3 completely different stories, who can help?

Hi hello!

So as the title says, I have three stories to offer and I have been working on one of them since 2017 but as soon as my motivation comes, it’s gone again. I’m searching for a little help with grammar, maybe some directing and for the general plot. My stories are:

"Dusk till Dawn"
This is the one I have been working on and it’s about my real life and things that happened to me. It’s quite harsh, somehow romantic, very dramatic and spreads a lot of awareness. I do not really want to say a lot about it as for now but if you’re interested in helping and hearing more, let me know!

"Angels sleep at 4am"
I have no idea why but I feel like this would be the best and at the same time the hardest story. The daughter of a priest and a fortune teller has been raised to believe in god and is on a catholic school. At age 19 she’s sick of acting like she’s so obsessed with being a christian for the sake of her fathers reputation. As she meets a goth girl they decide to play with an Ouija board and a lot of creepy things happen. Long story short, they summoned a demon in form of a young man because as they say, “the devil always comes in form of what you want the most”. He is trying to take the souls of her family, she falls in love with him…

"no name yet"
This is just a random 3am night time thought I had the other day. What if we got a cellphone with 10 contacts in it and we could only ever talk and get to know these random people? I like the general idea of it and it could really make a great plot I feel.

These are my story ideas, I put them into the order that I placed them in. Shoot me a DM in case you’re interested!

luv ayleks


Hey… I can help with motivation ideas and building ideas… I can also help with corrections in grammar… I am experienced in both the departments. I will be happy to help you in all the three stories… :heartpulse: My insta handle is @shona_episode… and you can PM me here too… If you want… I hope we can work together…:grinning: