21 Jump Street ~ SG ~ Sign Ups


21 Jump Street - creators are @amberose & @CrazyCaliope

So this will be based on the TV show, NOT the film! Cops are put into a high school to bust some students for criminal actions. We will be having a few cops and many students (possibly teachers too) for you to create. We will be posting chapters as frequently as possible, while also asking various questions and receiving your feedback along the way.

Set during the 80s, the Jump Street program was started to keep kids safe. Baby-faced cops infiltrate high schools, disguised as students, to try to crack down on crime. The program is still a new project and very “hush hush”, so no one in the school knows about the officers inside the grounds. If people found out, covers would be blown, parents would be worried, and the media would have a field day. This is why no one finds out until after the case has been brought to justice, making sure the officers identities are still kept secret.

The main goal of this story is for the officers to solve the case without jeopardising their careers or bringing harm to any of the students. While most students want to keep a low profile and just get through school.

What’s an SG?

An SG is a story game. Meaning that we, the creators, will be the ones writing the story for your characters. We will be writing long posts (i.e. chapters) as frequently as possible. After each post, we’ll be trying to include you by asking for decisions on what to do next and/or possible plot twists, etc.

Please feel free to sign up, as long as you check in every two-three days and continue to interact when needed.


Characters to choose from:

  • The police captain who runs the Jump Street program (Just one role. A male who is 30+)
  • Undercover officers (Up to six different RPers, preferably more males, aged 21-25)
  • High schoolers (As many as you want, within reason. A mix of BOYS and girls)
  • High school Teachers and other school roles (A few of these roles can be taken, A mix of Men and women who are aged 26+)


  • Follow the setting. It is the 80s, so try to make sure that your character isn’t too modern.
  • There is room for as many characters as you want, but keep in mind that the more characters there are, the harder it’ll be to develop EVERY character in detail and the shorter scenes will be.
  • If you reserve, then please be aware of the start date and have your character(s) in before then. We want to plan things out ASAP, so the sooner the better.
  • There is no limit to how many characters (within reason), but please try to keep the genders equal.
  • If you want a relationship with a character, then please ask that RPer before adding it to sign-ups.
  • Your character(s) will need to be very detailed when describing your character’s personality, so that we can portray them the way you envisioned. Just try not to repeat information just by using different words.


Start date around September 14/15th. Possibly earlier, depending on how quickly you all get your characters in.


When the story starts, this thread will be used for general chat to keep the story thread only for the story, so only the creators should post there.

People who were interested …

@Kittenlove, @QueenChid, @kitty4322, @brinn, @Kate_Potter, @KBaldi93, @amberh.episode, @dqrkskinqueen, @arielbelles, @Ella, @oorgeloop, @epi.alyssaa, @Wingsoffire, @wildstyle103, @themaystorms, @LeviTheLunatic, @Beth_Episode, @Annaliese_Clairemont, and @L375.

Can I join any role plays?
Anyone have a new role play?
I want to join another role play
Any rp's I can join?
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reserve for high school student
where’s the sign up link?


@Ella, please make sure you read all the info and you’ll find it!


Reserve for undercover officer.

Can I also reserve a high schooler?


Yes, of course, you can have as many characters as you’d like.
Please just make sure you read all the information! :wink:


Okay! Great. :grinning:


Reserve for a high school student


Hehe reserve for an undercover officer and a female hs student!


I dont really have any ideas for a phrase lmao…


Think of what your character might say - could be a good way to reflect their personality


Reserve but I will tell you what for a little later when I know the role I want.


Im really terrible at making up things lmao, the catchphrase might take me long hehehe


Or a nice/mean comment someone might say to her!


HAHAHA! YAY! We love you!


I think i figured something out lol


May I reserve for an Undercover Officer…and a high school student?

this is such a cool idea :blush:


Absolutely, you can have as many characters as you’d like.
Please just make sure you read all the information! :wink:


Please send High-quality images, guys, for you faceclaims!

@areyouaqueen, please PM me a higher quality image for your character! :slight_smile:


You have no idea how HYPE I was when I saw the title, 21 j rules!!
Reserve for a male undercover cop and a male high school student?


YAY! MALES! … You won’t believe how happy this has made MY ROSIE (@amberose), let alone myself!
Male characters make me sooooooo HAPPY!