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.: Dax | BTK :.
His eyes scanned the strange piece of paper quickly, scowling almost immediately as he read it. Dax proceeded to rip it to shreds, his nails leaving black marks on it as he quickly tossed it into a nearby bin. “I have no intentions on being best of friends with a dumbass persons such as yourself,” He remarked calmly as he felt the Noxon inhabiting his head scream for blood and revenge. I told you to shut up. I’m in control now and once I’m rid of you I’ll be free.



Clem Victore | Camp Bridgewater

Clem flipped his hair a bit to get it out of his eyes before entering the cafe. He looked around before walking to the counter. He sees a girl complaining to the barista and sighs out of his nose. I just want a coffee and a muffin, is that too much to ask? He thought as he shoved his hands in the pocket of his jacket. He shifted his weight as he watched the two. A smirk appeared on his face at the barista’s response to the other customer. Seeing her take out another phone, he falters for a moment. She has two phones? What the hell?

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~ Aveza ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aveza scoffs, then climbs over a desk to a kid. “You are CUTE!” Aveza smiles, “Like cute with U and an I.” Aveza purrs, “What can I get for you today? Perhaps something hot or cold, spicy or sweet, savoy and chocolaty perhaps?” Aveza scans him, “Or maybe you want something to eat?”



[ Eclipse ]

Oh. No. You. Didn’t. Dumbass.

I grunted angrily, snapping my head back to face him again. I stared him down menacingly as I closed the gap between us, stopping when I was less than a foot away. I didn’t break my stare as I swiftly stomped on his right foot, crushing it as best as I could.

That’s what you get for messing with the dicer, shithead. Now… fuck off.



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.: Dax | BTK :.
He wondered why this idiotic mortal was walking towards him when he felt a jolt of pain run up his right leg. He accidentally let out a snarl as he clamped his mouth shut with his hand and took a few steps back to recuperate. By the grace of the Gods, that hurt!

“What in the world is wrong with you?” He growled as he clenched and unclenched his fists, trying not to unsheathe his toxic claws. It would just signify that he needed the Noxon… and he didn’t. “If you wish for a battle to settle this quarrel,” Dax hissed, wishing the pain lingering in his leg would fade already. “Come fight me then, and prove yourself, weak mortal.”


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Clem Victore

He raised an eyebrow at the girl who had climbed over the counter. It didn’t seem too professional. Not that he really cared. “I’ll take a hot black coffee,” He said before looking at the different foods that they had. “And a blueberry muffin.” He then said as he shoved his hands in his pockets. Something seems off about this person.



[ Eclipse ]

Mortal, you say?” I spat, not caring that I was the one doing the talking, rather than my phone. I guess it’s about time I put these dice of mine to good use…


With a sudden flash of light, I was right where I wanted to be, one foot behind him. Perfect.
I quickly turned around and threw a quick punch at the back of his neck, unsure if it fazed him.
My thoughts sprang into action afterwards, saying, Escape. Skyscraper rooftop.


Another flash of light brought me to safely, atop the roof of a skyscraper near the cafe. I sighed heavily, looking over the surrounding area from my dangerously high perch. No scone it is, I guess. At least it’s better than a bittersweet one.



.: Dax | BTK :.
He felt himself drop his jaw in shock as this creature spoke, but promptly shut it. Suddenly, the stranger had disappeared and he felt something hit his neck. He had taken worse blows before and this one had taken the breath out of him but it was weak. He recovered soon enough and when he turned around, they were gone. What was that flash of light? I’m suspecting there is something much stranger about that being than I originally thought. Dax racked his brain for answers, wondering what type of creature had such an ability before a burning sensation filled his head. Let me hunt them down for you. Give me c o n t r o l. He knew he had to resist. Giving the Noxon control was admitting he needed it. And he knew he didn’t, he didn’t!

But… his pride was burning right now and he made a stupid mistake. Do it.

At once, he felt himself snap out of his body as if pulled from it, and he felt helpless. The Noxon was pulling the strings now and he watched in horror as his body walked out of the cafe. He felt his eyes flicker as suddenly heat signatures popped up before him. The Noxon swiftly glanced around and focused on a singular signature, finally finding one similar to it… up a building. Interesting. Interesting. They both thought as they noticed what might be a figure standing atop it and made eye contact.



~ Aveza ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Black Coffee?” Aveza sighs, and jumps back over the counter. She takes a cup of Black Coffee and slams the cup on the table. She then takes a jar of sugar, and slams it next to the Coffee Cup, then takes the black coffee, and pours it into the Jar of Sugar. Aveza hands it to him, “Extra Dark with Extra Sugar, this will wake you up for good.” She then reaches under the counter food a blueberry muffin, and drops it in the coffee-sugar mix. “Anything else for you today Sir?”



Clem Victore

He watched as the girl jumped over the counter and readied a cup of black coffee. Once she moved the sugar over, he spoke. “I don’t need any sugar.” Despite what he said, she poured the coffee into it. He wrinkled his face in disgust when she put the muffin in the coffee. What the fuck? “If I try and drink that I’ll vomit.” He said. “Could I get just a black coffee in a cup with nothing else?”


◤ The surprise of someone talk to him from a point where he couldn't see them almost made Roderick clench his fists over the manuscript he was currently holding, and it was enough for him to cause some creases on the paper. Great, just what I needed, he thought as he tried to straighten the papers slightly. Letting out a small growl, he turned around to face this person, and frowned at what he saw.

The girl who was now in front of him couldn’t be older than fifteen, her hair was framing her face in two curly pigtails, her voice and specially her laugh still held something that resembled innocence, and her face still held something childish to it. not to mention she had spoken about magic. Where were this girl’s parents? That was something hypocritical for Roderick to ask, but something about this young child hanging on her own at the café was making him uneasy. What was she up to? A few scenarios came to his head, and they made him both curious and sorry for this child, but he decided not to say anything about it.

“Are you lost?” He blurted out, his tone was harsh, but that wasn’t unusual, and neither was the frowns in his face. “What are you doing here?” ◢


Ash MAZE RUNNER Behind the counter
Ash was slightly confused from being here after so long in the maze, but for some reason it felt right. The only thing that could possibly make this moment better was seeing her again, but Ash has look everywhere even his old home and nothing she vanished just like his mom.

Ash look around noticing strange things since being back, he had saw people disappeared, some sort of crazy magic tricks and all types of stuff he couldn’t put into words. He felt as though he was in a different world, or maybe he been watching to much sci-fi, which his sister had loved. But Ash life was pretty boring beside working his best at this job, the only motive that was keeping him alive was her but it was barely working.


~ Aveza ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aveza glares at him. She takes the jar- and throws it against the wall- shattering it all over the machines. “FINE. I’ll remake it like a normal person.” She walks to a closet, and pulls out a new machine and plops it on the counter. While the machine heats up she takes the old one, and puts it into a mini trashcan, which the machine flattens. While the machine brews some more, she jumps on the counter, and lays on her back, “You know, I’ve been having some really dark thoughts lately, like, what if the love of my life did love me back? Would I still be here harassing customers?”

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~ Suzy - Sue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“How can one be lost if they have all the answers?” Suzy - Sue purrs, “Maybe you are just what I am looking for tall dark and mysterious boy.” Suzy - Sue opens up a notebook, “What am I doing here is a difficult question, one, I love coffee. Two, I honestly don’t know how I got here. I’m pretty sure I died? I can’t recall when that happened though. Perhaps this is heaven.” Suzy - Sue pulls out a pen from her bra, “Let’s start this interview with a name and a mini bio about yourself?”



Clem Victore

He glanced to the exit a moment, not even sure he should put up with this girl’s nonsense. He then looked back when he heard the shattering of the jar. He watched unamused as she then took out another machine and began to brew more coffee. He rolled his eyes once she spoke laying on the counter.

“Sometimes I wonder–if my brother hadn’t wandered off and died, would I be happy now?” He asked rhetorically. “Whether he did or didn’t, I wouldn’t care about your sob story love life.” He spat.

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[ Eclipse | DICE ]

I glanced around the area from atop the skyscraper once more, eventually focusing my eyes towards the cafe. After staring at it for a few moments, I shifted my focus to someone, rather, something exiting, only to have it stare right back at me. Fucking hell.


In an instant, I was back on the roof of my own house, right outside the window to my room. Cautiously, I took a breath and sat down, then pulled out my phone and furiously began texting X.

E > Was this *your* doing?
X > ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
E > F*** you.

I groaned and rolled my eyes, displeased by the response I got from the little shit.

A few seconds passed by in silence, until I remembered the stare that brought me back home in the first place.
Was that… it *must’ve* been. But… how did he… if he isn’t…?

No. He *must* be a dicer.


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Ashley Stone-Richard|Cafe close to Auror High

I wake up and look around my surroundings to see I’m in a weird hall with pillows. What I stand up and look around the school, looking for something to do and where I am.

ORP Approachable

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.: Dax | BTK :.
What in the name of the Gods? What in the name of the Gods? They goth thought at the same time as the Noxon let out an animalistic snarl, sending a few people clinching away from them. They were there! I know I sensed them! It thought as Dax rolled his eyes mentally. He forgot how much of a whiner the Noxon could be a- oh no. Why was he letting it have control?!

It’s too late anyways. I’ll proceed to hunt, I’m sure they couldn’t have gotten far. It snapped back as Dax watched his body begin to move, following some scent trail he couldn’t even see himself. After a while, they ended up in some strange area of humble abodes and asked around. They mostly received “haven’t seen them” or “AH!” from passerbys. Great.



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~ Aveza ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aveza rolls to her stomach, “See you get me child. Why should anyone care about me?” Aveza hears the machine dings and growls, “UHHHHHHH seriously? I was just getting comfy.” She slides off the counter, and falls onto the floor. The stands up, and walks over to the machine, “Ha, looser. Your brother died. Did that really happen or are you just trying to get me to pity you?”



Clem Victore

“It actually happened.” He said. “It was in the newspaper and the local news. Not that I’d think you’d be the one to see either.” He said with a small shrug. He just wanted his coffee. He was getting more and more irritable as the minutes ticked on but was trying his best not to lash out too much.