3 truths and one lie GAME (episode editition)

This is the lie haha, I havent read any stories in classic style

Ahh should have followed my gut feeling about this :joy: I flipped through your ig real quick and felt that u are a dog lover haha
I also wanna have a dog but don’t have one :hugs: :sob:

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OH i read a story in classic once it was super cringey SKSK

i don’t have any pictures of dogs though :sob: :joy:


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NOOOO nicki is QUEEN!

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I met the original cast of Hamilton
I have 2 published stories
I’m pretty good at directing
I’m still in school

I have brown hair
I have one dog
And i am from another country

I’m rude
I like decorating
I love animals
I hate school

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Let me guess…I’m rude?
I am good at getting points with characters
I use advanced coding
I am not very creative
I don’t create my own covers

Uh this maybe? WILD GUESS

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I’m a huge k-pop stan
I’ve a published story on episode
I like the taste but not the smell of cheese
I’m in high school

No that’s true actually.

This maybe?

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This ^^ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I love episode.
I don’t like animals.
I have a lot of siblings.
I love sweet stuff more then unhealthy.

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I think the last one(just my guess):joy:
Guess mine-
I have 4 siblings
I love teddy bears
I hate singing and dancing
I love raps

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I mean I like sweet stuff more than healthy stuff but the lie was I don’t like animals

I love animals

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And I think the lie is :drum:

you hate singing and dancing


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You got it right!! :grin:

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  1. I Got My First COVID Shot Last Week.
  2. My Room Is Clean
  3. I Love Food
  4. I Love To Make Art

Which one is a lie?

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I think the second one :thinking:

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drum roll please :drum:

Yes :party_time: