3 things I didn't realise about the writers portal:

This is probably not a helpful thread I’m afraid. It’s more of a testament to my dumbassedness.
1: The web previewer. I only discovered its existence and purpose earlier this month.
2: “@overlay 48309576834_SMOKE” vs@overlay SMOKE”: I didn’t realise that it would still work without the numbers. Combine this with the fact that I didn’t know about the web previewer; I was writing down these numbers one-by-one from my phone, which displayed them as tiny. :neutral_face:
3: I didn’t realise that you don’t have to tab names and dialogue.

Both of these formats work but I only ever use the top way of doing it, when I could save time by just… not.


I use top too.

lol sorry

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What are you about to do!!!

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Chill no dares…yet

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How mysterious. How intriguing. Thing I Know Nothing About #4: what y’all are playing.

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Truth or Dare thread

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Better late than never :+1:


Oh you poor thing :sleepy:

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At least you know now and you can use it now :grin:
Another tip: use Copy Stage to copy the coding for the whole scene (overlays, characters etc)

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LOL you know what I was also discovering this things one by one…onestly I do not know about the no tab names.:slight_smile: till now when I read it by you. :smiley: But I will stay by the tab I guess
I like to see it in color easier for me to know where is what.:slight_smile:

Hey I know this is like totally unrelated but like I saw you made this overlay gun thing for a person and you did it perfectly how I wanted it and I just wanted to ask if you’re still available for stuff like that, if not I completely understand lol.

Can do xx

Awesome I’ll DM you

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