4 Passes Not Regenerating

The passes i’m supposed to be getting every 4 hours are NOT regenearating and it’s frustrating!! Does anybody know why this is happening??

Maybe because of the new update but other than that I don’t know

Do you already have 4+ passes?

No, i only have 4 passes as of now.

You can’t regen if you have 4 or more, sorry

I have the same problem! But i actually asked someone and they said theirs is refilling every 4 hours even if they have more than 4 passes

that’s what was going on with my episode passes too and then one day they stopped getting bigger and starting getting smaller and episode told me that i had to use up all of the passes i had collected in order to begin the refill process.

This is ridiculous!!! Why did they change the policy argh i like to accumulate my passes

So they could earn more money selling passes. It’s just business, which, at it’s core, is what Episode is.