365 Day Song Challenge

My song that I never ever get tired of is Primordia, by Hiroyuki Sawano. It isnt on IG tho, so…the one there is just a very close second. This song…oof. I get SUCH GOOSEBUMPS listening to it.

Truly, Hiroyuki Sawano is a perfect man. :sob::sob::sob:

@amberose and @Zembo27

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This one’s hard because there are so many for me, but I don’t think I’ve ever skipped this song when it’s come on soooo

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For this one. It’s a Cardi B song. I hate that woman as much as I can ever hate someone I’ve never even met. Lol. Which honestly isnt much, but she is a terrible, shitty human.

But anyways:

@amberose @Zembo27

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I guess this counts, right?

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