3 choice limelight

Anyone know any stories with choices that matter that have more then just the two choice option I’ve read all of aluzas all of j Miley and all of picalilys so looking for some that have a similar choice style to theirs



Hey there,

My new story is “Twice In A Lifetime”! All choices have 3-options and have impact on the storyline! I’d love for you to give it a shot :slight_smile:

CC : Yes
Description : For Everly and Lucas it was love at first sight. When she wakes up from a coma with no memory of him, will he succeed in making her fall in love with him once again?
Genre : Romance
Art Scenes : Yes
Choices : Choices Matter, Points System
Gems : Top Up Points and Support the Author, Unlock Bonus Scenes if Points Insufficient
Episodes Published : 10 (Season 1 Complete)
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5620845432537088

Copy of Twice In A Lifetime-2