2era outline contest (closed)

Hey so this is my first outline contest and i hope you join this. There is no specific reason for this contest just wanted to do something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

rules 🙄

So there are a few rules
•you can change the outline as long as this is recognisable. :drooling_face:

• don’t remove my water mark😅

•you must follow me on insta if you want to win the prize :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (if you don’t have its ok but if you have you may follow me :blush:)

•you shouldn’t unfollow me once you get the prize :roll_eyes:

•if you use it anywhere please give credit to me by my insta username @2eerina

•don’t steal or trace other’s work

• please use the password lovies😘


So who doesn’t like prizes anyway if there are prizes people will like to do it maybe😆
So first of all their will be 2 winners and 2 consolation prizes :santa_dance:

Let me be very clear to you the drawn photo will be by my oc means it will not be a copy type of limelight or ink

The pfp will be edited drawn from episode characters

the outline




You can choise anyone or all
Please don’t remove my watermark as it drawing is originally from me and not a trace photo


So some examples of my drawn art are

Character creation

Outfit creation


Some tags


Sry if you didn’t wanted to be tag
I just looked through some art threads
@CrimsonJewel @epi.lil @StxrStruck @ItsTerra @xxOlivia_Meganxx @amber.writes @Randomwriter07 @Cami_epy @Ellie.storiees @Apart_12345 @amelial @Hilo @Black_Rose747 @melaniesmall @tiff_episode @Jasmine.O @Clau_77 @mateepi @MiyakoMiyu @kylee.3012 @AmeliClemonte @Avarose456 @Cami_epy @epy.peppermints @Bridi @BluMoon @epi.verve @shawtyisamelody @MiyakoMiyu @Jany @PurpleRadiance @Rosalinda.Episode @Youngbl00d @Nat.Alia @episode.lillz @Episode_lillian @blackmeow20 @mateepi @Roy @episode.BlueCrystal @mdrawzz @Stargazer1 @SofiaxD @nama-ste @Koikoi @Shuka

And please if you know anyone who would like to enter please tag them or let me know through pm😐

people who may enter or have entered

#/ Aliciaboo13 (Complete) :white_check_mark:
#/ ChrissyG (complete) :white_check_mark:
#/ tiff_episode
#/ episode.lillz (maybe)
#/ Stargazer1 (complete) :white_check_mark:
#/ ItsLily (Complete) :white_check_mark:
#/ amber.writes
#/ SofiaxD (maybe)
#/ 204ezrie
#/ Rody1 (complete) :white_check_mark:
#/ tessa28
#/ Evi2 (Maybe)
#/ Leahthebadesstbiddie
#/ MMG
#/ Emanuele_268 (complete) :white_check_mark:
#/beth91love (complete) white_check_mark:
#/ Dark_Lilith (complete) :white_check_mark:
#/ Darknesuni101 (complete) :white_check_mark:

png drive


Deadline- 22 March 2021 (may increase)


can you remove me from the tag list please? :))


Adorable outline.

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Thanks :kissing_heart:

pls remove me from your tag list and if you know from whom you have copied it I would be thankful if you will tell them to do the same. I dont want to be in any tag list.:pleading_face:

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@Tara3 please remove me from the tag list? Thanks!


Could you remove me from the tag list? :sparkles:


plz remove me from the tag list


Ill join :black_heart:

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I’d love to goin… But I don’t have IG

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Its ok
You can post here and if you don’t have an ig as well you can win :grin:

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Ok thank you :blush:

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Thanks for joining @Noone_epi and @CrimsonJewel


Please remove me from the tag list <33


HI! Unfortunately, I do not think ill be able to join due to time and stress. Good luck to everyone entering, though!


Hi :blush: I’m sorry but I won’t be able to enter this time.
Good luck to everyone participating!) :grin:

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I’ll be able to join! I have a long flight tomorrow haha

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@Nat.Alia and @AmeliClemonte its ok and @tiff_episode thanks for joining


I don’t participate in any types of contests on forums. I would appreciate it if you could remove me from the tag list.

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Can you please remove me from the tag list? Thanks.

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