30 day passes gone?

Does anyone still have the option to purchase a 30 day pass. I haven’t read in awhile and now I can’t seem to find the 30day passes anymore.

I purchased one last week

That’s so weird that mine are nowhere to be seen.

I just bought some this morning

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@Monique16 this may help explain the situation concerning passes: Did Episode remove the 30 days ad-free feature?

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Hi Sydney, actually that helps no one most of us were always allowed to buy that and now it suddenly changed. The episode team will lose so many people because of their greed.

Thank you for your feedback. I will be sure to let the team know. :slight_smile:

2 months later… But are they still having the deal for you? And where are you from If I may ask.

Ive been researching this for a while now, it seems so random who does and doesn’t get the deal. I think location might be important.

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To all other people:
Where are you from and do or don’t you have the option to buy this deal?

I still have three days remaining on the last one I bought but I don’t see the deal anywhere as of right now. I live in the States

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They have it on a rolling offer system. I had it for awhile then one day it was gone. The email response was that its offered to groups of users for a certain time, then it changes to the next group.

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Update: I got onto to episode today and I still have the offer