3 useless facts about you

  1. I paint by number
  2. I can’t sleep of I haven’t watched an episode of the big band theory
  3. I hate walking
  1. I hate smiling on photos because it looks fake.
  2. I love reading, especially classic literture and thriller/crime.
  3. Mostly, I’m listenling to rock and metal.

Same, I hate smiling in photos too.

  1. I am a seer.
  2. My sun sign is Gemini, moon sign is Scorpio, and my Rising sign is Leo.
  3. I have athsma.
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  1. I just farted
  2. I have an avocado and a pug plushie and I carry them with me everywhere (ain’t nobody gonna stop me either)
  3. I love the paranormal (I’m watching a documentary about it now)
  1. I cannot start or hold a conversation
  2. I am very uncomfortable around people I don’t know
  3. I love graphic tees
  1. I have perfect pitch :eyes:
  2. I love watching sports but I’m no good at playing them :joy:
  3. I’m a really picky eater but I’ve gotten a little more adventurous :sweat_smile:

Hey me too!!

That first one :joy::joy::joy:
And I love pugs!


Another 3 on their way

  1. I love movies. Except maybe horror movies. :scream:
  2. I am terrible at decorating and DIY stuff, and I am envious of those who are good at it.
  3. I geek out over things I really like, and it doesn’t matter what it is. Food and music are probably my top two but it can also be ideas, movies, books, technology, etc. I try to play it cool, but my inner fangirl cannot be contained sometimes. I gush. I get excited. I flail my arms. It’s embarrassing.

Omg I feel this one so much. I recently got a tapestry for my room and I’ve been trying to hang it with Command strips but it keeps falling down :sob:
All 3 are relatable tho!!


What are command strips…?
Lol im still learning english
And you can put as many number of facts as you like, and post as many posts…
It helps the post become funnier and better.

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No worries! Command strips are these small adhesives you can use to hang up pictures, posters or other things.

And oh I see! I’ll come up with more then :joy:

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Oh like these

BRAIN SYSTEM: New word learned

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Alright here’s 3 more that may or may not be strange :joy:

  1. I can burp on command :relieved:
  2. I can’t swim :sob:
  3. I haven’t thrown up since the 1st grade :joy:
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YES! For some reason they won’t stick to this fabric I want to hang up tho :sneezing_face:

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What fabric is it?

Wow! Thats a cool skill!

Is there a story behind that? :rofl:

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I ordered this tapestry off of the site RedBubble. It’s maybe 6 feet by 5 feet, not too heavy, and it has a Bible verse on a nature background :blush:

Haha glad you think so! :joy::joy: it is kind of fun to do sometimes :rofl:

Actually yeah :sweat_smile: I must’ve had the stomach flu one week, and I remember puking the bed one night :grimacing: that wasn’t very fun lol. But it’s been over ten years and I haven’t thrown up since :joy:

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Lol this just goes to say that we are very weird people…

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Hehe for sure! It’s fun sharing on the forums where people don’t actually know you in real life :joy:

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Yes! Finding out new facts about other people has been wonderful!

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Yes of course! Speaking of, you mentioned you really like music, what are your favorite kinds?

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