#59 in drama and i’m so happy🤩🤯😍

Hey guys! So I was able to reach #59 in drama which is the highest rank I’ve ever achieved, plus I’m at almost 30K reads and I’m so happy about it!!:pleading_face::heart_eyes::revolving_hearts:
This is my story in case you’d like to give it a go!

:sparkles:Description :sparkles:
You get threatened to break up with your boyfriend because of a dark secret he’s been hiding. But what happens when you two get reunited to play in the same movie?:film_strip::black_heart:
Limelight// Art Scenes // Full customization // choices.

I would LOVE to know your opinion in case you decide to read it, as constructive criticism is very much appreciated and are always taken into consideration🖤
My ig account is @mika.creates in case you’d like to reach out to me!