3rd Annual Whose Post Is It Anyway? || RP || Official Thread


You look at the large mansion in front of you. Whether it was your own adventurous soul or the pleasing of a close friend, or just out of pure boredom you accepted the invitation to come here. Or maybe you just wondered here on your own. You walk through the large doors and see other people arriving. After a few moments inside the beautiful mansion the doors and windows all shut. You go to check them and they are all locked from the inside, meaning people could come in but couldn’t go out. What is going on?

So that is the basic plot. It isn’t super detailed because you guys are supposed to expand on it! Make it interesting and add your own twists!

Anyone can participate you just need to use at least one of your characters from a past RP (You can bring back as many characters as you want). To jump in just state the character you are bringing back, what RP they were from and then start roleplaying!

All of you have been in RP so you should know how to act but just in case, here are the rules:

  1. No OP or Godmodding
  2. Swearing is allowed but not excessively
  3. No descriptive/vulgar sex scenes
  4. Be original and contribute the plot! Make the story interesting
  5. No Controlling/Killing Other Characters without their permission
  6. Any Powers that your character has can transfer over
  7. The Character can be from any RP whether it is dead, currently happening or still in the signup process

This RP will be fairly short unless people want to make it last longer.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin!

(Link to all the Faceclaim links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IKFEyo4YD4tsfJxo0atBCF5NSzrM3X6AoVRpRaomtvc)

4th Bianuual Whose Post It It Anyway || RP || Official Thread

ORP : It’s been so long sense I Rp’d…

~ Azura ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Azura kicks open the door of the mansion, “SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE FOOD IS?!” Azura sees the table, and jumps into the table, crashing the table and most of the food falling on her white dress. “okay, maybe that was a tad extreme?” She chuckles to herself and starts to lick the food of her arms.

ORP : Approachable


ORP: Imma bring back Issac from DICE, Robyn from Push Play and Alec from The End of The World

Issac enters the mansion. He notices the girl divingfor the good a chuckles. He decides to walk up to her. “Hey.” He says with a grin.

ORP: @FallenAngelNight13 (Azura)

Robyn enters the mansion and quickly begins scanning the area. The place is nice and clean and littered with book shelves. A large crystal chandelier hangs above the dining table which is covered with food. She slowly begins walking toward the food table before she hears the large mansion doors shut. She quickly rushes back to the door and finds that it is locked. “What is going on…” She mumbles nervously to herself.

Alec stands in the corner, his arms folded. He looks at the people. What was going on? Did all of these people survive the End of the World too? And how was this mansion still intact? Or did I just dream all of that…? Alec thought staring at the people and rolling his eyes. A part of him couldn’t help but hope that James was somehow here too hidden in the crowd.

ORP: Robyn and Alec Approachable!


~ Azura ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hey to you too.” Azura winks. She continues to lick the chocolate off her arms, “How yah doing? Oh do you want some chocolate?” She holds our her arm


Issac grins but shakes his head no. He wasn’t that hungry. He fiddled with the deck of cards in his pocket along with his magic dice out of habit.

“So… Do you know what is going on here?” He asked.


~ Azura ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hmm uh what, I thought this was my engagment party.” Azura chuckles, “I guess not because everyone looks lame as crap. I’m Azura. You?”


ORP: ooohhh! Yay! I think I’ll join. This is still the same Kitten by the way. Also, does the RP need to be dead to use the character?

~>>Haley (from Galileo)<<~
Why I had agreed to go to this party, I still had no idea. I guess after we had all gone home after that year at Galileo, I still wanted some adventure. Just not “I’m going to kill you now” adventure. I walk in, and the door shuts behind me. Creepy. I look around. There wasn’t that many people here yet. I kinda wished Drake had come with me, but he had had something else. I still had that sword though. I didn’t see why I would need it, but I had grabbed it on the way out. Never hurt to come prepared.

ORP: approachable


~Sappell ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Gah!” Sappell faints when he sees the sword and prentends to die, “I’m dead there’s no point in killing me more.”

ORP : @Kittenlove


“I wasn’t going to kill you,” I protest. “Let’s just say I don’t feel very safe without it.” I think back. “Yup, definitely feel safer with the sword.”



~Sappell ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Protect from what? Monsters? Crap do I need a diaper or blanket?”


I shrug. “Zombies? And please choose the blanket and not the diaper.”


Nope, it does not.


ORP: sweet. I’m gonna bring Paige here then to spread the love. (And knives.)


“Issac.” He responded, and then he realized what she had said before. “Engagement party? You’re engaged?” He asked confused and intrigued.


ORP: Mrs. Foxworth of The Unmarked and Amor Nervosa and DICE because the hell with it I love this old lady so much

She looked at the mansion in front of her. She’d accepted the invite to come here mostly out of boredom and curiosity. It wasn’t like she had much to occupy her these days anyway- she’d retired from teaching a few years ago, and had begun to settle into a quiet life with a parakeet and a plant or seven.

She pondered the notion of perhaps turning back around and going home. These were certainly strange circumstances, possibly dangerous ones, and besides, Petey’s cawing might annoy the neighbors and she didn’t want to upset them. After a few minutes she decided that Petey’s cawing and her safety didn’t matter- it wasn’t like she had long left anyway, and if there was a time in her life to enter strange mansions she’d been invited to, it was now.

She opened the door and walked in. “Wonderful, it’s a bunch of kids.” She muttered to herself when she saw the people already there. She sincerely hoped they weren’t her ex-students pranking her, but judging by the fact that she recognized no faces yet, that didn’t seem to be the case. Though she couldn’t quite be sure- there’d been so many. She looked around the room, trying to see if there was anyone she knew here.

ORP: Approachable


ORP: time for some lovely fairy taled victims… I mean friends! Friends!

I slowed Blaze to a halt in front of the house. Remember what happened last time you accepted a strange invitation? My brain told me. Go die in a hole, I told it back. I was going to have some fun, and forget about Aura and Mich and Nick and Cara for a night.

“Why are you so freaking heavy Parker?” I complained as I pulled (attempted to pull) Parker towards the mansion. “I am not going in there.” He glared at me. “But it’ll be fun!” I protested. “You could make friends!”
“No. I’m staying right here with Piper. Piper?” Piper had already run off into the mansion. “You planned that,” he accused me. I shrugged. “I’m not admitting to anything. Now excuse me while I go have fun with Piper.” I ran to follow her, stepping into the mansion and heading right over to the snack table, where I promptly magiked up a glass of wine.

I grinned as I broke for the mansion. Paige had know Parker would never agree to come, but she also knew he would try and protect me. So we had formulated a plan. Well, actually I had done must of the formulating while Paige threw knives. But still.

I groan, and set off towards the mansion. A few people are already milling about inside, so I go stand in a corner, making a mental note to go take Paige’s wine if she offered it to anyone. I also kept an eye on Piper.

ORP: all four approachable


ORP: yAy Imma join this. I’ll bring back Raven (heh) from DICE, and Lethal from Bad Guys (which was an RP before it was an SG, so I think it counts??)


She took a deep breath before walking into the party, hesitant to even go there because parties weren’t (and have never been) her scene. She barely even knew why she had even come, and it was totally not because she had heard word that Issac would be there, nope no way.

Nevertheless, she had come to the party, and it seemed to be okay for now. She thought that she saw the principal of her school there, but her eyes must’ve been playing tricks on her. There was no way that her principal was there at the party. She looked around, not seeing anyone she knew, and not really wanting to talk to anyone. Maybe she could get through this whole party without engaging in a conversation (except if it was with Issac. In that case, that would be something short of a miracle) and just reading her book the whole time. She had gotten to a good part anyway…


How great it was to be out of jail! It was certainly an…interesting…experience, but it was definitely one he hoped he’d never have to do again. This was his first party he’d been to since getting out of that hellhole, and he was excited to be able to go to one. It seemed like there were mostly kids here, though, but he didn’t mind. He found that kids were more fun than adults seemed to be anyway.

He grabbed a drink from a nearby table and sipped on it, smiling as he looked on at all that was going on around him. He loved parties and the sound of everyone having fun. This was something he knew Hanna would’ve loved to go to, but he knew that she had that thing with Hero tonight. Too bad. It would’ve been much more fun if she were here.

ORP: They’re both approachable.


–Yuki– (Beyond The Kingdom)
After constantly getting herself worked over and fighting in general, she was glad to have some kind of breather. Then again, with all the conflict finally settling down, she figured she would have a long break ahead of her. With Scortch being mysteriously inactive, she knew it would be bad if she constantly stressed about him when there were virtually no news about him. And even if she did want to worry, it would only make her on edge and prone to snapping at people for no reason at all.

She did miss her old friends from before, and as much as she wanted to see them again, she had no idea where to find any of them, despite her good tracking skills as a kitsune. There was a chance that they would have went out of the country to pursue their own adventures, but she still felt sad that she couldn’t stay in contact with them. Of course, she could randomly chance on meeting them in the mansion, but the thought of it made her laugh; the possibility of that happening was probably slim to begin with, though it was still a nice thing to think about.

Finally walking to the mansion, she tried not to make too much of a ruckus opening the door, or accidentally scratching at it. It’d be a bit of an embarrassment if she was going to be have to be responsible for property damage and ruining the appearance of the mansion already. With that, she closed the door behind her and walked around. She didn’t really imagine what she could do in the mansion, though judging by the many rooms there, she could find some ideas. There was the problem of finding them, but she was sure she could make some up on the spot, as long as it didn’t result in a bloody mess afterwards.


–Luciana– (The Arcana Wars)
Taking a deep breath, she looked on to the mansion with an unsure glance. She had no idea if it was safe to go there, or if there were any traps. And looking at what she had with her, she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to keep her bow with her, considering she wasn’t going to be fighting anyone (hopefully). Everything about the mansion just gave her an uneasy feeling, but it might have been the fact that she wasn’t used in such a… Normal environment. She was just glad that she didn’t have to fight for her life anymore, though her memories still haunted her for many years to come. Calming herself down once more, she cautiously entered through the mansion.

Once she checked her surroundings, she decided to investigate the other rooms and make sure nothing suspicious was going on. It was the next best thing she could do anyhow, and it would help her clear her mind a bit. She also wasn’t in the mood to actively talk to other people. After all, she didn’t know if they would judge her or make an enemy out of her, but she supposed she could try to talk to them when she had the chance.


–Sadie– (Amor Nervosa)
“Oh, god, why am I even here?” she mumbled, glancing at the mansion and back at wherever the exit was. She just hoped that the trip would be worth it; she didn’t want to have to lose her mind talking and interacting with any idiots that might be there, because she knew for a fact that there were going to be at least one or more of them. But on the bright side, she had a book and a death glare that can probably keep people from bothering her. The only problem would be those who persist to talk to her, but she could probably avoid that if she hid somewhere as well.

She then walked towards the mansion, opening the door before she could bring herself to back out and just bolt out of the place. Then, as she planned, she walked over to where the library was and shut herself in the room. Since there were so many other books here, she could probably find more books after speeding through the book she brought, which would also give her an excuse to stay in the room and not talk with anyone. With one of her rare smiles, she sat down and opened her book to start reading.

ORP: All of them are approachable


“Hmm, nah. Nope. No. Perfect!” I grinned to myself, as I had made a cool looking knife. I had made the wine disappear, as I wasn’t going to get myself into any more kissing bet, so had started to walk around, conjuring random knives. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite paying attention to where I was going and slammed into some guy (Lethal.) “Oh, oops!” I exclaimed, dropping my knife.



May I present…
Dax from Beyond the Kingdom
Liana from Orphans
and finally…
James from End of the World (You up for some Jalec? @SillyCupcake22233 )

.: Dax | Beyond the Kingdom :.
He was unsure where exactly he was. It appeared to be some sort of… manor? He hadn’t expected this when he had accepted the invite. Most of the ones he had seen were ruined thanks to Scortch, his most merciful ruler. The residents had been lucky to be enslaved rather than burnt like their former homes. Dax walked with elegance through he home as he pondered where his old master had gone and another thought emerged.

His former friends. The ones he had gone and explored and adventured with. It almost brought a smile to his face. Almost. They were nothing to him now and he waved away the thought as if it were nothing, for it was nothing.

.: Liana | Orphans :.
Where the hell am I? Liana thought. Hopefully it wasn’t hell, or close to the hell she’d seen. The orphanage was long gone now and she was relieved about that though parting ways with her friends was saddening.

The place didn’t look like an orphanage, luckily. She had simply attended because of the strange invite and only because she was bored. If I’m lucky there won’t be ghosts either The thought made her shiver with horror as she walked and admired the grandeur.

.: James | End of the World :.
“Ok, a mansion? Perfectly in tact?” He muttered out loud as he looked around for Alec. Maybe he was- why did he care about that b*stard? He didn’t, not at all.

“DID THE WORLD END OR NOT! MAKE UP YOUR MIND EARTH!” James suddenly yelled before walking inside to ensure he wasn’t dreaming. “Is it meteor proof maybe? How?” He asked himself quietly as he walked with caution, taking care not to disturb anything.

ORP: All Approachable!