3 useless facts about you

Ok people,
The rules are pretty much simple.
You have to give 3 useless facts about yourself, nothing personal, for example, I have leukaemia, my spirit animal is a fox, my favourite colour is red, etc.
Alright…here goes:

  1. I have bright ginger hair and striking blue eyes
  2. My cat recently had 4 kittens (so cute)
  3. I spend about 6-7 minutes each day, just randomly staring at the ceiling.
    You continue…
  1. I eat junk food.
  2. i watch the same cartoon over and over again.
  3. I am on my laptop, every single day.
  1. I can’t survive without Pepsi
  2. I can sleep anywhere anytime
  3. I hate interaction with strangers

1,im the only one in my family with hazel eyes
2,i cant live without chocolate
3,i love books but only on a phone


1: I am toy collector,
2: I am a cosplayer
3: I own every sims game there is made.

  1. I am a special effect artist
  2. I have a massive collection of classic novels
  3. I love classic rock and greasy burgers
  1. I can name all the actors who have played the Doctor in Doctor Who in order
  2. I love baking cakes
  3. I love reading fantasy and romance novels
  1. I can’t fall asleep without my teddy that I’ve had since I was a baby
  2. I have an obsession with wearing hats
  3. I enjoy running in the rain :))
  1. I love tea
  2. My hair always smells like coconut because of my conditioner
  3. I love reading, especially the world’s classics

Here ya go:

-I love to break all the rules of my family (without letting them know).
-I hate myself for still believing in true love also finding
-I want pizza right now :relieved::thinking:

  1. I’m adopted. I have 5 half-brothers I’ve never met.
  2. I once got a perfect score in a electronic pub trivia game with my girlfriend at the time. The pub bought us a round and brought us a free basket of french fries because the pub’s name got posted to the top of the network list and it was good publicity for them.
  3. I met a writer of Doctor Who once. He gave me an autograph with a drawing of a Dalek.
  1. I usually wake up to my cat scratching at my bedroom door :woman_facepalming:t3:
  2. When I sit at my desk I usually spend about half an hour deciding on whether or not I should revise for my test the next day or not :woman_shrugging:t3:
  3. I HATE the colour yellow :bomb:

How dare you steal all mine that I never wrote down

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• I sleep if there’s an exam due tomorrow
• I sleep after eating a delicious snack
• I sleep only at morning but never at night cuz im too lazy to do anything rather than my phone that hits me in the face but still i get to sleep even though it hurts.

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  • I love how animated movies were made back in the 60s
  • I’m a vegetarian
  • I love to stay up all night
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  1. I love claymation movies.
  2. I don’t like riding in a car for long periods of time.
  3. I spend way to much time on these forums.
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I talk to people I’ve never met more than my real life friends
I have dark blue hair
I should be coding rn but I’m scrolling through forums

  • I cant stop peeling my lip skin :upside_down_face:

  • I get happy/sad very easily

  • I act like im in a movie in an empty room :eyes:

  1. I memorize the keyboard, and can recite it very quickly just like the actual alphabet.
  2. I can dislocate my finger and pop it back into place. I’m severely double-jointed in my hand.
  3. My favorite drink is Fiji water and I very rarely drink soda. If I do, it’s literally only a certain kind.
  1. I am a social awkward beanie… :laughing: (Yepp I saw it above here, too. Someone else said it before.)
  2. I am half asian and half Dutch. (And I like to say that a lot)
  3. Our youngest cat is the cutest cat ever… (I know who cares?? :point_right: But I love to say it… )