24.40 to 24.60 feck up


I tried to go from the comfortable 24.40, to, ooh, look at me 24.60.

Worst weekend of my life. I lost everything. The last few years. 3000+ hours.
I had the full 24.40 experience. Everything was open. I, stupidly, thought it might be an easy upgrade. But no. I had to remove 24.40. And then install 24.60, became you cant just upgrade it like normal people. And thats when it all went to shit.
I had a user id and password. Im not a noob. But it didnt work. It just refused me. Time and again. So i tried to roll it back to 24.40, and that didnt work either. I was losing my shit at this point. 3000 hours for nothing? All i had was a user id and password and they meant nothing

I had to start again. From the very beginning. This sh*t needs to stop.

This ridiculous “work it out as you go along” user id and password dosent work. I tried it, multiple times, believe me. I tried so hard not to lose the past few years. And then, i gave up.

So yes. After 3200 hours playing this pos. Im starting again, apparently.

You need to learn from choices.


Do you mean the random username and password that lives in the Settings section of the app?

I think you have to go through the long-winded processes of contacting support.


As if they would help. And yes. I have my username and id. And 3000 hours of pointless shit i probably shouldnt be doing. I work in IT. Their going to tell me they cant fix it.i did everything to try and fix it. I rolled back to 24.40 ffs. And my phone lost that save as well…

Can you get to the profile section and log in with your Google account?
I’m sure I’ve tried that system username and password before and that didn’t work.

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Unfortunately not. I’ve always used the user id/password system and it’s never failed before.

I’ve lost over 3000 hours of gameplay at this point.

Am i heartbroken, having spent so long and lost so much? Yes. Is their anything i can do about it? No.

You devs need to learn from choices. Save to facebook. Or something. Your user id/password system does not work.

And lets not mention ive heard nothing from customer support…

How many can say they’ve done 3000+ hours? Probably a handful. If that.

So. Do i start again, from scratch, hoping it wont go to shit again after ive spent another 3000 hours playing it, or do i just cut my losses now?

And again. Noone from the devs. Ive literally poured my life into this. Who else has 3200 hours ffs.

Its not a fake. Its fact

help me ffs

I think i deserve it

Literally just contact support and open a ticket instead of complaining on here.


When you contact support they typically respond within 24hrs, however it can take longer especially if you send a support ticket on Friday then you could be waiting until Monday Tuesday, I’ve had to wait upto a week at times for any support, you gotta give them a chance to get to you…

You can’t expect them them to respond right away…

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