300 follower giveaway

I am currently doing a giveaway on my Instagram and I’m going to post it on the forums too so that people who don’t have Instagram can also enter.
There are 10 prizes and 3 winners :slight_smile.
Prizes include
3 art pieces by me ( check out my art shop for examples)
2 moodboards, wallpapers or character cards
A story review
An author interview
A permanent shoutout
A read for read
A spam of likes
A follow back

So if you’re interested pm me on here or reply to this thread, and if you have Instagram check out my giveaway on there @knk.writes and see how to enter on there.

You can also read my story ( The Silver Legacy : Golden Crowns) for a maximum of 2 extra entries depending on how much you read

Good luck if you do decide to participate :blush::blush:

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