4th Bianuual Whose Post It It Anyway || RP || Official Thread


~ Aveza ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Newspaper? Eew, are you like from the 18th century?” Aveza finishes his coffee, for a second time, and is about to hand it over to him, “That will be fifty six …” she pauses, “thousand dollars. You broke the machines dude. That’s going to cost you.”



Clem Victore

I broke it?” He said in disbelief. "You’re the one who went on a destructive tantrum. He shook his head and snatched the coffee, spilling it on the counter a bit. He then tossed a five dollar bill on it. He then promptly showed her his special little finger in the middle of his hand and sipped the coffee for extra effect. Ow, that’s really hot. He thought as he began to walk away.



~ Aveza ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I know where you live! You can’t hide from me!” Aveza calls out to him, “I’ll be burning down your house tonight! You owe me 56Thousand!” Aveza exclaims


Clem Victore

As IF. He thought bitterly as he exited the café and walked down the sidewalk a few paces. He shook his head as he looked down into the brown liquid. It’s not even good coffee. I should have just left. He thought. In spite of the whole experience, though, he was determined to finish the coffee.



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Ash noticed from the corner of his eyes, a very unsatisfied customer, but also a opportunity to get to know someone. Ash roll over the counter and caught up with the customer.
“Hi. So how’s the coffee?” Ash asked him turning his ran Into a steady walk.


Clem Victore

“It is atrocious.” He said simply. “Probably because of who served it.” He then said as he shook his head. He then looked to the stranger. Hm. “I wouldn’t suggest ordering today. Whoever the barista is,” He shook his head again. “She’s horrible.”