<3 African Queens <3

I’ve been wanting to look into more parts of black history, and I stumbled upon African Queens who were seriously strong and influenced their countries. So (in no particular order) here are 3 African Queens who fought for their people.

  1. Yaa Asentewaa

(I’m Ghanaian myself, so I put this one first)
Yaa led the famous ‘War of the Golden Stool’ against the British colonisers who wanted to take the Golden Stool, a holy thing in Ghana. It is said that it came from the sky Sadly, she was captured and put into exile. Ghana used to be called the Gold Coast, because of it having an abundance of gold, which was another reason colonisers wanted to take over.

  1. Queen Amina
    Queen Amina was a Nigerian (Hausa) warrior of Zaria who was the first to become a queen in a male dominated society. She was a real ruler who expanded her territory and forced people to pay tribute when needed. She also fought in her own battles and led her battles herself.

  2. Queen Nzinga
    A movie has been made about Queen Nzinga who’s from Angola. It’s said that her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, nearly killing her. She was favoured by her dad so much that he took her to battle with him. She was seriously powerful and was able to have many people agree with her in her favour.

Feel free to correct me on any mistakes xx


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