5 things in common (game)

okay so, I’m bored and i wanna make a game this game is called five things in common and basically what happens is you have to find five things in common with somebody on the game. (Right now I’m using voice to text cos I have fake nails on)
feel free to tag people aswell so there’s more people to find things in common with.
i’m Gonna demonstrate now-
girlygamer_92 - I like cats.
thatonevampdude - same! i like macaroni cheese.
girlygamer_92 - ew no, i like call of duty!
thatonevampdude - same! i like tacos.
girlygamer_92 - yummy, same! i like going to the beach!
And so on.
Keep going until you find 5 things in common and, then you can find somebody else to do with.
it make sense in my mind and if you don’t understand, feel free to ask me how it works!
If you’re having trouble finding a partner, you can always tag me and I’ll do it with you.

i like popcorn.

I love popcorn, I like tomb raider, game and movie.

I love popcorn, soccer, games, and movies. Action movies are a totally awesome!

I love all of that too, and I absolutely love Billie Eilish!!

Bilish Eilish is the bomb! I love her spooky side in her music!


I like Billie - but I LOVE BASKETBALL. Check my profile lmao.