3 thing that annoy me on episode

  1. The cc of your episode profile in outfits is so limited.
  2. If you change from an iPhone to an android or an Android to and iPhone you can’t log in your old acc and have to start all over again.
  3. Gem waits

Let me know what annoys you


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1- this is more of the community in episode than the app itself. when readers give authors a hard time regarding the next update (coding is hard we all know it and especially when you don’t have enough motivation for it) or anything else in general. e.g: an author is learning a new language for the sake of their characters in the story, and the reader who seems to be fluent of that language bashes them for it saying that “you aren’t supposed to be saying this, that.” “that’s wrong” rather than privately messaging and advise them.

2- also regarding the clothing release. the male characters don’t get anything good :[ we keep asking for more good male clothing, but we get unnecessary things.

i think that’s all 😮‍💨

  1. When authors think they’re superior and more talented than others, just because they have more reads. :roll_eyes: Like no, you’ve just been here longer and have supportive friends who help you out. Some of us aren’t that lucky, especially if we don’t know how to be very social.

  2. When authors copy other peoples ideas, and/or characters. I hate people who do that! It’s happened to me twice by the exact same author! She not only copied about three of my characters, but also one of my ideas. And then another stole my story name idea! And I still haven’t pulled either of them up about it! But I’m literally this close to reporting their a*ses for copyright infringement! (I have screenshot proof of my characters, that were copied… and also proof of when I penned my ideas and the dates of when I’d done it. It shows because I posted it all on instagram for my followers to know some details of my plans, and Instagram logs the dates of when I made each post.) I literally cannot stand unoriginality! Like can’t people think of their own ideas, instead of stealing those that belong to other people?!

^ Among many other things, but these are the top 2!
And I totally agree about the ugly outfits we have to pick from in regards to our Avatar in the app.
Same goes for the fact that we barely get anything good for the men, I 100% agree there.


You can actually transfer from Android to iPhone though, you have to submit a ticket so Episode can do it for you, they’ll give you some gems in return.


Oh that is good I have an android but I am getting an iPhone so hopefully I can keep my progress


I hope you can too. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m kind of afraid of this happening tbh. But when you think about it… it’s still your story, despite the characters they stole. You’re the one that originally came up with it so they won’t be able to do it justice the way you can. You can’t put life into stolen characters lol.

Like I have an episode Instagram and I’m currently writing a story and shared some of my characters. If anyone did steal, I mean, they’re still not stealing my exact character cuz I couldn’t possibly put on insta every single one of my ideas for the character even if I wanted to. And, usually when I actually go to write the character changes and comes to life. They can’t copy the way I do it.

But all this to say that I understand your pain, not invalidating you lol 100% support you, just offering some possible reassurance :purple_heart:

I have too many grievances with Episode to list. Most have to do with terrible stories/cliches lol. Like the whole trending section can just go in the bin. But that’s just me personally.

It’s hard to find stories that portray my experience in a relatable way lol. My teenage years weren’t filled with like partying and love and drama, it was mostly internal stuff and tbh there are few stories where that is actually portrayed.


I didn’t know that. I saw a lot of people saying they can’t and had to make a new acc.


These are few things which annoys me the most

  1. There is some more facility for iPhones users like sending a fanmail to author (I think … bcz I cant send a fanmail to any author… as I am android user)… and There is lots of different dresses for iphone users … Yess, they have more outfits option then andriod users I mean… why this differentiate?

  2. This new gems ranking system. but its good in a way… but who will spend gems on new authors?

  3. Well, nothing more… thats all… lol


I agree and I also have an android so yeah

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Yes, yes, yes to all of these. Especially the first and second ones.

I think we should able to choose invidual tops, bottoms, dresses etc, shoes and accessories.

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I know you can submit a ticket, and most likely they will give you what you had on your Android account, but you’d still have to reread all the stories you were reading previously from the beginning.


they copied you not once… but TWICE?! i can’t believe that.
they definitely need to be reported for that, i’m sure episode will take your side on it as well since you have proof… (at least, i hope) :neutral_face:


Not anymore or for much longer. I wonder about fan mails future since I have never even experienced it and now both won’t have it no matter which system you use.

I do agree as an android user that episode doesn’t have the same facilities on both which is frustrating.


Does this mean emojis in-story won’t work? Dang it.


They’ll have grey borders and in most cases, almost invisible to see. It’s gonna work, but people will have a hard time seeing its effect.


Oh, like what I see on the writing portal. Smh.

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