3 useless facts about you

I have quite a few…

  1. Classical
  2. Blues
  3. Jazz
  4. Baroque
  5. Pop
  6. New Wave
    I do like there;s just music but I quite like listening to people sing and like doing so myself

Oh neat! I also like classical and jazz too! I’m actually going to school for music performance :blush:
You sing too? That’s great!

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What are u playing? Some instrument? Or just singing?

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Yep, I sing! I’ve been taking lessons since third grade, I like it a lot!
And I also play percussion too. Do you play any instruments or just sing? :eyes:

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  1. My new glasses were done by a shitty ‘expert’ and on the first day of wearing them, they just straight up ‘broke’ and glasses popped out.
    2.I always paint my nails only with hardly seen nail polish bc a normal one looks ugly on my baby hands.
  2. Everyone says I’m a great baker, even after I tell them I make everything out of DIY powder cake box or whatever it’s called :joy:
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  1. I LOVE jazz music
  2. I have black eyes(very dark brown)
  3. I’m Irish