3D Render Artist Recommendations

Hi, everybody! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I would really appreciate it if any of you could recommend me artists who render 3D backgrounds.

So far, I have found these artists through Instagram:

Aside from these talented artists, is there anyone else that you would like to recommend? If so, please do!

Thank you so much in advance. :heart:

- Tanya


The only 3d artist I knew was wincy on Instagram.But Sites like Deviant art have loads of 3D render artists.That do both characters and backgrounds at an extremely professional level.You just need to use search words like 3d modelors and there will be loads of drawing popping up that may help you find an artist of your choice to commission.

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Thanks for suggesting!

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Hello, I am actually a 3d Render artist for a living but I’ve never considered using my interior design renders for Episode cause they take time and I know people would not want to pay that much for backgrounds

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also do 3D rendering

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Thank you! I was actually considering getting into 3D rendering myself but it’s going to take a while trying to get used to it and learn so in the time being I wanted to see other people’s work. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can definitely understand that as 3D render artists, it’s only fair if they charge prices for their work. :relaxed:


is that u in ur profile photo?

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Yeah, that’s me

ur stunning

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Thank you :blush: you’re so kind

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Hey, I have some 3D rendered backgrounds

@luna_epsd on Insta

Hello. I am also looking for suggestions.