30+ script templates for you to use (school, club, minigames, etc.)

I have been creating script templates for a year now and sharing them on instagram- So, now I bring them to yall :slight_smile: Use them as you please- but please… give me credit LOL

Link to Drive storing all overlays, backgrounds, and coding

Epi_jesse Backgrounds and Overlays - Google Drive

What templates do I have? Here’s some examples

  • College lecture hall
  • School Hallway
  • School classroom test mini game
  • Tattoo mini game
  • Bar/Club scene
  • Gingerbread house making mini game
  • Lots more obscure and specific templates and minigames!

How do you put these templates in your story?

  1. Click the link that should take you to my google drive
  2. Select the title of the template you want to use
  3. Right click on each image and select “download” to save them as png’s to your computer - then upload them as overlays with their proper names
  4. Click on the google doc linked there as well and copy and paste it into your script.
  5. Replace the characters (ex. GIRL2, GIRL3) with your character’s name (ctrl+f then type “GIRL1” , select all, then type your character’s name you want to go in that place)

And you should be good!

Some of my templates are older and are all located in a google doc… if you want to use these, (or find the coding for some of the older templates in the google drive referenced above) follow these instructions!

How to use my older templates


This is the link to my instagram with all the previews/ videos of the templates so you can browse as you please


My patreon if any of you choose to support- in return, I offer script template requests, covers, overlays, backgrounds, etc.

Jesse White is creating Templates, covers, backgrounds, overlays (episode interactive) | Patreon

Just remember to give proper credit where it’s due <3 It’s important we treat all creators on here with respect


Yes Jesse!!
Everyone follow her Instagram as well:


thank you sooo much

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Thank u so much for access to these, I already follow your Instagram from earlier today (:


Hi are you still taking requests for script templates?

If they won’t take me long (which depends on the difficulty level of the request) then yes, but this thread is for @Jess_epi’s templates not mine (:

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Oh right so will you able to do a script template if I give you the details?

Private message me please since this isn’t my thread to take requests from (:

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