little harsh.”
“Sometimes these niños need to learn some hard life lessons,” he shrugged, finishing off his drink. He knew he was right, even if Korra looked surprised by his response. It was thinking like that, that had got him fired from his previous schools.
“Not if it means dying.” Leon was now making Korra irritated, so she took her drink with her to another table where a handsome stranger sat. He would be better company than Leon.

The front door slammed shut, followed by yelling, “HOW DARE THOSE KIDS COME IN THERE, ORDER ALL THAT STUFF, EXCEPT ME TO GET IT FOR THEN WITHOUT EXTRA SAUCE, NOT LEAVE A TIP!!!” There was about two to three minutes of shuffling round in her closet and shoes being kicked off. This was Tori Williams, Kylee’s roommate. She started yelling from her room again, but in a more curious tone, “SO IS TRUE THAT SOME KID O.D’D AT YOUR SCHOOL? EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT IT. DID YOU KNOW HIM? DID YOU TEACH HIM?” Tori’s voice gradually decreased in volume as she made her way back down the hall and into the living room. “IMAGine TEACHING a KID who had OD’d. KYLEE? Kylee? Are you even-” Walking into the room, she saw Kylee slumped on the sofa and walked over. “So you’re just going to ignore me then? Kylee?! KYLEE!” Tori clicked her fingers and waved in front of her face.
Kylee finally responded and swatted her hand away. “Get outta here, I’m awake.”
“Oh, Kylee,” she said disappointedly. “Your student overdoses and what do you do? Get high. Really?”


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“How does your character respond to Matteo being alive?”


Chapter Eight

4:10PM. Bay sat in a waiting room at the hospital, cross-legged and fidgety. She’s been told that she couldn’t see Matteo because she wasn’t family, but perhaps when his family came they may inform her as to how he is. So now she waited. From where she sat, she had the perfect view of Matteo’s door down the corridor, and she watched it like a hawk.
She’d been waiting there for what seemed like half an hour, but it’d probably only been ten minutes. Matteo’s door opened. Two men walked out, dressed in short-sleeved police uniforms. She made a dash for the door and slid to a halt right in front of the officers. “How is he?”, she asked urgently and a little out of breath.
Neil was the first to speak. “Matteo Hayes? He’s-”
“You’ll have to speak to his nurses if you want any information. We’re not at liberty to tell you,” Ethan interjected.
Neil shot him a look. It appeared only he could see how worried the girl was. “Are you family?”, he asked her instead. This time Ethan didn’t interrupt him.
Bay started to get upset, almost as if it were some kind of cue. “Please? How is he?”, she sobbed.
Ethan was about to tell her, again, that telling her was against protocol, but before he got a chance, Neil answered her. “He’s conscious. Listen, if you’re quick, go say hello and we’ll keep an eye out for you.” Ethan threw Neil a look as if to say ’What are you doing, man?’
Bay threw her arms around Neil. “Thank you, thank you so much!”
Neil stepped aside so Bay could get passed.

4:38PM. The Sugar Shack. Tamara had left 20 minutes ago, saying something about the need to sort stuff out. Jason, Charlene, and Brooke were outside waiting and… well, waiting. The only three left sitting at the table with empty plates and shake glasses were Keira, Kiona, and Chloe. Keira leaned over the table, resting her folded arms. She lowered her voice. “So, do you take on new customers?”
“If the price is right,” Chloe said, shrugging. “You want in?” She raised an eyebrow.
“I have a prescription, thanks. But I have a friend who is looking for a new doctor ,” Keira told her. “If you’d be interested, that is.”
“Well, you can tell your friend where to find me. We hang here most afternoons after school.”
“He generally does stuff after school, but if you’re an earlier riser then he could come meet us before school at Amherst as he never used to go to first class anyway.”
“Us?”, Chloe questioned. “ I’ll meet him tomorrow - alone - at 7:30 behind the science block.”
Keira mentally cursed. Damn it, if this guy fucks with my cover. “Okay, I’ll tell him.” She stood up from the table. “I better meet the others.”

Bay closed the door behind her by leaning back on it, staring at the hospital bed that Matteo lay in. He looked over at her and a tear escaped her eye. She ran over to him and leapt on the bed. “Thank god you’re okay. I was worried sick about you. Why would you do such a thing?” She threw her lips onto his and kissed him, running her fingers through his hair. “Why would you do so much anyway? You know how much you worried me, right? I… I love you, Matt. I do, I really do.”
Matteo stared at her. “Bay.” He carefully lifted her hands out of his hair and pushed her away from him, though she was still perched on his bed. “I’m sorry, Bay, but I’ve been thinking.” He took a moment. “I need space. Some time to myself. I don’t think we can be together anymore.”
Bay was gobsmacked. “What are you talking about, why are you saying this?”
“Because I need space,” he repeated. “You know, like away from you.”
A tear started to roll down her cheek. “… But I just told you that I…”
“Just go home, Bay. You shouldn’t even be here.”
She climbed off the bed and wiped her eyes. “…You’re clearly not thinking straight after what happened. We’ll talk later, okay?” She made her way to the door. “I love you,” she told him before exiting.

Keira walked out of the Sugar Shake to find the others. At the corner of the car park, Brooke was standing with Jason and Charlene, who were smoking. Charlene looked up at Keira, smoke escaping her mouth and heading toward Brooke. “So you’re finished with whatever you were doing?”
“Yeah, all sorted. What are you guys up to now?”, she asked.
Jason couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss from earlier, but it wasn’t Bay in his head, it was the kiss itself. He craved another, but with who? Two girls just happened to be crossing the car park, Blondie and Ginger. He threw down his cigarette and stomped it out before walking over to them. Placing one hand behind her head and the other on the small of her back, he kissed Ginger. It was so passionate, that if it weren’t for his hand on her head, her beret hat which had a small brim, would have fallen off.
Back at the group, their jaws dropped. Not Keira, as she didn’t know any differently, but for Charlene and Brooke, this seemed totally weird to them. To see Jason do this, at least. Though, if he had to choose anyone here, not in their friend group, Ginger made perfect sense. Rumour was that Blondie had something serious going with a college student, or a student from another school, or … a teacher. No one knew, there were many rumours going around. But Ginger, however, was rumoured to be expanding her repertoire of guys that she’d kissed. No one was sure how true it really was, but everyone seemed to believe. They were the co-founders of Amherst’s rumour mill. So if they didn’t like a rumour, they could simply change it.
Jason finally pulled his lips away from hers and the first words uttered were from were actually from Blondie, “Fuck!”
Jason chuckled slightly and let his hands drop to his side. “My thoughts exactly.” As it happened, he had made Ginger speechless, which is a rare occurrence.
Charlene too, stomped out her cigarette and walked over with Brooke and Keira. Brooke was still in shock at his spontaneity. She knew he wasn’t dating anyone, but did he want to date one of the rumour queens?
Keira gave a curt nod to Blondie and Ginger. “Hi, I’m-”
“Don’t,” Charlene cut her off. “There are two girls that you can’t really trust.”
“They probably already know you anyway,” Brooke continued. “Probably already have one about you ready to be shared tomorrow.”
Blondie and Ginger exchanged glances. Then turned back to the group, smirking, before wandering off in the direction they were headed.

After Bay had entered Matteo’s room, Ethan turned to Neil and stated, “We’re gonna get in big trouble for that.”
“Who’s going to find out? She agreed to be quick,” Neil replied.
“Someone is optimistic today, aren’t they?”
“Oh, come on. Didn’t you see how upset that girl looked? She just needed to see he was alright.”
“I noticed and as much as I want to help everyone, we still have to follow protocol.”
While the two were talking, they didn’t notice another school student make their way through the wing of the hospital. The student poked his head into each room along the corridor, searching for someone in particular.
“Psst… Bay?” Brayden hissed into one room. He had figured Bay would come here looking for Matteo.
“SOD OFF!”, came the reply from the room, which was loud enough to get Neil and Ethan’s attention.
“If this is another student trying to see Matteo…” Ethan quickly said to Neil, not bothering to finish his sentence.
“Yeah, I got it. We won’t let him in, Officer Perfect.”
“Come on then,” Ethan said, ignoring Neil’s comment. They made their way over to the student. It looked like the hospital staff weren’t monitoring who was entering the ward anymore and so they would have to stay here half the night until the night shift started. “Excuse me, are you in the right place?”
Brayden looked up to see who had talked to him. Cops, of course. Well, if they haven’t seen her then she can’t have come. “Uh, not sure. Have you seen a girl about this high?” He lifted his hand to just above his shoulder to gesture how tall she was. “A brunette who wears a little too much makeup. Actually, it might have been running since she would have been crying. She’d be looking for Matteo.”
Ethan glanced at Neil before speaking. “She’s here. Why don’t you take a seat in the waiting area? She’ll be back in a moment.”
Brayden wasn’t going to do that. “I think we all know I won’t be doing that.” He folded his arms casually and gave a small smile. “I suppose she managed to convince you to let her see him. How’s he doing? I hope he’s okay. Though I guess you’re not allowed to tell me.”
“He’s going to be fine,” Neil informed him. “We can tell you that much.”
“Were you there when it happened?”, Ethan asked him.
“No, believe it or not, I was in my first class for the day,” Brayden replied much too casually. “I know, kids in class. You never would have suspected that, would you?”
Ethan had to stop himself from groaning. Clearly, this particular student wasn’t going to be any help to them.
“How long have you known Matteo for?” Neil asked, trying to take a different approach.
“Why does that matter?” Bay interrupted, stepping out of Matteo’s room, behind the officers.
“Bay,” Brayden said with a warm smile and held out his arm for her to embrace him. “I knew you’d be here.”
“He’s wigging out,” Bay said, moving around the cops to give Brayden a tight hug. “He’s making no sense.”
He wrapped his arms around her, comforting her. “Hey, he’s not himself, he’ll be back to normal in no time.” He then looked at the two cops. “As for your question, I’m not answering that. You should know that you can’t question a minor without an adult present.” He shook his head mockingly. “You should be ashamed of yourselves.”
“And you should know that neither of you can be here outside of visiting hours, so you’ll have to be on your way now,” Ethan countered.
“Which ends in 5 minutes,” Brayden interjected, gesturing to the clock with his free hand. “But we’re leaving now.” He turned away and pulled Bay along with him, keeping his arm around her.

6:57PM. Blake knocked on Jack’s front door. He had to wait for a minute or two, but finally, the door opened. It was just Jack who came to the door, but a little girl, who couldn’t have been more than three, was attached to his ankle.
“I thought you said she wasn’t much work,” Blake remarked.
Jack rolled his eyes. “Yeah, hi to you too.” He shuffled back out of the doorway to let Blake inside.
Blake followed the two to the kitchen and scoped out the house on the way. There was nothing he considered out of the ordinary, which was more or less what he had expected. Jack was a good kid. Sometimes Blake felt like he was wasting time targeting him.
“You want a drink?” Jack asked, still shuffling across the floor.
“I’m good…” Blake replied, still looking around.
“I got beer,” he offered. “My mom just ended things with the last guy and he left his beer here. She doesn’t drink the stuff.”
The mention of beer sure got Blake’s attention. “But you’re babysitting…”
“Hey, chill out. It’s just one, it’s not like I’m driving anywhere.” He grabbed a can and offered it to Blake. “Up to you.”
“Well, I am driving home later, so I’ll have to pass. Have you had beer before?”
“Suit yourself,” Jack shrugged and opened the can. “Though you can have at least two before you are over the alcohol limit.” He jumped up onto the bench, with his sister attached to his leg.
“Yeah, once you’re 21 you can… Which I’m not.”
“What do you want to be, a cop? You don’t have to follow all the rules, you know.” Jack shrugged again. “Just make sure that the ones you don’t, won’t get you in too much trouble. Bend them, but don’t break them.”
“Rules are there for a reason,” Blake began. “Did you want to become some kind of burn out?”
“It’s only one beer, Blake. It’s not going to corrupt me for the rest of my life.”
“It could.” Blake’s inner cop was showing through.
“You’re weird, dude.” Jack looked down at his sister and smiled. “Hold on.” She clung to his leg tighter and he carefully jumped down. “Want to watch a movie?”
“Talking to me or your sister?” Blake asked. There wasn’t much Blake wouldn’t do if it was part of his role, but watching a children’s movie would be pushing it. And his expression showed this.
When Jack looked up, he saw this. He saw that Blake was hoping he didn’t mean a children’s movie. So he reassured him. “To you. She’ll fall asleep soon anyway.”
“I will not,” his sister argued.
“Oh, sorry. No, you won’t.” Jack smiled, he rolled his eyes jokingly at Blake.

7:27PM. Brayden pulled into his drive and Bay had only just let go and stopped sobbing. No one was waiting for them outside. He leapt out of the car, making sure to grab his cigarettes first, and went round to open the door for Bay. “C’mon then. Time to relax.”
Bay followed Brayden around the side of the house and through to his family’s pool house. Zig, William and Isobel had already made themselves at home in there.
“Finally!”, Zig cried out when he saw Brayden and Bay. “Do you know how long I’ve been watching Isobel make goo-goo eyes at Will for?”
“Shut up,” Isobel warned him, before throwing a spatula at Zig.
William remained quiet and only spoke up to shift the focus from Isobel’s crush. “So you found Bay?”
Bay sneered at him, “I wasn’t lost.”
“Not what I meant…”
“Where’d you run off to after school anyway?”, Zig asked her.
“I… I was…” Bay stammered, only because she didn’t know how to answer.
Brayden interrupted casually, shaking his head to Zig, “Lay off it, Zackary. We’re here to… just be here for each other. No insults.” He looked at Isobel. “No prescribed or non-prescribed ’medication’ .” He looked at Bay, then Zig. “Just us, being here.”
Isobel stood up. “I’m out, Bray. I can’t sit in a room with that-” She was pointing to Zig and lowered her arm when she saw Brayden’s glare. “See ya.” She exited the pool house.
“Good riddance,” Zig stupidly called out after she left. He really shouldn’t have, because if she’d heard him then she would have come right back in and pounded him.
After a small pause, Brayden decided to tell the others the good news. “Matteo’s okay.”
“Well, he’s not okay, ” Bay quickly interjected.
“He’s alive ,” Brayden corrected himself.
William’s eyebrows furrowed. “How’d you find this out?” He was rather surprised but managed to keep it concealed. How had two school students managed to find this out before he had heard any official word?

5:01PM. Chloe was diving into her bag and pulled out a crisp $10 note, placing it on the table with a few other coins. She looked over at Kiona as she got up from the table. “You coming?”
Kiona shook her head. “No, I think I’ll stay here a bit longer.”
“See you at school then.” Chloe nodded before turning to leave. Kiona watched her leave. Once she saw Chloe was out of the door, she went into her bag and pulled out a uniform. The Sugar Shack. Yes, Kiona worked there part-time but was too ashamed to tell her friends. She got up and headed to the bathroom to change.

5:45PM. Brooke’s small home. The group of four were sitting in her room. Keira and Brooke were sitting on her bed, Brooke had flicked off her shoes and was sitting cross-legged. Jason was spinning on her desk chair, and Charlene, she was in the closet, checking out clothes. There was a knock at the front door, but no one got up, as they knew Mrs Jensen would get it.
“You have some seriously neat stuff in here, but it’s not that new. We need to go shopping together,” Charlene told Brooke.
Brooke replied unenthusiastically, “Yeah, yeah-” But was interrupted by the door being pushed open and Chris entering.
Charlene looked over. “About time, we haven’t seen you since-”
An uncomfortable silence fell upon them. Keira made some space for Chris to sit down on the bed. “Is everything okay?”, she asked after a moment had passed.
“I was questioned by the cops.”
“Why? That makes no sense,” Brooke asked. “He overdosed, didn’t he? It’s not as if you poisoned him. Why would police be getting involved?”
Jason answered Brooke but was looking at Kiona, almost like he was asking her, “Well, we have a drug problem at school, don’t we?”

7:57PM. Blake and Jack sat on the sofa watching Ghostbusters, while Jack’s sister was curled into his side, sleeping. Jack was on his second beer when they both heard the front door slam. Somehow, Jack’s sister slept through it.
Isobel tossed her bag down by the door and marched through to the living room. “Beat it. I want to watch something.”
“Watch something later, we’re watching a movie,” Jack snapped.
“Hang on,” Blake started, sounding confused. He asked Jack, “What is Isobel doing in your house?”
She smirked. “ His house? I live here.”
Jack sighed. “My mom felt sorry for her and took her in.”
“Well, in that case.” Blake stood up. One thing he almost hated as much as lawbreakers, it was bullies. “You both live here and Jack had the TV first. So back off.” Isobel stepped closer, almost standing nose to nose with Blake. So much tension, causing no one to utter a sound.


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