365 Day Song Challenge

Hey all.

Some of y’all might know about my this thread: Flesh Out Your Characters

It is a forum game where I ask a question every now and then for writers that have chosen a character of their own and answer the questions I ask about that character in order to try and have a better understanding of their character or just for fun… ^^ Yeah, whatever’s good.

This one will be similar to that one, but it is a SONG CHALLENGE!! I am compiling a list of a bunch of song challenges and picking out unique, difficult, sometimes funner than other times criteria to choose a song that applies to you. And I want to do it through an entire year because I have a playlist of over 10k songs. I have plenty.

So are you a music junkie? Wanna join me?! I’m doing it on IG as well, so I’ll post snippets of my songs (if they’re available, I’ve actually tried to put up songs that are NOT available on IG T.T) in my IG story, starting June 9th.

That’s when I’ll start here as well. June 9th!


  1. Post your song in the form of a YouTube video (as it is most likely available on YouTube more than anything else)
  2. Give a brief explanation about why you chose the song if you want, if there’s a story involved, etc. (not a requirement)
  3. Do have fun (requirement)
  4. Try not to go off on a whole ass conversation too much. Comment on each other’s song choices, like “AyyY! Good song, fam.” Or “Yo, wtf are you thinking? Dumb song, man…” and engage with each other if you want ^^ Just don’t take up the whole ass thread with conversation about the artist/band and their families and dogs and grandparents and you know what I mean ^^
  • You don’t have to post every day, like if you don’t want to be online one day, or if you need more time to think about your song, this isn’t a contest or anything, just post as you can, and if you fall behind, just SPAM YouTube videos of the songs until you’re caught up!)
    …However, pls don’t wait til like…day 100 and post 100 videos. Otherwise, you’re evil and no one likes evil people. Come on. X’D

I won’t tag anyone. I think the title will draw in enough by itself ^^

However!! If y’all wanna tag… >.>

Anybody can join anytime! And I will tag you in every post if you decide to join so you don’t miss any questions!! (if you do it on IG instead, cause I’ll post the IG cards I make, TAG ME at @nelida.u.episode so I can see your picks!)

<3 <3


Count me in :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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This is completely unintentional and not all of the challenges will be like this. Now…I love this genre and this challenge was hard for ME. Yikes.

Anyways, I really wasnt kidding when I said I wanted to challenge myself lol.

Heres the first one, for June 9 -

And mine is Flowers on the Wall, originally by the Statler Brothers and covered by Eric Heatherly:

@amberose you are the only one that wants to join right now so…lol


I will join

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June 10 is a song that reminds you of your parents ^^

For me, it is Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. (Ironically, a country singer covered this song once LOL!)

@amberose and @Zembo27

Go crazy ^^


Cause my parents always saying no to me

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This is harder than I thought - couldn’t even do the first one and struggled with the second

I’ll go with this one:

Since they’re either mixing me up with my sister or just using my full name in public thus forcing me to pretend I don’t know them because ew, I don’t want randos knowing my entire name :unamused:

XD!! Lol, wow. And I know right?? I really wanted to fuck myself with this. I feel like I can seriously do it though, but I really did want a challenge XD!!

I’m glad I’m not the only one

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This one was a lot harder which is weird cause I dont even watch a lot of music videos. But Grimes ’ videos always make me happy so. Lol

@amberose and @Zembo27

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EASY ONE! :partying_face:

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I’M IN!!!

June 9th: wow, I have no idea. I hardly ever listen to country music and not the biggest fan of covers, sorry :sweat_smile:

June 10th:
My parents are controllable af, it feels fitting.

June 11th:

I just find the video amazing, even though it’s a bit unsettling, it’s just done so well and fits the song perfectly.

June 12th: (maybe it’s not 12th yet to everybody though, it’s 3am for me :joy:)

I think it’s the way he says “taste” and idk why the song just kinda turns me on :smirk::rofl:


June 13th:

From fifty shades freed, I just looooooove the tune and the beat!

June 14th:
I guess I have no explaination, just the last song I heard…

June 15th:

I just love this song sooooo much! Somehow I just never get tired of it

June 16th:

The audio just stopped working on Youtube suddenly altogether, um, I hope it’s the right one…
And the lyrics are mostly why this is my guilty pleasure :joy: just… why

I’m sorry if there are any typos, my phone is constantly getting stuck and the jeyboard is messed up…


11th June

12th June

Dang. Look at you go.

Also, I know right? X’DDDDDD

I’m going to do my 12th at the end of the day because I’m busy right now. T.T At work and…yeah I can’t focus until things slow up a bit which won’t be til around 3 hours from now. XD


Next! This one is actually difficult for me…lol. because I’m ace…but damn if this song isnt amazing.

@amberose @Zembo27

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Oh my gawd, this theme :see_no_evil:

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Yaaaay! This song! Obsessed. Also, Poco Loco, so win win, YouTube (even though I hate you for banning BPS right now)

@amberose and @Zembo27

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(My work schedule is so messed up, I didn’t know I was behind LOL) i literally did think i was right on time, i have no idea what just happened.

Anyways, heres this challenge:


I’m gonna post my video in a second. It is going to be different fron the IG one because I’m CONSTANTLY listening to music hahah!


June 13 - A Song I Love From A Movie

From Shrek lol

June 14 - Last Song I Heard

In the car, my friend was driving me home… I don’t even think I like the song hahaha