400 lines of dialogue?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I don’t really know how to use the forum.
I’ve been writing a story that hasn’t been published yet, and I have a question.

I read some post that said that each episode needs to have at least 400 lines of dialogue. Does the name of the character before the dialogue, count as one of those lines?
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Would that count as 2 lines or 1 line of dialogue?

I’m not sure, since I write above the minimum, but I’m guessing maybe that would count as one since on the previewer and on the app, those two lines of coding would show as one speechbubble, I may be wrong though. :blush:

Thanks for the reply! Also, do you mind if I follow your profile on Episode Interactive? :smile:

While it says 400 lines of dialogue, I think what it is counting to allow you to publish or not is the number of coding lines you are using. So basically what you have will count as 2 lines even though the reader only reads one. Once you hit line 400, the portal allows you to publish.

Side Note: The place to post this would be Directing Help.

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I guess adding “dialogue” at the end instead of “script” or something, confuses everyone. I can barely do 200 character dialogues or “chat bubbles” per episode lol. And thank you for the information! :slight_smile:

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My author name is Love S.
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As you start writing, you’ll realise it’s awfully hard to keep up with the said “rules”, as long as you have over 400 lines in general, I suppose that’s fine, but trust me, as you get lost in your story you’ll be writing well over that anyway. I started writing three days ago and I’m already at 4000 words!

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Hi @amorstefanny and welcome to the forums! Feel free to check out our forum tutorial that has some pretty useful info regarding how to use the Episode forums. Feel free to reach out to @Ryan or myself with any forum related questions you might have. Thanks!


Hi! I’ve been writing a story and I want to publish it. But there’s a problem. It says each episode needs to have at least 400 lines of text. I read too many episode but no of it was that long. Even the user stories. Why mine should be that long?

I wish I could assist you with this but I am not certain why this would be happening. Your best bet is to submit a request to our support team so they can assist you with and hopefully get it resolved.

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I tried directin help and tips but there is nothing I need there please help

@amorstefanny @lililoly
I really suggest you to write longer episodes. An average user story is about 1500-2000 lines or even more. No one can publish below 400 lines, and believe me, you wouldn’t want to do it either. Try reaching the minimum then check it on your preview: it will be less than a minute to read. Also you don’t need to have 400 lines of dialogue, every single script line counts with all the directing you do. My first story had an average 800-1000 lines per chapter and many readers complained it was too short. If you write less, no one will continue reading after your first chapter.

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Can I delete a story that I published?

Unfortunately you can’t. But you can update your episodes by adding a few scenes if you feel it’s too short.

No. Once a story has been published, you can not delete it. You can however lock the story if you no longer want people to have the ability to read it.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I go over 500 lines of script with just choices and directing codes. I was only worried about how many dialogues I needed at least per episode :flushed: Since 400 seems like a lot!

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Thank you so much! :relaxed:

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Yes, I understand that. I was just wondering how many dialogues I needed per episode, excluding lines of directing and choices… :flushed: I was reading different episodes to count their character and narrator dialogues and they never exceeded 400 of them, it was always around 200. So I got confused when I read “400 lines of dialogue” :sweat_smile: