A art that a lot of people need to see

Hey there! How are you guys doing today?
This is a art request, but it’s also a vent about it’s meaning, so prepare yourself to read.
If there’s one thing that I think it should be fixed on episode, it’s the fact that we can’t see different body shapes on the characters. And it also bothers me that it’s pretty rare we see that in a edit, it’s pretty rare the people are there ready to say that there’s beauty in being different, or just being normal.
Some people did edits for me. Very talented and amazing people, who I’m very grateful to. But they see my face and, automatically it’s like, “You are pretty, so I am going to make you skinny, the perfect body with those big boobs like every pretty girl should have”.
It’s hard for me to see those, because yes, I have that hourglass shape body and bla bla bla, but I am overweight, and all my life my family told me how that was ugly. “You shouldn’t have small boobs, you shouldn’t have big hips, you shouldn’t have fat leggs and fat butt”.
I’m tired of this. And everyone should. There’s nothing wrong with being different if you’re not doing any bad to your health.
I want someone to do a very especific edit for me, it’s really important because I want to own who I am and I want other people to own who they are.
Anyone up for the challenge? Or know someone who is?
Thank you for reading, sweeties.

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hm well, I follow some editors who do this. For example @cutes.episode makes edits with different body shapes and strechmarks and many more. Isn’t quite common but it isn’t rare :slight_smile:

I’m so glad to hear that! Can you send me the ig of those editors?
I haven’t saw a edit with different body shapes since I got to the community :c

Sure! Let me just go through my followings and i’ll be back with you!

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Thanks! <3