5 Gems to skip ads


Thank you so much for adding this feature. I love the option to use gems to skip ads. I am saving a lot of wasted time. Lol.
Thank you!




I heard about this but I didn’t think it was real


I don’t think I have this?


Quick question: Once you use the 5 gems, does it get rid of all of the ads forever or just for that episode? I’m clueless and am probably being stupid, but I would like to know before I use my gems :joy:


It’s just for that episode.


Omg, how do people do that for every episode? I have, like, no gems :joy:


I only do i here and there, im usually gemless


I think I’d rather watch the ads cuz earning 5 gems takes longer than watching an add


I’d do it when I’m on the edge of my seat because there’s a gigantic cliffhanger from the previous episode, and I don’t want to watch through the ads. :sweat_smile:



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