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Plot : It’s a lovely morning in the Cafe De Tune. Some characters are working, and some are enjoying their favorite drink while they catch up.

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~ Aveza ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ //// ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Barista ~

Aveza stands behind the counter, texting. Lmao, love you too! XOXO :slight_smile: Aveza yawns, she was already so done with working.

ORP : approachable


Evie Hunter
She came up to the counter. “Shouldn’t you be working - and not… texting?” She asked, raising her eyebrows at the girl she just caught behind the counter.

@FallenAngelNight13 - Aveza


Lila Rosuello (lmao idk which rp, just wanted to bring her back from many months ago)

I pranced up to a seat with a wide grin. The cafe itself seemed to be moving because of all the people. Well, there weren’t that many but I assumed it was a busy day because there were new people I never saw before. I always came to the cafe when I was tired, hungry, thirsty, bored, angry, happy; basically all the time when I could. I never knew why I liked the cafe. It just gave me such positive vibes.

As I realised that I was standing in front of a chair with a huge smile, I quickly sat down, ignoring the questioning gazes directed at me from the elderly woman close by.

I glanced out the window, happy thoughts fluttering in my brain as my mind softly calmed down from the rest of the world.

ORP: Approachable :))) Haven’t done this in ages so ignore any awkward random stuff.


~ Aveza ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Amor Nervosa)

Aveza slams her phone onto the counter, shattering it, “Happy now? God, all you customers are the same.” Aveza rolls her eyes, “You look like a Latte person with extra foam, and chocolate. GUESS WHAT! That makes it a MOCHA with extra foam.” Aveza looks at her broken phone, scoffs, then pulls out a second from her back pocket, “So, welcome to Cafe De Lune, what can I get for you today?”



Roderick || Road Trip || Sitting on a table

◤ Giving out a tired sigh, Roderick put his cup of coffee back down on the table as he tried to focus of the papers he had right in front of him. Looking at the watch in his wrist, he noticed it had been twenty minutes already, but he had only managed to read five lines of the text he was supposed to work on. He was really thankful for the job Kaia had given him, and he found enjoyment in being able to proofread manuscripts before sending them to the real editors. However, after being up all night trying to catch up with schoolwork, it was complicated to read what seemed to be the purple prose of a douchebag with the delusion of being a writer.

The boy looked at his watch once again, and then dug his hand into the inner pocket of his jacket. He still had no texts from Cael, which should have been obvious given how he was probably still at his swimming practice. But Roderick was still eager to talk to the other boy, longing for his laugh and his warm presence. Shaking his head slightly, Roderick groaned. It wasn’t time for him to be thinking about Cael, he had work to do. He laughed lowly, thinking how ridiculous this situation would have seemed to him a year or two ago.

Taking his cup up to his mouth once again, he found out to his dismay that he had already finished his coffee. He stared at the empty cup for a few seconds, wondering if it would have been worth it to buy another one. He was tired, and the manuscript he had didn’t seem to help his situation, but it was not like he wanted to finish the manuscript anyway.

It was the thought of Kaia that motivated him to stand up and take a place in the line for him to get more coffee. He couldn’t disappoint her now, not when he was basically living on her account. He had considered, for a brief second, leaving the manuscript on the table, as if to claim his spot. But that would have been too irresponsible, even for himself. After all, even though they had a digital copy, this was the one that had all of his notes and comments, he couldn’t just leave it like that.

Looking around the shop absentmindedly, Roderick waited in line, hoping this cup would actually wake him up.◢
ORP: Approachable.
I’ll write the intro for more characters later.


I think it’s time to bring back my dicer… hehehe…

[ Eclipse ]

Ah… today’s a good day for a scone… the voice inside my head spoke, my eyes fixated on the slowly swaying trees outside my bedroom window.
I snatched a few hundred dollars from my new briefcase and pocketed them, along with my new pouch of dice and a lighter, then opened the window and cautiously stepped onto the roof of my house. I could feel a slight breeze as I hopped down to the ground and jogged out to the new cafe that opened up in town. It made the trees rustle and sway as I passed by… a perfect day indeed.

When I reached the shop, I casually strolled in and lined up, hoping… just hoping that X wouldn’t interfere. That little fucker better not make me do anything insane today…

ORP: Approachable.


~ Suzy - Sue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzy - Sue sneaks behind someone, and looks over their shoulder, “I can tell you are deep entranced in thought. You should share, I wouldn’t want those thoughts clogging up the rest of your day.” Suzy -Sue whispers in to his hear, “I’m a great listener.” She smirks, then ‘innocently’ giggles, “Ooo, look at that, you are on your second, maybe third cup of coffee. Maybe you should add some magic to that coffee cup, and REALLY wake up. I have something that might help, but it will cost you.”



.: Dax | Beyond the Kingdom :.
Dax wandered inside the strange building, hoping to find some sort of sanctuary. How had he arrived in this blasted place? Darn you Scorch! You tricked me! He thought angrily, recalling his last memory was that of Scorch bidding him to stand next to him before getting shoved into the portal. How was he to get back? To get revenge? To defeat his former lord? To… get back to his friends? He was currently unsure of how to do so when he noticed another person close to him in some sort of line. Mind control? “Excuse me, where am I?” Dax asked quickly, doing his best to cover up his one golden eye with his hair. _I haven’t seen any manticores or anything of the sort here. Perhaps they have eradicated them all and can help me with my… problem.

@L375 (Eclipse)


oof gtg so will write more later but if anyone is interested here are some characters to approach

  • Seraphina [Arcana Wars] = Waiting in line

  • Caspian [Fairytale Forest] = Barista

  • Thea [Mount Olympus High] = Sitting at a table alone

  • James [End of the World] = Grouching barista is he in frankenstein? yes but idc he was in end of the word first and frankenstein hasnt started yet so eh


~ Wilky ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Exoisa) ~

Wilky looks around, where the heck . . . How did he get here? Look behind you Wilky turns around to see a girl looking out a window, What about it? It’s just a girl I bet she’s . . . yummy. Eat her. Wilky bites his lip, it has been awhile since he’s killed anyone. Wilky walks toward her, and sits down, “What do you eat? What are you drinking?” Wilky places his hands on the table, “Can I get you another drink?”



Salem Blackwell - Alium Academy - Sitting at a table

Salem rubbed the side of his mask as he stared down at the book he was trying to read. It was an encyclopedia on out-dated medical techniques. Things like bloodletting, lobotomy, and other out dated and potentially inhumane practices.

Lifting his head and his gaze, he looked up at the others in the café. He spotted one barista and about five other customers. His gaze shifted to the guy sitting on the table. I wonder what kind of things he likes. He either seems like a interesting guy or a complete asshole.

He blinked a bit before looking back to his book, hitting the beak of his mask on the table on accident. He let out a slightly frustrated sigh, considering taking it off. And then, if he did that, it might get stolen. But who really would steal a mask?



Lila Rosuello

I looked towards the voice, feeling startled.
“Oh,” I giggled a small, breathy laugh, "It’s fine, I’m good with just this one drink.
It was refreshing yet bewildering with this person’s direct approach. Usually, people were much vaguer when they spoke with me but I assumed they were all just shy and it wasn’t because of my personality. I mean, I didn’t think I was that annoying.
“I’m Lila, what’s your name?” I asked instead, standing up to give him a handshake.

@FallenAngelNight13 (:


[ Eclipse ]

I heard a voice from behind… just the thing I didn’t want on a day like today. I slowly turned around, noticing the hairs covering the eye of a fairly curious-looking individual. I proceeded to make an unamused expression and roll my eyes at his comment, subtly gesturing to the people sitting at tables, drinking hot beverages. I turn back around, hoping that this dude won’t make me crave a bittersweet scone instead of my usual.



~ Wilky ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wilky sits down, and looks into her eyes. Making good eye contact… while she’s alive I see? Shut up Wilky wonders if he should of gotten a coffee or something with an espresso punch to it, but alas he didn’t need it. Most people need it to wake up, but he doesn’t sleep much. Wilky, in a dull tone, replies, “My name is Wilky. Like the Milky way, but with a ‘W’.” He leans back, “Lila… is that a flower-” ew, I don’t want to eat a flower. - “You are named after? Are you a human?”

@Mashia xD


.: Dax | BTK :.
“Um, hello?” He snarled aggressively as he tapped the person on the shoulder slightly harder. All this scoundrel had done was give a weak gesture to the place around Dax which didn’t answer his question at all. “I asked you, where am I?” It was strange to go unanswered and… not feared like this. This world was strange and seemed quite advanced which gave him hope. Back there, people would run or kiss up to me. Here I’m just a stranger… with a big problem. Well, aren’t we a sour sport?



[ Eclipse / DICE ]

I was put off by the tap on my shoulder and snarl from the person behind me, so much so that I turned around and immediately gave him a glare that said, Don’t you dare speak to me again, mister.
Still agitated, I reached into my pocket and began fumbling with my phone. After a short while, my phone began speaking, and I mouthed,

This is a cafe, dumbass. What else could it be? Like, seriously, look around, mister shit-for-brains.

Satisfied, I turned back around and added that dude to the list of people I never want to talk to again. Ever.



.: Dax | BTK :.
I didn’t even understand half of those words. What in the Great Phoenix was a dumbass or a cafe? Dax could only think it was supposed to be some kind of insult. What was that strange contraption that pest had pulled out anyways? Why not just speak to him normally unless there was something wrong with their vocal chords perhaps? “What’s wrong with your voice? And why would you attempt to offend me?” Dax, the Right Hand of Scortch, Vessel of the Noxon. He finished subconsciously, cringing at the last part. No, not anymore… “I’m simply asking a question unless you’re too incompetent to comprehend that.” I even used my best manners!



[ Eclipse | DICE ]

I didn’t respond nor turn around for a third time, though my eyebrows furrowed with anger when that dude continued talking. I simply crossed my arms and pretended to not hear him.

Yep, definitely craving a bittersweet scone now.



I feel so bad for Dax when I’m writing for Eclipse, because this is how I remember him being!
Poor, poor Dax…


.: Dax | BTK :.
“Excuse. Me.” He hissed sharply, both eyes glinting golden for a moment before the right one faded into its natural green once again. “You’re probably the most stubbornly stupid person I’ve ever met. I’m simply being honest,” Dax remarked coldly as a sharp pain shot through his skull, causing him to wince backwards for a moment. You never answered me. Shut up already, beast! Tsk, tsk. Remember Dax, I’m here to help you. All it would take is one- No, I refuse to listen to you ever again. I refuse to poison another person with your foul essence. Well, if you say so, though I’m disappointed…



Nah don’t feel bad for him he kinda deserves it

Plus this interaction is super fun :3


[ Eclipse | DICE ]

Ugh, why won’t this dude just shut up already? I just came here for my scone… and now I’m getting this? What a way to ruin my so-called ‘perfect’ day…
To express my ‘gratitude’ for… whatever just happened, I pulled a crumpled-up piece of paper and a pen out of my pocket. I began scribbling a note onto the paper, and flicked it behind me once I was done writing it.

The note

Oh, so now you’re calling me stupid,
That’s just how I am, you oblivious poophead.
And don’t you dare talk to me ever again,
'Cause you’re definitely not my fucking best friend.

~ E

I let my angered expression shift to a smirk once I was finished with the note, hoping that it’d keep him away for a good while. If not… I guess dice will be the next best option.