3 People Looking For A Match!


Hi There Its me Kitty and a very good friends of mine of mine are looking for matches not speicfically Spouse but a very good friend and there names are Millie and Kaycee and if you look on below you will see a bit more information about them and also they are only looking for a Match on the forums and not in real life.

NAME: Kaycee
Traits : Funny,sensitive and mature
Country: U.S
Favourite Food: Any kind of pasta
Previous Relationships: None
About: I am kinda dramatic and a handfull but has a heart of gold
Favorite Colour: Teal

NAME: Millie.B as known as Me.
Traits : Funny, Sensitive, Kind, Supportive And has a heart of gold.
Country: Canada
Favourite Food: Ground Beef and Pasta
Previous Relationships: None
About: I am from Canada and I love Music and arts. I love the beach and my family and may tend to get angry when there is something I dislike and also like dancing and singing because it bringd out the Melody in me.
Favorite Colour: Blue
Gender: Girl
I am looking for a boy

Fill The Forms Below If You are interested and remember that this isn’t in real life.
For Millie -https://goo.gl/forms/r9YnC8mp7foSDl8A3
For Kaycee - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd5-BKvY3qzjg9DTBq9yEMUivOJ0X83L6LpKf2iEBYrBXiiFQ/viewform

Thanks so much !


Lol me too


You can be apart of this if you want


Sure why not


Haha everyone is single as a pringle :joy: (including me)


Aunt… Should I get a spouse?


It’s fine, I got used to your mum being married and me being lonely :sweat_smile: And I don’t want you to have to look for someone for me, that would mean I’m a total loser :joy: You mother wouldn’t like it either


Mom? @Days should I get a husband for myself?


Aah wish I had a match


Same but there aren’t many boys on the forums I noticed


Yes true


Guess we should keep looking


My child, you have my blessing.