502 Error + Posts taking super long to...well, post



Idk if this is in the right category or not so @Jeremy or @Sydney_H, please tell me if it’s not.

So I have been experiencing a 502 error when I try to respond to someone or my posts take a long time to actually send. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch or what, but I was wondering if anybody else has been experiencing this.


Yes, I’ve been experiencing this too lately…


This is most likely an issue on the server on our providers end. When did this first start occurring and how frequently does that happen? I am going to escalate this but they will want that information.


I don’t know when it started exactly but maybe a week or two ago? It happens pretty frequently. For almost every post it takes a while, and every once in a while, there’s the error 502


@BrookieK, you said this was happening to you too?


yes it is. I t has happened for about 2 weeks. I will write the post often it takes a while, then sometimes the 502 error will come up every time I try and post. I have to close the tabs about 3 times before it will work.