3D background (experienced coder's help required, some 3D artist's critique as well)

Hi. I used to be an amateur episode artist and after a long break from it, I decided to study 3D modeling.

As my first learning project and with help of other community members whose votes define how things are going to look I decided to try making an interractive 3D room background. And right now I’m about half way done with it (few more things to model, coloring and lighting left to do).

That's what we have so far

What do I mean under “interactive”? I model things in various options. Windows, drawers, cabinet can open and close, there should be few lighting options etc. For example:

Curtains (yet uncolored)

Bed (yet uncolored)


-In the end, to turn it into backgrounds, I’ll require someone to test it and help me figure out whether I’m taking suitable angles for the characters to be there and ‘interract’ with things.
-Some feedback from experienced 3D artists would be great too!

P.S. I model everything from scratch, using Autodesk Maya.


I’m not an expert when it comes to 3D modeling by any means, but I do think these angle or line of sight are the most common and easily utilized.
I just used the bed as an example asset/focal point of the background but a front view, side view and a view aligning with the corner of the bed (with this particular angle being much better if the bed didn’t have a heightened frame + curtains). Obv other angles can work, but I just think these are generally the best and most easily used angles when it comes to any kind of room.


This sounds cool! bumpp


That’s a very good point, thank you! I think, I try taking angles like these on few different objects, then. And probably a view from the top on the bed. As for bed curtains getting on the way, hmmmm. I could try to make them out of like… lacy fabric? That’d make them look somewhat more transparent and give a better shot at the bed from 3/4 :thinking: Thank you for the constructive help :purple_heart:

@Lxyi Thank you :smile:


Just popping in to second how cool this is; I can’t wait to see how everything progresses :4!!

With regard to getting feedback, this is out of my ballpark; but you may have luck reaching out to some of the artists mentioned in this thread.

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Thank you, I just looked through that thread :smile: I saw works of Wincy before too, they’re really great :no_mouth:

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Ah, yes. Forgot about that one. Would’ve been difficult for me to draw with the arrows though. :joy::person_shrugging:
And you’re welcome. Also, great work with the models!


True that :sweat_smile: And thanks, I just hope I don’t screw this up :joy:


@Sydney_H Hi, could this thread, please, be removed? I got what I needed out of it. Thanks ^^

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Closed by OP request :smiley: