60s clothing ideas?

Hey guys,
So, I need your help. For my story (Limelight) that I’m writing, it take place in the 60s. What ideas can u guys come up with using the clothing that Episode already has? I’m out of ideas! teehee! :blush:

Oh, can you guys also do me a favor and post the pics of your characters with those outfits on please? It can be male or female. I prefer both, no rush!



I can help you some :slight_smile:

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Thigh High Studded Heeled Boots Warm Grey Blush Leather Rhinestone
ShortsSleeve Fit And Flare Dress Cotton Blue Black

Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Black
Low Cut Croptopand Skirt Combo Dress Stin Grey Green Teal
Long Sleeve Button Up Lace Collor Cotton Blue Oxford

Could really find a cute open sweater this was about it and its closed sadly
Mesh Top Floral Spaghetti Strap Yellow Dandelion
V Neck Button Up Sweater Polyester Blue Oxford
Ballet Flats Leather Brown Beige Warm

Striped Swoopedneck Cotton Grey Black
Midlength Pleated Skirt Cotton Grey
Ankle Strip Heeled Shoes Leather Grey Black

Oxfor Cap Toe Leather White
Buisness Slacks Formal Wool Red Sepia
Long Sleeve RUffled Cuffed Shirt Cotton Grey Whire

Buisness Slacks Simple Belt Grey Dark Cool
Penny Loafer Ankle Socks Leather Grey Black
Turtleneck Knit Thick Cord Wool Blue Navy

Hope you find something that helps you :slight_smile: