80s horror movie story 😊

After I’m done writing my story (first 4 episodes) I will continue it but I was wondering how everyone felt about a 80s horror movie :blush:
Like if you’ve seen
Sleep away camp
Carrie (ik it’s 70s)
Friday the 13th
Nightmare on elm Street
The shinning
Child’s play
You have a good picture :blush:
Or any other film

This would be a pretty cliche short story
Around 5-6 episodes :blush:
Where you’re at a summer camp, 1984
And well it would be a pretty cliche horror story
And I can’t wait to make 80s clothes :blush:
Well summer camp clothes
I need to think of who the killer would be
And how the MCs relationship with Characters will be in the story.
What do you guys think :thinking:


That sounds so cool! If you’d like I could help. I’m writing a mystery myself. Ooh! What if the murderer isn’t actually someone who is camping with them but someone they meet along the way?

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:thinking: that sounds good
And very 80s horror :blush:
We should pm if you want to discuss this :blush:

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Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: