5 Annoying Things Forum-Users Do


1: They don’t read the replies; they just immediately post one.
2: They don’t think to use grammar.
3: They over-dramatize simple things.

“me preevooer dosent werk o no i so confuzzled noo im goina sdieyssasasdiufndsunfu!!” God forbid this actually happen…

4: They don’t read the forum rules and help before making a topic (… I’m being hypocritical, sorry)
5: …The one that annoys me the most- They decide to argue with every little thing they don’t agree with.

Anyone else feel these? btw feel free to add on to my list (and critisize me, idgaf)


It annoys me when they ask for help with something thats already addressed in the Directing Commands Document that episode provides LITERALLY on the portal. Like… It’s right here. sis…


“Need Help?”



Haha, I totally agree with that. I’ve seen posts that are like “How do I change outfits?” or “How do I make choices?” and I’m like, “(hopefully) Human being, that’s been covered in the Episode Help docs and examples. JUST READ IT.” Though I’m too nice to say anything.


Well most of us are here for helping the people that just don’t quite understand it yet! :grin:

  1. People using/posting other creators backgrounds without the credit.
  2. People advertising their threads everywhere they can.
  3. Drama… I hate DRAMA.
  4. People who can’t read the guides you made for them (they just want a ready code)
  5. Rude people (not asking, just demanding)


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When users make a thread for their contest/workshop/story and then create multiple threads saying “Check out my ____!” with a link to the original thread. First of all, it’s against the forum guidelines; Second, it’s so annoying.


“2: They don’t think to use grammar.”

I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes it’s hard for me to write in English: I understand those people as English isn’t an easy language for everyone.


I understand that. I have trouble writing in English too, sometimes… I guess I kind of meant like punctuation.


@Apes Totally agree with all of those points.

@luciaricci Wow, I haven’t seen that before, but I’d get just as equally annoyed. Especially since it’s SPECIFICALLY listed in the Forum guidelines NOT to do that.

Aaaand sorry for making it in the wrong section, hardworking moderator. :slight_smile:


Another one:
They post the link to their story in as many threads as possible, even if their story has nothing to do with the topic.


I honestly don’t mind most of these at all :blush: If someone needs directing help, they might be asking here because they need it to be formulated differently than in the official docs or can’t find the right topic on the forums. I think these forums are pretty good and the people who promote their stories everywhere are just kind of a little nuisance. I like to ask people to leave their link to their story on my most popular topic because I know how difficult it is to get your story recognized on this app.

However, I spend most of my time on the forums in the Episode Fan Community section, so I don’t know much about the other sections. The only kind of forum users who’ve really been annoying me lately are the ones who open all these topics about some art groups’ drama. I flagged one of them because it was just filled with drama, bullying, insults, and whatnot. I mean, can’t they settle their beef in private? I know these are mostly young girls who just like creating drama, but I have no respect for people like that. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it. It seems to have calmed down now.


Yes! I agree with all 5, especially spamming