502 Error message


So, recently, every time I try to post something on the forums, I get this ‘502 error’ message. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

@Sydney_H @Jeremy would this be something I submit a ticket for?


Same is happening to me


Is it that it just doesn’t work on certain topics? :thinking:


I haven’t been able to post anything, period. This is the first topic I’ve been able to post on.


on mine it says the forums is under maintenance


Oh wow mine just says 502 error but only on certain topics


Yeah, now that I’m trying other topics, it seems to only be certain ones.


Which ones aren’t working for you?


Mostly ones in the story games and role playing section. I can’t post anything on the rp threads


I’ve tried a few rps and none of them worked :slightly_frowning_face:


Same here


It works now


No need to submit a ticket. :wink: Do let us know if this happens again, though. :smiley:

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