3 Nested Choices

Hello! I’m having a hard time including three different stories that will be revealed according to the audiences’ choices.

I’ve seen a lot of articles that show how to connect with two results. However, I’m basically trying to have:
By choosing Seme1 and Seme2 will connect to Dream1,
choosing Uke1 and Uke2 will end up in Dream2,
and last but not least if they choose diff. combos then Dream3 will show up.

I’m attaching screenshots below to clarify further.

[First Attempt]

As you can tell the notification is suggesting me to add a closing bracket. However, I can’t find any articles about where I should insert “}.”

[2nd Attempt]

At least the error isn’t showing up, but the “Dream2” section will be merged with the “Dream1” section right after it ends without the “else.”

[Last Attempt]

They are not letting me use elif… Now I’m pretty much giving up figuring out myself.

Pretty please—let me know if you have the answer to this issue.


Hello maybe this will help

Ah ha! Found it!!!
You need a } there well another

Sorry igorne previous comment, I think it’s here
You need a }

Hi Sorry I write from phone so only descriptive…

You cant have 2 if fallowing




And if you have more than 3 all other will be elif

  1. Also after each of this comand you must have both brackets { }

  2. and what should happen you must write in between the brackets

So something like

if (seme1)
goto dream 1
elif (seme2)
goto dream1

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