3 useless facts about you

I dunno probably bc my dad was the same case as me so it’s probably in the genes, but my dad didn’t want A’s the only
thing important for him was to pass :joy::joy:
he didn’t care if the score was 99% or 53% :joy::joy::joy::joy:
but I also kinda remember all from my classes so yeah…

  1. I owned silkworms for years.
  2. I can type 100 words per minute.
  3. I haven’t worked on my Episode story in over 2 months. :sweat:

whatdidshesayyyy well at least u get free silk pillows


Yes we’re obsessed with episode


And no, we won’t apologize.

  1. I love mermaids
  2. When I was younger, I only wore tank tops and skirts because of my Sensory Processing Disorder.
  3. I have a fear of vomit.

I dont use chapstick ever because I hate how it feels and it’s greasy and sticky.


Ooh how was school in India and how old were you then?

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How do you not have dry @ss lips then? :scream::exploding_head:

If I don’t use it my lips crack within minutes and then bleed :confounded:


Bruh me and my friend would quote the whole Monster High 13 Wishes movie together when we were younger lmao :rofl:


Oh I do have dry lips…


OH :sweat_smile::joy:
Well, I hate having irritated lips, so chapstick it is :top:


It was an interesting experience! I apologize in advance for the long reflection below… :joy: :sweat_smile:

Students of a wide range of ages (from about preschool to 12th grade) were going to the school I went to, so a little toddler would most likely be sitting on my lap on the bus or on the other girl who I sat with that was my age, while our backpacks were stored above us on a rack. We were both in 11th grade at that time, so we were 16. A younger girl who sat by me and I would play a game on the ride back to our home, called Antakshari. It involves singing a song and then the next person singing a song that starts with the last letter of the previous song :grin:

The school gave more of a focus on science, so students were pretty much taking either computer science or biology, along with physics, chemistry, math, English, and PT (physical training).
(If I had joined earlier, I would probably also be taking Hindi, which is learned in most of the states, and Kannada, the state language along with a few gen-eds). All the notes in class and labs reports had to be all hand-written, which was a little tough because some teachers had a bit more of a regional accent that I wasn’t familiar with, and one teacher was so hard to hear and spoke so fast- all of us had trouble writing notes for his class :joy:). But one of the plus points of going to the school was that we were never assigned to do any work outside of class, other than writing our lab reports (which includes drawings as well, with labels… there were way too many people who could draw a microscope really well lol). They just expected us to keep revising and reviewing material.

One of the physics teachers (cause we had two for some reason) was pretty nice to me and always was willing to help. And one of the biology teachers- there were two of those too- was also very helpful in trying to help me adjust to the curriculum… which I feel very guilty about now because I came back :sweat_smile:

Students in my grade were also expected to do a project in computer science, biology, and physics. The environment definitely seemed a little more competitive than at my school in the US. This was all new to me at the time, so I was a little overwhelmed… which is probably why I decided to go back to the US. My parents went back to the US after about a month and a half because moving out of the house would take a while and my dad was still working at the time. (I was staying at my uncle’s place while I was going to school).

I’m thankful that my parents gave me the option to go back because I was not doing terribly well mentally and emotionally at the time with all the changes, especially having recently discovered a family secret that had been hidden from me for a while… Everyone was nice to me at school, maybe slightly because I was “the girl from the US,” but I got to make a few good friends that I still keep in touch with. I also learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to try new things and definitely participated in a lot more events at my high school my junior and senior year back in the US :relaxed:

Sorry, you probably weren’t expecting this long reflection :sweat_smile:
I just haven’t really put my thoughts down or thought about the trip in a while…


Ooh that sounds so cool and fun! I really like biology! :petri_dish:


Another 3 coming right up…

  1. I would rather shop for kitchen gadgets than clothes or shoes.
  2. I love to sing and play piano.
  3. Sometimes when it’s cold I wear 3 pairs of socks :eyes:
    Oh and you can do as many facts as you want! It adds to the discussion!
  1. In junior school (you may call it primary or elementary), I was named ‘The Cheese Queen’ because I’d bring cheese sandwiches every single lunchtime.
  2. I’m embarrassingly obsessed with a series on Youtube that I’ve convinced myself is a real quality show (don’t ask)
  3. I LOVE murder mysteries.

Heck yes, same here


Haha great thread

  1. In my freshman year of high school I studied abroad in Canada and in my junior year I did another semester abroad in Australia. Learned two things out of all of that: one, what happens in Australia stays in Australia, and two, don’t ever ask a teacher how to spell her name… ever…
  2. From kindergarten to the start of high school I studied only once.
  3. I have arachnophobia.

1.I kinda like school
2.I episode code
3.I like pickles


I studied abroad too. I’m from Australia but I spent the first semester of Grade 7 (which is the start of highschool here) in Chicago.