4 Background Characters needed (Limelight)



hello! Here’s my character:

Male/Female: Female
Skin tone: Rose 03
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty
Mouth color: Red Deep Matte
Nose: Defined Natural
Eye: Deepset Almond
Eye color: Black Brown
Eyebrows: Arched Natural
Eyebrow color: Dark Brown
Face shape: Diamond
Hairstyle: Short Wavy Ombre
Hair color: Dark Brown
Has a line (yes or no): Doesn’t Matter
Which scene do you prefer it in: Restaurant
Outfit (if not Hospital): Shown Above
Name (if needed): Wren


Here my character you could use…

Has a line (yes or no): Does not matter
Which scene do you prefer it in: Restaurant (client 2)
Outfit (if not Hospital): In photo above
Name (if needed): Michelle


Thank you!!


Thank you!!!


Gold 2
Full Heart Pouty
Red Matte
Defined Natural
Deepset Downturned
Arched Natural
Deep Brown
Round Soft
Long Feathered
Chestnut Brown
Yes? I am not sure if this means if I want a line but I do if it means that (if you need that)
Doctor 2 please
My name is Maya if needed



I don’t know if you still need any but here they are:

One of them could be a doctor and the other could be a patient.


thank you @MayaRose, @DarkAngel0409 and @Sunset_Shimmer


@Sydney_H can you help me close this please?



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