4 passes recharged every 4 hours

I just finished reading 40 chapters so I unlocked 4 passes recharged every 4 hours instead of 3. I searched whole internet to find out if there is any next level? E.g. I’ll get 5 passes every 4 hours if I complete reading 80 chapters or something. If anyone know,please reply to this topic. Thanks.


That’s the max. And I too get the feeling of trying to get a higher amount of passes lol :joy:

I also know, because after getting 4 passes, I read Dripping Mascara, and let me just tell you, I’ve read 130 chapters, and until now I still don’t have 5 passes lol. So I’m pretty sure you can’t :purple_heart: :blush:



I have like, 10 passes somehow (probably from the daily challenges, and I know this isn’t directly on subject). I do think 4 is the max, though.


Well, I get 8 passes every two hourse, huh, Idk how I got so much. I mean I do read like EVERY single day but Idk weird hmmmmm

wait what? 8 every two hours?? did you purchase something?


Nope, that’s what is making me COMPLETELY and utterly confused…

wow. how many passes do you have right now?


I get confused too. I don’t remember picking up the tickets from those things, and I don’t read that many stories; but I still have a lot of passes.

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sadly no, using the four passes will let you complete the challenge for a free pass so hoard those free passes girl. I was able to save using those challenges and I have 148 passes and I only bought 20


I get 7 passes every few hours.


I got 4 passes after every 4 hours but now I have 6 passes without any challenge.
Till now I have read like 50 new stories and still reading new one.

I got 6 passes every four hour.

How many episodes have you read?

Wow. Read all the comments, seems like I have long way to go. I just started Episode like week ago. I’m almost reading 6-8 episodes a day. Let’s see if I get more passes hourly, I will update this topic. Thank you all.

Well I have got 6 every 3 or 2 and a half hours Because I use it daily and read many episodes and read more than 50 stories

But when I was new to episode I used to have 3 passes every 4 hours

I get 4 passes every 4 hours and I’ve read 1249 chapters. :thinking:

Wow! I am so curious. I remember that I spent most, if not all of my passes on a story a few months ago, but now I have more than 4 passes.

I have 14 passes in total. Every four hours, if I have 7 passes, the next few hours, give me 7 more so I have 14.